LCK Summer Playoffs – Recap | LoL Worlds Qualifiers

LCK Logo - League of LegendsThe LCK Summer Playoff tournament defines the first seed from the Korean League of Legends League, the LCK, to go to the LoL World Championship 2015. For teams to gain entry to the summer playoffs they needed to place in the top 5 during the LCK Summer Split. All of the bracket stage games played during this tournament are a best of 5 series whereas the ‘Wild Card’ match is a best of 3 series. The final match of each series is a blind pick, 2 shens? All of the games are played on patch 5.15. The teams that managed to qualify for the playoffs were CJ Entus, Koo Tigers, kt Rolster, NaJin e-mFire and SK Telecom T1. With most of these teams showing dominating performances during the summer split we’ll be looking at some pretty decisive series’. Besides the LCK Summer Playoffs the South Korean teams can also qualify for the World Championship through the LCK Regional Qualifiers.

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LCK Summer Playoffs | LoL Worlds Qualifiers facts

  • 08/16/2015 – 08/25/2015
  • 5 Teams
  • Format: Gauntlet (4 Rounds)
  • Mode: Round 1: Best of 3 | Rest is Best of 5
  • Winner get first LCK slot to LoL Worlds 2015

Tournament Results:

SK Telecom won and qualified for LoL Worlds 2015 as LCK Seed #1
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  • 1st place:   SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team Logo SK Telecom
  • 2nd place: KT Rolster - LCK Team Logo KT Rolster
  • 3rd place:  Koo Tigers - LCK Team Logo Koo Tigers
  • 4th place:  CJ Entus LCK Team Logo CJ Entus
  • 5th place:  NaJin e-mFire - LCK Team Logo NaJin e-mFire

Teams Overview and short background

  • CJ Entus LCK Team Logo CJ Entus (CJE) used to have multiple competitive teams, Frost and Blaze, but due to rule changes they had to merge their teams. After their merge they manage to stay strong and held their place as a top Korean team. Having regularly finished tournaments and seasons in the 3rd
  • SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team Logo SK Telecom the Season 3 World Champions failed to qualify for LoL Worlds 2014 but are looking strong again this year. SK Telecom made it to the finals of MSI 2015 and are looking to qualify right away for the World Championship this year by winning the LCK Summer Playoffs.
  • Koo Tigers - LCK Team Logo Koo Tigers (KOO) has managed to show the ability to play consistently, taking a top position in the Korean circuit since their formation. Being a fairly new team they have the chance to cause a few upset with their featured strengths throughout this tournament.
  • KT Rolster - LCK Team Logo Kt Rolster (kt) much like most Korean teams, they have had to merge multiple teams into 1. Their progression and improvements are visible as their standings at the beginning of 2015 were not so strong, only holding 5th Due to their team improvements they’ve managed to regularly hold a top 2 place and are a top contender to win the Playoffs.
  • NaJin e-mFire - LCK Team Logo Najin e-mFire (NJF) is no exception to team mergers, having also had to combine their 2 teams NaJin Shield and NaJin Sword. NJF have shown consistent performance but lacked the ability to push past the more difficult teams. They’ve regularly held 5th or 6th place during tournaments and seasons and are coming into the tournament as the underdogs.

Full Tournament Recap

LCK Summer Playoffs 2015 – Round 1: Koo Tigers - LCK Team Logo Koo Tigers vs. NaJin e-mFire - LCK Team Logo NaJin e-mFire

With the pace of the gaming starting slowly by 9mins in both teams clash and Najin pick up first blood however both teams trade 3 kills and the kill score by 10mins is 3:3 with a minimal gold difference. After taking objectives and roaming for kills Najin take a 2k gold lead by 13mins. 18mins into the game and the teams are looking to fight for dragon. Najin engage and with a beautiful CC combination they manage to ace KOO with only 1 death on their own team making the 19min kill score 9:4 in favour of Najin who also hold a 6k gold lead. At 20mins NaJin engage once again and manage to pick up 3 kills before they head to Baron which they take by 22mins. After everyone’s respawned by 23mins Najin are starting to siege the base of KOO, which they do successfully. After 25mins Najin hold an 11k gold lead and look to fight once again, diving into the middle of the entire KOO team. After killing 4 members Najin crack into the base of KOO once again, on the bottom lane. 29mins and Najin are picking off members of KOO and they manage to pick up multiple kills, allowing them to take 2 fresh inhibitors. NaJin take another baron at 31mins and KOO decides to fight them once it’s down. With a 14k gold lead Najin manage to kill 4 members of KOO and push for victory by 32mins with a kill score of 22:6 and a 15k gold advantage. Najin 1:0

Both teams, in game 2, make multiple early aggressive moves and manage to take a kill each early on. 12mins in and Najin take the first dragon however just a minute later KOO manage to turn a fight in their advantage and take 2 kills. 18mins and there’s another fight by dragon pit, KOO manage to take the dragon along with a kill. Even though the kill score is 2:5 in favour of KOO they’re only 1k ahead in gold, although this soon changes by 26mins and they start picking off members of NaJin. As 29mins is approaching KOO engage a fight and take 2 members of Najin down quickly and persueing the rest of Najin to pick up 4 kills and take a baron by 30mins. After 31mins KOO are focusing on cracking the base of NaJin, which they do at 31mins before they take their 3rd dragon at 32mins. As 34mins draws in KOO manage to get a clean ace on Najin and they push the NaJin nexus by 34mins with a kill score of 2:15 and a 12k gold lead. Tie 1:1

With multiple aggressive early moves once again in game 3, 2 kills are picked up early once again. KOO manage to pick up a few more kills before the next fight and by 24mins they hold a kill score of 3:1 however gold is nearly completely even at this point. After NaJin pick up their second drake at around 25mins KOO manage to take a team fight by killing 4 members of the opposing team with 2 losses of their own, this puts them in a good position to take baron which they obtain at around 26mins putting them in a 2k gold lead. 28mins in and a fight in the middle lane breaks out where KOO manages to ace NaJin, this even repeats at 30mins however KOO only take 4 kills. At 32mins with an 11k gold lead and a kill score of 16:5 KOO manage to take another fight which ends in a clean ace. After acing NaJin, KOO push for victory at 32mins with a 14k gold lead and a 21:5 kill score. KOO Tigers Victory 2:1

LCK Summer Playoffs 2015 – Round 2: CJ Entus LCK Team Logo CJ Entus vs. Koo Tigers - LCK Team Logo Koo Tigers

Until 15mins into game 1 both teams hold 1kill and are also staying even on gold but CJE go aggressive in the top lane and manage to pick up another kill along with the top turret. This puts them in a 1k gold lead. 19mins and KOO manage to take their second dragon after killing 2 members of CJE. 25mins and with KOO in a 2k gold lead a fight breaks out, no one dies but KOO secure their 3rd dragon. KOO start to pick off members of CJE where ever they can but at 30mins CJE take a fight of their own and kill 4 members of KOO with only 1 death on their own team. With CJE taking Bragon at 31mins after finish the ace. Passing 32mins and CJE manage to get their first dragon and a fight starts shortly after where CJE manage to pick up a few kills, giving CJE a 3k gold lead and a kill score of 9:5 by 38mins. Approaching the 40min mark and a huge fight starts by Baron where both teams trade 2 kills but just moments later KOO pick off the CJE jungler and push an inhibitor. This allowed them to take a 41min Baron. 44mins with a kill score of 11:8 in favour of CJE and a gold difference of less than 1k CJ Entus start a fight by dragon, KOO manage to secure their dragon and pick up a kill. At 48mins KOO manage to pick off a few members of CJE and take 2 49min inhibitors, with no other choice CJE engage 3v5 to try and save the game however KOO destroy the CJE Nexus by 50mins with a kill score of 12:11 in favour of CJE and a 2k gold lead in favour of KOO. KOO 1:0.

With both teams taking kills each early the gold lead stays close until 11mins where KOO take 4 members of their team to the bottom lane and pick up 2 kills, giving them access to an easy first dragon. KOO start to push their lead immediately and start aggressively killing members of CJE giving them a 4:1 kill score and a 4k gold lead by 19mins along with their second dragon. By 21mins the KOO gold lead is 7k and they hold a 7:1 kill score after killing 3 members of CJE and taking Baron by 22mins. By 24mins KOO are diving into the base of CJ Entus while holding an 11k gold lead. As 26mins approaches KOO manage to pick off a few unsuspecting members of CJE and push for victory before 27mins with a kill score of 15:2 and a 14k gold lead. KOO 2:0

In game 3 both teams manage to take a few kills early but after an engage gone wrong CJE manage to take a kill lead with the kill score being 4:3 thus giving CJE a 1k gold lead by 14mins. After pushing objectives and managing to pick up a few kills KOO manage to take a 3k gold lead by 19mins where a dragon fight starts. After CJE manage to steal the dragon they pursue KOO and kill 4 of their members only losing 2 of their own, this nearly completely closes the gold gap. At 30mins KOO pick a fight of their own where they kill 3 members of CJE and trade for their jungler, keeping the gold lead narrowly in their favour. 32mins as the second dragon spawns and KOO manage to take it along with a free kill, slightly pushing their gold lead. With both of these teams focusing heavily on objectives and especially dragon the next fight erupts at 39mins where CJE take their 4th dragon and KOO engage a fight. After KOO manages to clean ace CJE they take baron and start to siege with a 10k gold lead at 42mins! With a kill score of 10:17 in favour of KOO, CJE attempt to defend their base however the overwhelming power of KOO allowed them to dive the inhibitor turret and take the base while killing multiple members of CJE. KOO finishes the game by 44mins with a kill score of 10:20 in their favour along with a 14k gold lead. KOO Victory 3:0

LCK Summer Playoffs 2015 – Round 3: Koo Tigers - LCK Team Logo KOO vs. KT Rolster - LCK Team Logo kt Rolster

KOO manages to take an early lead in game 1, holding a 4k gold lead and a kill score of 4:0 by 18mins. After both teams travel to dragon pit a fight erupts where KOO manage to kill 4 members of kt and kt pick up their first kill of the game. 20mins and both teams are grouping by dragon pit once again and KOO engages however they are unable to pick up any kills but they secure the dragon. After burning multiple flashed on the kt team, KOO attempt baron and successfully take it by 24mins and kt engage a fight too late allowing KOO to pick up 3 easy kills giving them a 10k gold lead with a kill score of 10:1. 26mins and KOO have taken an inhibitor and are looking to siege even more of the kt base and after kt engage a fight KOO manage to clean ace them, after their significant lead and kt decide to surrender by 27mins where KOO have a gold advantage of 14k and a kill score of 15:1. KOO 1:0

With a few phenomenal plays Kt manage to take an early lead with a kill score of 1:5 in Kt’s favour along with a 2k gold lead by 8mins. At 10mins Kt push their lead by killing multiple members of KOO in the top lane and rotating for a 12min dragon, now holding a 5k gold lead by 14mins. By 24mins Kt are attempting baron, after losing a few members to KOO they manage to secure it with minimal loss. After KOO top laner managed to get a solo kill, Kt attempt their second baron which they secure by 31mins now holding a 10k gold lead. 32mins and Kt are breaking into the base of KOO and manage to take the bottom lane inhibitor. Kt engages at 37mins but due to miss steps they lose the fight along with 3 members of their team, allowing KOO to stall out the game slightly longer. KOO manages to take a baron of their own at 38mins. KOO start sieging the base of Kt at 40mins and with yet another miss step Kt throws another fight but manage to defend their base from a final push. 44mins and a fight starts by dragon pit however the KT mid laner teleported into the base of KOO. After Kt lose the fight at dragon pit the Kt mid laner manages to solo kill the KOO top laner and push for victory as the remaining members of KT stall out the recalls of KOO. With a gold lead of 9k and an 11:14 kill advantage KT manage to finish the game by 45mins. Tie 1:1

Pre 15mins into the 3rd game and kt manage to pick up an early kill however KOO’s map control allowed them to take a dragon. At 20mins the first team fight of the game starts and kt engage and pick up 2 more kills, giving them a 1k lead and their own dragon. At 25mins Kt dive the first mid turret and pick up yet another kill and taking the turret. Kt start trying to bait baron at 28mins and with a great counter engage KOO manage to pick up their second kill of the game however Kt are at a great advantage with a kill score of 4:2 and a 5k gold lead. 36mins and 10players are in the middle lane dancing to look for an engage, after a small poking war KOO flank and attempt baron and secure it at 37mins. Shortly after baron a fight starts and Kt manage to pick up 2 easy kills which stalls the siege of KOO. 39mins and the base of Kt is getting cracked with KOO sieging, Kt are attempting to poke KOO out but lose an inhibitor. Both teams are grouped by dragon at 42mins and Kt engage, KOO manages to pick up a few quick kills but the hyper-carries on Kt manage to clean up 3 kills leaving the kill score at 9:4 in favour of Kt along with a 9k gold lead. 44mins and KOO manage to take yet another baron which allows them to siege once again at 47mins and taking the top lane inhibitor. Just moments later as KOO are preparing dragon Kt teleport engage a fight and manage to pick up 3 kills and push for victory at 49min with a kill score of 13:5 and a 9k gold lead. Kt 2:1

Only 4mins into game 4 and Kt take an extremely early dragon, both teams then trade kills for the next few minutes and at 10mins both teams go head to head. KOO manage to pick up 4 kills with only 1 death on their team, this allowed them to pick up their first dragon of the game. At 14mins KOO are caught in the jungle of Kt and Kt capitalise on their bad positioning, picking up 3 kills and pushing the kill score to 6:6, balancing the gold lead. 18mins and Kt are attempting baron however KOO are looking to fight and with a phenomenal engage on 4 members of Kt they manage to pick up 3 kills. With both teams focusing heavily on dragon in game 4 the next fight starts around 24mins, KOO manage to secure the dragon at the same time Kt try and engage however great position allowed KOO to pick up 4 clean kills and a 25min baron. With a baron buff and an 8k gold lead KOO start to siege at 28mins taking the bottom lane inhibitor of Kt. At 33mins KOO are attempting their second baron however a fight starts, they manage to pick it up a few moments later along with acing Kt, giving them a kill score of 19:10 and a 12k gold lead. KOO are pushing their advantage through the base of Kt at 36mins and the teams clash, after KOO pick up 3 kills they push for victory at 36mins with a kill score of 22:10 and a 15k gold lead. Tie 2:2

 The final game starts off slowly for the first couple of minutes but at 8mins Kt manage to pick up 3 kills, giving them a 2k gold lead. Kt starts to dominate over the next few minutes taking 2 dragons uncontested and a 22min baron which gives them an 8k gold lead. Kt starts to run away with the game having a 10k gold lead by 24mins and pushing into the base of KOO. After rotating around they map they manage to take multiple inhibitor turrets and a second baron at 30mins, giving them a 15k gold lead. At 32mins Kt start to rotate through the lanes taking multiple inhibitors and starting a fight, after killing the 2 bottom lane members of KOO they push for victory by 34mins with a kill score of 11:1 and an 18k gold lead. Kt Victory 3:2

LCK Summer Playoffs 2015 – Finals: KT Rolster - LCK Team Logo Kt Rolster vs. SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team Logo SK Telecom T1

Game 1 kicks off to a great start for Kt with them picking up first blood and picking up another 2 kills a bit later. At 15mins the first team fight erupts and SKT take 3 kills for 2 deaths, allowing them to take a small lead. By 18mins SKT are starting to pick off members of Kt which allows them to take a 6:5 kill lead. 28mins and SKT are ready to fight, after engaging they manage to clean ace Kt and take a 29min baron. 30mins with a kill score of 11:5 and a 9k gold lead SKT are trying to look for more fights, after the SKT top laner baits 4 members of Kt to chase him SKT manage to pick up 2 kills and a bottom lane inhibitor. 31mins and SKT “Faker” pulls of a Shurima Shuffle on the Kt jungler allowing them to push for victory by 32mins with a kill score of 15:6 and a 14k gold lead. SKT 1:0

An extremely long fight starts at 8mins into game 2 and afrer Kt pick up first blood the team of SKT ace Kt which gives them a 2k gold lead. By 16mins SKT have pushed their lead to an 8k advantage whilst picking up multiple kills on the way. They manage to pick up 3 more kills by 17mins allowing them to take more turrets and their second dragon of the game. By just 17mins SKT hold an 11k gold lead and continue to pick off members of Kt. 23mins and a fight is engage by Kt where they manage to pick up 3 kills at the cost of 3 deaths. 24mins with an 11k gold lead SKT take their 3rd dragon of the game and start to prepare baron by 26mins. SKT engage by baron and pick up 3 clean kills which pushes their gold lead to 16k. SKT secure baron by 29mins and engage just moments later allowing them to kill 4 members of Kt and push for victory by 30mins with a kill score of 8:27 in their favour and having a 20k gold lead. SKT 2:0

After trading a few kills early SKT manage to take a small lead in game 3. After a few phenomenal plays SKT push to a 2k lead by 9mins with a 3:1 kill score. A miss step by SKT around 10mins allows Kt to pick up 3 kills with no loss, closing the gold gap considerably. SKT take their first dragon by 17mins and engage a fight which secures them a kill. At 21mins SKT start a fight but a great turn-around from Kt allowed them to trade 1 death for 2 kills. 29mins and SKT engage once again however this time they manage to ace Kt with only 1 death on their team, this allowed them to secure baron and their 3rd dragon by 30mins. SKT start to press their 7k gold lead by taking a 4th dragon at 36mins which is followed up by them starting another team fight which allowed them to kill the Marksman of Kt and push the bottom lane inhibitor and eventually the middle lane inhibitor too. At 40mins SKT manage to pick up 3 kills at the cost of their mid laner and they secure their victory by 41mins as the SKT marksman solo finishes the game. With a kill score of 18:13 and a 10k gold lead SKT claim victory. SKT Victory 3:0

Congratulations to SK Telecom T1 for winning the LCK Summer Playoff tournament and securing their first place seed to the World Championship.

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