Teams EU LCS 2016 Spring Split – Season 6

After the 2015 World Championship, a bit of fun at all-stars and a small break over the winter holidays we're at the beginning of a fresh LCS season! League of Legends Season 6 starts on the 14th of January for the teams competing in Europe and on the 16th for teams competing in North America! That's only a short period of time away so let's crack down on the competing teams to see where the action will be! You'd best keep an open mind as a few of the names mentioned might be unfamiliar or you might feel opposed to certain changes but rest assured, the teams will be able to prove their worth once the games begin! Let's take a look at the players and teams in the 2016 EU LCS Spring Split:

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The 10 Teams Competing in EU LCS Spring Split 2016 are:

LCS EU Spring Split 2016 Matches and Results:
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Notable Achievements: 1st Place EU LCS Summer Split 2015, 1st Place EU LCS Summer Playoffs 2015, 3rd/4th Place IEM X Cologne, 3rd/4th Place Season 5 World Championship

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team FnaticFnatic were stuck in a bit of a situation once the season had ended, their duo foreign players Reignover and Huni decided to opt out and head to a different team and their often fan favourite and veteran player YellowStar also took a leap to leave the team. But what have we already learned from Fnatic as a team and organisation before? That they can build, rebuild and come up with a highly rated and often formidable team when everything seems to be looking bad for them and the same has happened this time! They've brought in a few players from Korea, Gamsu and Spirit for Top and Jungle, along with Noxiak who played with them during IEM Cologne.

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: Gamsu
  • Jungle: Spirit
  • Mid Lane: Febiven
  • Marksman: Rekkles
  • Support: Noxiak / Klaj


Notable Achievements: 1st Place IEM X San Jose, 3rd/4th Season 5 World Championship, 2nd Place EU LCS Summer Split 2015

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team OrigenA new team that was formed with 2 veteran players erupted into the scene and brought us Origen, a 2nd place European team in their first Season; going on to show some amazing performances on the World Championship stage. However their mid laner xPeke had conflicting priorities because he was also running the team, their answer was PowerOfEvil! The previous mid laner of Unicorns of Love swoops in to cover the worries of xPeke and bring some fresh ideas to the team. xPeke announced that he wasn't retiring or even taking a break; he'll be playing in the middle lane part time so Origen became a 6 man roster however their starting roster had a minor change. Shortly before the start of the 2016 spring split ADC Niels switched his summoner name to Zven.

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: Soaz
  • Jungle: Amazing
  • Mid Lane: PowerOfEvil / xPeke
  • Marksman: Zven (new name of Niels)
  • Support: Mithy


Notable Achievements: 1st Place EU LCS Summer Split 2014, 1st Place EU LCS Summer Playoffs 2014, 3rd/4th Place IEM San Jose 2014

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team ElementsWith very little time left and the new season approaching quickly Elements had to form an entire team to continue their competition in the LCS, in doing so they looked to some recognisable names throughout the region and picked up all 5 players. These players certainly have potential but they may find it difficult to perform against some of the other teams unless they’ve made leaps forward in progression and have improved together as a team, inexperience as a team could be their downfall but if they’ve made the appropriate steps to ensure synergy and cohesion they could put on some great performances and show us an Elements that we’ve deserved.

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: Steve
  • Jungle: Gilius
  • Mid lane: Eika
  • Marksman: MrRallez
  • Support: Sprattle (PromisQ)

G2 Esports:

Notable Achievements: 2nd Place ESL MWC Challenge, 3rd Place EU Challenger Series Summer 2015

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team G2 EsportsGamers2 (G2 Esports) have had a pretty rough time getting to where they are now but through perseverance, dedication, passion and a bundle of roster changes they finally found a team of players that can work well together to complement each other’s play styles, this lead to them taking 3rd place in the Challenger Series Summer against Denial Esports with a 2:0 victory and also assisted them in taking SK Gaming out of the EU LCS, which must've felt good for the organisation owner Ocelote. After their qualification there was discussion and doubt about how well they'll perform at the top level of competitive LoL but have faith, their roster is strong and I'm sure they're well prepared.

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: Kikis
  • Jungle: Trick
  • Mid lane: PerkZ
  • Marksman: Emperor
  • Support: Hybrid


Notable Achievements: 3rd Place EU LCS Summer Split 2015, 3rd/4th Place IEM X Cologne, 3rd Place EU LC Summer Playoffs 2015

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team H2K GamingIt was uncertain how H2K would keep up with the changes and improvements made to the other competing teams because they had to pick up 3 players who could compete and perform at the highest level of League of Legends. They managed to find 3 players by the end of 2015 and the team has managed to get in a lot of practice time together along with a competitive performance during IEM X Cologne where they managed to put on an acceptable performance, improvements can be made but we can expect them to have already worked on them heading into season 6!

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: Odoamne
  • Jungle: Jankos
  • Mid lane: Ryu | Selfie
  • Marksman: FORG1VEN
  • Support: VandeR


Notable Achievements: 6th Place EU LCS Summer Split 2015, 5/6th Place EU LCS Summer Playoffs 2015

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team GiantsGiants have made a step forward this season and have changed a lot of their team dynamic; they’ve built a staff team around their League of Legends players who will assist them in making improvements both individually and as a team, along with the new members of staff they picked up 2 new players! Both of these new players appear to be good additions to the team and both are well experienced in the top level of competitive League of Legends; this will ease the transition for them into the LCS and will hopefully give Giants a season of strong performances.

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: Atom | Smittyj
  • Jungle: K0u | betongjocke | Wisdom
  • Mid Lane: xPePii
  • Marksman: Adryh | Sonstar
  • Support: G0DFRED | Hustlin

Unicorns Of Love:

Notable Achievements: 4th Place EU LCS Summer Split 2015, 4th Place EU LCS Summer Playoffs 2015, 2nd Place EU LCS Spring Playoffs 2015

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team Unicorns of LoveThe Unicorns have a reputation, it doesn't quite strike fear but it gives the fans something to root for, these ‘underdogs' have shown that they're not afraid of those unconventional picks to throw off their opponents and have often come up with strategies that have led to dominating victories but they fell to a bit of miss-fortune after 3 of their members left the team, suitable replacements were found and in my opinion the team could be stronger than ever before! But the other teams are looking threatening so we'll have to see the new Unicorns of Love give it everything they've got!

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: Vizicsacsi
  • Jungle: Diamondprox | Djoko | Rudy | Loulex
  • Mid Lane: Fox
  • Marksman: Steelback
  • Support: Hylissang


Notable Achievements: 1st Place EU CS Summer Playoffs 2015, 2nd Place 2015 Esports Festival

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team SplyceTheir re-branded name may seem unfamiliar but say hello to Dignitas EU! The Dignitas had to follow the LCS rules and sell one of their teams, in this case their European team, which was acquired by FollowEsports who re-branded the team to Splyce. Their players may seem unfamiliar bu they certainly earned their place in the LCS are a 5 game series against Mousesports in the Challenger Series Finals! They've got some well-known staff with them too! Coach Chris from CLG has joined them as an advisor and YomatoCannon hopped on over from Team Roccat.

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: Wunderwear
  • Jungle: Trashy
  • Mid Lane: Sencux
  • Marksman: Kobbe
  • Support: Nisbeth

Team Vitality:

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team VitalityGambit Gaming sold their LCS spot to Vitality shortly after the suspension of Forg1ven because the entire roster fell into shambles, GoSu Pepper (EdWard) announced free agency, Betsy and Diamondprox left, Cabochard didn't renew his contrant and Forg1ven was already suspended from the team! This led to them having an extremely difficult time and situation which was relieved upon selling their LCS spot. Over the course of December 2015, Vitality looked to pick up some top level free agents and managed to acquire a bundle of well-known players to form their team.

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: Cabochard
  • Jungle: Shook
  • Mid Lane: NukeDuck
  • Marksman: Hjärnan
  • Support: KasSing

Team Roccat:

Notable Achievements: 5th Place EU LCS Summer Split 2015, 5/6th Place EU LCS Playoffs 2015, 4th Place EU LCS Spring Split 2014

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team RoccatComing ever so close to making it to the World Championship 2015 left the team in despair, as the end of 2015 was approaching 3 members of the team left and 2 others were busy assisting a Challenger team. This left an empty 5 man roster that needed to be filled and Roccat had a mission to find some top level League of Legends players to fill the boots of the old squad. After accumulating the players they were looking for they seem ready, their roster is full of well-known talent and could easily be prepared to bring some exciting games to the new season.

Their Roster:

  • Top Lane: Fredy122
  • Jungle: Airwaks
  • Mid Lane; Betsy
  • Marksman: Safir (Jebus) | Tabzz
  • Support: Edward | Extinkt | Noxiak

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