EU LCS Spring Split Teams 2015 | Season 5

With the preseason already here, the start of 2015 spring split in January is drawing closer. The spring split has always been a crucial stage for the LCS teams to test themselves after each season and adapt to the changes implemented, and with the number of teams increasing from 8 to 10 this year, the spring split looks promising to provide a dosage of action packed games to the fans. The 2 additional teams for the upcoming European Spring Split 2015 were determined in the LoL Expansion tournament. Here is the breakdown of the teams that have qualified for the split by either beeing in the past EU LCS Playoffs or in the LCS Promotion tournament. But now: Take a look at the teams and team rosters in the EU LCS Spring Split 2015!

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The ten teams in the EU LCS Spring Split 2015 are:

LCS EU Spring Split 2015 Matches and Results:
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Elements (Alliance rebranded)

Notable Achievements (as Alliance): 1st place at EU LCS Summer Playoffs 2014, 4th Place at EU LCS Spring Split 2014, 1st place at 2014 EU LCS Summer Split

Logo of LCS EU Spring Split Team ElementsFounded in April 2013, Alliance is Swedish-centric gaming organization founded by Evil Geniuses management. Initially rumored to be the super team, the team failed to perform in its opening season consistently. However, they did manage to come back and play together as a team, dominating the LCS EU summer split 2014 all split long, the team finished 1st in the EU LCS summer playoffs after maintaining their position at the top of the standings throughout the split but did not make it out of Group Stage during LoL World Championship 2014. For the 2015 Spring Split Alliance rebranded as Elements while maintaining the same roster.

Current Roster Elements:

  • Top Lane: Wickd | Kev1n (Sub: Week 5 and 6)
  • Jungle: Shook
  • Mid Lane: Froggen
  • ADC: Rekkles
  • Support: Nyph | Krepo (Sub: Week 6)


Notable Achievements: 1st place in 2014 EU LCS spring playoffs, 1st place in season 3 EU LCS spring playoffs, 1st place in Season 3 EU LCS summer playoffs, Season 1 World Champions, 1st place Dreamhack winter 2012.

Logo of LCS EU Spring Split Team FnaticConsisting of players from around the world, Fnatic is a professional e-sports organization and plays a variety of games. The league of legends started in 2011, and has consistently performed well in the EU LCS, winning multiple splits and their record only recently broken by Alliance. Until the end of the 2014 Season the team held 4 of the players that played in season 1 world championships in its roster, and has won 3 of the 4 EU LCS playoffs to date. The team around Star-Midlaner Xpeke made the 12th/13th place during LoL Worlds 2014. In late 2014 xPeke announced that he will leave Fnatic to form his own Team called Origen to compete in the upcoming 2015 EU LCS Challenger Series. This led to a series of Roster Changes for Season 5.

Current Roster Fnatic:

  • Top Lane: Huni
  • Jungle: Reignover
  • Mid Lane: Febiven
  • ADC: Steeelback
  • Support: YellOwStaR

Copenhagen Wolves

Notable achievements: 1st place at IEM season VII, 1st place at Gamescom 2013 spring promotion qualifier, 1st place at gfinity London 2013, 1st place at Dreamhack summer 2013

Logo of LCS EU Spring Split Team Copenhagen WolvesCopenhagen Wolves is a Danish based eSports club that currently sponsors teams for League of Legends, StarCraft II, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and FIFA. Their league of legends team competed in season 3 and season 4, with the team making a comeback from a 0 – 9 position in season 3 with the help of their famous mid laner, Bjergsen. The team roster was acquired by Ninja’s in Pyjamas after the end of season 3, and as such the Copenhagen organization had to fill in the gaps with new players.

Current Roster Copenhagen Wolves:

  • Top Lane: YoungBuck
  • Jungle: Airwaks
  • Mid Lane: SorenxD
  • ADC: Freeze
  • Support: Unlimited

Gambit Gaming

Notable achievements: 2nd position at both season 3 EU LCS spring playoffs and round robin, 1st place at IEM season VIIi and VII, 3rd in season 3 EU LCS summer playoffs

Logo of LCS EU Spring Split Team Gambit GamingGambit is one of the most respected teams in Korea, being among the few teams to actually take games off Korea due to which they have built themselves acclaim. Gambit Gaming was formed in 2013 as an European esports organization and was formed after the acquisition of the roster of Moscow five, a roster that had played in season 1 world championships.

Current Roster Gambit Gaming:

  • Top Lane: Cabochard
  • Jungle: Diamondprox
  • Mid Lane: nIQ | Betsy (Sub: Week 5 and 6 and 7)
  • ADC: P1noy
  • Support: Edward


Notable achievements: 3rd place at 2014 EU LCS spring playoffs

Logo of LCS EU Spring Splite Team RoccatFormed by a German peripherals company, Roccat, team Roccat is a European esports organization formed in January of 2014. Team Roccat was formulated after acquiring the roster of Kiedy’s Mialem team. To date, the team has successfully managed to keep itself alive and has found itself a place in the EU LCS scene, although they are still struggling to keep up and are still developing their chemistry.

Current Roster Team Roccat:

  • Top lane: Overpow
  • Jungle: Jankos
  • Mid lane: Nukdeduck
  • Adc: Woolite
  • Support: Vander

SK Gaming

Notable achievements: 1st place at 2014 EU LCS spring round robin as well as Dreamhack winter 2013. 3rd place at 2014 EU LCS summer playoffs, season 3 EU lCS spring round robin, European Challenger circuit, IEM season VI.

Logo of LCS EU Spring Split Team SK GamingSK gaming organization was formed in 1997, yet they did not enter the league of legends professional scene till late 2010. So far, they have managed to keep up with the LCS scene and have participated in major events as well, gaining good ground as they play on.

 Current Roster SK Gaming:

  • Top lane: Freddy122
  • Jungle: Svenskeren
  • Mid lane: Fox
  • Support: nRated

Meet your Makers (picked up Supa Hot Crew)

Notable achievements (as Supa Hot Crew): 3rd place at 2014 EU LCS Summer Round Robin

Logo of LCS EU Spring Split Team Meet your MakersOne of the most recent teams in the EU LCS, the team has adapted remarkably well to the gap between challenger and professional circuit. The team was very lucky to arrive in the LCS, since a series of unlikely events led to the removal of lemondogs from LCS and a spot opened up for SHC. In December 2014 Supa Hot Crew as picked up by former LCS EU Team Meet your Makers so Meet Your Makers has returned to the LoL LCS scene after acquiring the team. They have signed 3 of their players and have brought in a new jungler and support, hoping to start a new well-synergized team that can perform better than the SHC did by itself last season. MYM will also be looking forward to avoid a repetition of the bad season they had in 2013, after which they couldn’t make it to the LCS scene. All that remains to be seen though, is whether or not they can perform better as a unit than SHC last season. This has not been officialy confirmed by Riot Games yet.

 Current Roster Meet your Makers:

  • Top lane: Mimer | replaced by Jwaow  before Week 5
  • Jungle: Horo
  • Mid lane: kori | Blizer300 (Sub: Week 1 and Week 2)
  • Adc: MrRallez
  • Support: Nisbeth | Noxiak (Sub: Week 7 and Week 8)

Unicorns of Love

Notable achievements: 3rd at 2014 EU Challenger Series Summer Playoffs | 2nd Place IEM San Jose 2014

Logo of LCS EU Spring Split Team Unicorns of LoveUnicorns of Love is going to be participating in the EU LCS scene for the first time. Being a new team for the LCS, they don’t really have a shiny history or anything noteworthy in their profiles. However, they did manage to rule millennium out in the qualifiers and as such have secured their spots in the 2015 spring split, showing they should not be taken lightly.

 Current Roster Unicorns of Love:

  • Top lane: Vizicsacsi
  • Jungle: Kikis
  • Mid lane: Powerofevil
  • Adc: Vardags
  • Support: Hylissang

H2K Gaming

Notable achievements: 1st in: 2014 EU CS Summer Playoffs and 2014 EU Challenger Series Summer #1.

Logo of LCS EU Spring Split Team H2K GamingH2K Gaming is a professional organization that sponsors teams in 3 different games. Their LoL team participated in the recent expansion tournament and came out on top, ensuring that they will participate in the 2015 spring split. They have been playing well consistently in the Challenger series throughout 2014, but what remains to be seen is that whether they do really possess the skills required to compete in the LCS itself?

Current Roster H2K:

  • Top lane: Odoamne
  • Jungle: loulex
  • Mid lane: Ryu
  • Adc: Hjärnan
  • Support: Voidle | KaSing (Sub: Week 4)


Logo of LCS EU Spring Split Team GiantsGiants is a Spanish gaming organization hosting teams for Fifa 12, CS and BF3 as well. Their LoL team recently qualified for the 2015 spring split after participating in the expansion tournament, managing to defeat all but the #1 contender, H2k. They secured the last seed after managing to defeat Reason gaming in the final of the loser’s bracket. Consisting of a new roster, this team potentially has much to learn and the spring split will serve as the perfect platform for their learning, and who knows, even shining.

Current Roster Giants:

  • Top lane: Werlyb
  • Jungle: Fr3deric
  • Mid lane: PepiiNeRO
  • Adc: Adryh
  • Support: Rydle


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