Teams NA LCS 2016 Spring Split – Season 6

2015 has come to a close and with the end of it a new season has formed, teams have changed and rosters have been swapped around! The 2015 World Championship was an exciting one showing a lot of promise for the western regions however there are still a lot of improvements to be made to make the North American region reach the top in the upcoming year! For the NA LCS 2016 there will be 10 teams competing for the spring split formed of many new names and organisations so let's take a look at and the teams and players who we'll be seeing in the NA LCS Spring Split 2016:

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The 10 Competing NA LCS 2016 Spring Split Teams Are:

LCS NA Spring Split 2016 Matches and Results:
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Team Solo Mid:

Notable Achievements: 3rd/4th Place IEM X San Jose, 2nd Place NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2015, 1st Place NA LCS Spring Split 2015, 1st Place IEM IX Katowice

Logo of LCS Season 6 Spring Split Team TSMTeam Solo Mid have been through an extremely big change but it's looking good, they've picked up some of the strongest players from the western region, the only player they kept from their previous roster was Bjergsen due to retirements and players stepping down. They kept their heads held high and picked up veteran players who should have no issue with communication, shot calling and should also be able to excel and propel each other because of their overall experience in the game. From names alone they're looking like an extremely solid roster but we'll have to wait and see!

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: Hauntzer
  • Jungle: Svenskeren
  • Mid Lane: Bjergsen
  • Marksman: Doublelift
  • Support: YellOwStaR

Counter Logic Gaming:

Notable Achievements: 2nd Place IEM X San Jose, 1st place NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2015, 2nd Place NA LCS Summer Split 2015

Logo of LCS NA Season 6 Spring Split Team CLGCLG have run into trouble before and they're familiar with changes but over the pre-season they made a lot of questionable moves regarding their roster. After they cleared a lot of misinformation that was floating about they gathered the needed members for their roster and are looking just as good, if not better, than they were when they took 1st place in the 2015 NA LCS Summer Playoffs. We can expect to see good things from them if they can sort out any internal problems but with discharged egos we can expect this group of players to shuffle through any minor issues. Will they be able to stand up to the new teams and rise to the top once again? Let's take a look at the team:

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: Darshan (aka ZionSpartan)
  • Jungle: Xmithie
  • Mid Lane: HuHi
  • Marksman: Stixxay
  • Support: Aphromoo


Team Immortals - NA LCS team LogoTheir new team formation has been unable to obtain achievements but let me assure you, their team members are rich with achievements. Having ex-Fnatic Top lane and Jungle players Huni and Reignover, who were semi-finalists at the World Championship 2015 can help give you an idea of the potential of the team. Whilst also having Pobelter who was a 1st Place NA LCS Playoffs mid-laner and the valuable WildTurtle from TSM who's won multiple splits and playoffs. Last but certainly not least is Adrian, who's held 7 accounts simultaneously in Challenger ranking and is formidable on skill-shot centric supports such as Thresh and Blitzcrank.

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: Huni
  • Jungle: Reignover
  • Mid Lane: Pobelter
  • Marksman: WildTurtle
  • Support: Adrian

Team Liquid:

Notable Achievements: 1st Place NA LCS Summer Split 2015, 3rd Place NA LCS Spring Split 2015, 3rd Place NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2015.

Logo of LCS NA Season 6 Spring Split Team LiquidAfter the suspension of one of their players they looked to a new top laner after a retirement occurred, Lourlo was recruited as their new top laner and you may not recognize the name! He was a member of CLG Black and came close to joining the LoL Challenger Series but close just was not enough to cut it! His potential to mold into a recognizable and dominating player is staggering and his experience in competitive games has been growing since 2014. The second change made on the team was the replacement of Xpecial, a veteran support player. Eventually TL picked up the ex-TDK Support player Smoothie who's competitive win record may not look so good but looking at his statistics separately shows you that's he's consistent and isn't afraid to expand his champion pool.

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: Lourlo
  • Jungle: IWillDominate / Dardoch
  • Mid Lane: FeniX
  • Marksman: Piglet
  • Support: Smoothie / Matt


Notable Achievements: 1st Place NACS Summer 2015.

Logo of LCS NA Season 6 Spring Split Team Renegades There are few notable achievements to discuss about this team, much like Immortals, but once again their roster is full of experienced and well achieved players. The likes of Crumbzz and Alex Ich, as veteran players, have the ability to help guide their team mates through the pressures of competitive League but there won't be much need, the roster is experienced playing with each other and shouldn't run into too many issues. With experience in shot-calling, mechanical skill and global pressure i expect this team to perform well in 2016 but don't take my word for it, just take a look at the roster!

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: RF Legendary | Seraph
  • Jungle: Crumbzz
  • Mid Lane: Alex Ich | Ninja
  • Marksman: Freeze / LOD / Ohq
  • Support: Remi | Hakuho

Team Impulse:

Notable Achievements: 4th Place NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2015, 3rd Place NA LCS Summer Split 2015, 4th Place NA LCS Spring Playoffs

Team Impulse - LCS NA Team LogoThe suspension of their mid-laner and the leaving of 3 of their team members left TiP in a really rough spot where they ended up looking to sell their LCS place however they came up with a roster whilst moving their sub, who was covering the middle lane, into the support position. It's difficult to define how good this roster is or how well they could potentially perform as a lot of their players are fairly ‘unknown' but what we do know is you should never underestimate a team, especially one that's formed from high raking players from multiple regions.

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: Feng / Seraph / Gate
  • Jungle: beibei / Procxin
  • Mid Lane: Pirean / Gate
  • Marksman: Mash (aka DontMashMe)
  • Support: Gate / Ken

NRG Esports:

NRG Gaming - NA LCS team LogoA roster of well experienced players has a lot of competitive League of Legends fans looking to this team, a well-rounded roster of strength and experience has this newly formed team in a good position to take victories in the new season. A World Champions top laner, Impact, and ex-Jin Air Mid-Laner GBM, Ganked By Mom makes this roster look amazing and the remaining players also have reputations of their own which make this roster appear even better.

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: Impact
  • Jungle: Moon
  • Mid Lane: GBM (Ganked By Mom, Um-Ke)
  • Marksman: Altec | LOD
  • Support: KonKwon


Notable Achievements: 3rd/4th IEM IX Cologne, 6th Place NA LCS Summer Split 2015, 5th/6th Place IEM X Cologne.

Logo of LCS NA Season 6 Spring Split Team DignitasThroughout November the team took a lot of hits, losing multiple team members. They quickly managed to rebuild their roster and with a veteran organisation behind them with an experienced staff the new members should be able to think as a collective and possibly give Dignitas their best team performance in a long time, however they'll have to conquer some extremely powerful and promising teams this season so let's take a look at who'll be participating!

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: SmittyJ / Billyboss
  • Jungle: Kirei
  • Mid Lane: Shiphtur
  • Marksman: Apollo
  • Support: KiWiKiD

Echo Fox:

Echo Fox - NA LCS team LogoAs a team that formed at the end of 2015 and gained access to the LCS through buying the seed of Gravity the team Echo Fox has yet to make notable achievements but they have a roster of familiar names that I'm sure you'll recognise, the likes of Froggen and KeithMcBrief really are hard to overlook. Along with those two players you might recognise there are strong and notable players from other regions joining them! Kori, who's changed his name back to Selfie, from MYM is joining them on the team and hopefully he'll run into less organisation issues. So far it's looking like a promising roster than can have a lot to show and prove, the potential of this team is exponential and hopefully they'll achieve it to give us some great games!

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: Kfo (Also known as Tinker) / Solo
  • Jungle: Hard / Grigne
  • Mid Lane: Froggen / Goldenglue
  • Marksman: Keith
  • Support: Big

Cloud 9:

Notable Achievements: 1st Place NA Regional Finals 2015, 2nd Place NA LCS Spring Playoffs 2015, 2nd Place NA LCS Spring Split 2015.

Logo of LCS NA Season 6 Spring Split Team Cloud9A team that's mostly stuck together, a small change occurred as their support and long term veteran player LemonNation had decided to retire. Hai, who was playing in the jungle, has swapped to the support role after C9 picked up a formidable Rush, and they picked up BunnyFuFuu from Gravity to work in rotation with Hai in the support role. With a comfortable roster this fan friendly team has already made multiple notable improvements and are looking to step into Season 6 showing that they should never have been doubted.

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: Balls
  • Jungle: Rush
  • Mid Lane: Jensen (Incarnati0n)
  • Marksman: Sneaky
  • Support: Hai / BunnyFuFuu

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