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The League of Legends Championship (LCS) is the official LoL championship series hosted by Riot Games in Europe and North America. Season 6 of the LCS was running from January to August 2016. LCS Season 7 | 2017 has started in January 2017. On our website, you will find detailed LCS betting information and betting tips for each single match in the League of Legends Championship in Europe and North America as well as the LCS Playoffs at the end of each split. Find more Info about Season 7 and all the other seasons below, by clicking the image or find predictions and previews in our news section. This year, 3 teams from each the NA and EU LCS will compete in the 2017 LoL World Championship and the Spring Split winner will get a ticket to the MSI. In addition to the information relevant to the history of LCS, we will also cover some main aspects of LCS betting in the next couple of paragraphs. With that being said, let's take a closer look at some of the most popular LCS betting sites out there!

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Recommended LCS Betting Sites

Pinnacle eSports LCS Bets

If you are only interested in League of Legends LCS betting on just the matches and handicaps, then Pinnacle eSports is the right choice for you. With exceptional odds, great customer support and a heavily intuitive website, Pinnacle eSports is definitely a worthy player in the eSports betting industry. With a plethora of awards already in their possession, Pinnacle eSports is eager to keep their great run of form up and running, providing their customers with nothing but the best user experience possible.

Bet365 LCS Bets

Bet365 is probably the most popular sports bookmaker in the world. But, in addition to their regular sports sections, they also feature eSports. Even more so, they possess a HUGE variety of special types of LoL LCS Betting. We're going to discuss this later on in this article. For now, it is important to state that they are among the leaders in the industry with plenty of events to choose from and a great variety of bets. Combine that with bet 365 eSports bonuses and you will see why are they so popular when it comes to League of Legends LCS betting.

bet-at-home LCS Bets

Bet-at-home is another popular online betting website. Even though they had a rough start with the introduction of eSports markets, the situation is becoming better for them. After setting their priorities straight and drastically improving their odds, it seems as though bet-at-home is getting back on the right track, at least in terms of eSports betting. Their website might not be as intuitive as that of Pinnacle, but it is still worth checking out.

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Available League of Legends LCS Bets

LCS bets are of crucial importance to online bookmakers, especially now that the LCS 2017 is up and running again. That is why it comes as no surprise that Bet365 made a wide variety of special bets available for their users. With that being said, let me guide you through some of the most common special LoL LCS betting types:

Correct Map Score

This bet represents the official end-match score and is only viable with BO3 (f.e. 2:1) and BO5 (f.e. 3:1) matches.

Team to Slay the First Dragon/Baron

These bets are pretty straightforward. Whichever team slays the first Dragon or Baron wins the bet. The bet does not work with the Rift Herald so keep that in mind.

Team to Destroy the First Tower/Inhibitor

The same concept as with the Dragon/Baron slaying bet above. First team to destroy one of the above-stated structures (inhibitor or tower) wins the bet.

Team to Score the Most Kills

Don't mix this bet up with the regular match winner bets as this bet only represents the actual kills in a game. If you bet on team A, this means that team A can lose vs team B and still have more kills than them, thus your bet will be won.

First Blood

And last but not least, we have the first blood bet. It's pretty easy to understand – you will only need to watch the very first couple minutes of LoL LCS match to see if you've won or lost. Why? Well, because that's when the first blood usually occurs, somewhere between 5th and 15th minute.

League of Legends Icon League Championship Series – LCS – History:

LCS Season 1

The first LCS took place in summer 2011. The eight best teams in the north American and the European league had the opportunity to get one of the three spots pro regions for the final tournament. In addition, two teams from Asia competed in the Season 1 finals.

The playoff matches alone were watched by over 300,000 unique viewers (70,000 at the same time at most) und show the enthusiasm the LCS caused right from the beginning.

After the playoffs, the 8 best teams (3 from North America, 3 from Europa and 2 from Asia) competed at the Dreamhack in Jönköping, Sweden for a prize pool of $ 100,000.

Result of LCS Season 1:

Rank Team Prize Money
1 Fnatic $ 50,000
2 against All authority $ 25,000
3 Team SoloMid $ 10,000
4 Epik Gamer $ 7,000
5 Counter Logic Gaming $ 3,500

LCS Season 2

After the successful start of LCS Season 1 in 2012, the Season 2 promised much better things. At the end of Season 2, the 12 best teams contested in its thrilling finals lasting from October 6-13. in Los Angeles where the teams could not only win the Season 2 title but also a never before seen prize money of $ 2,000,000.

The Season 2 finals were streamed live in English, Korean, Mandarin, German, French and a few other languages and were viewed by more than eight million viewers.

At the end, two teams from Asia fought for the title and competed Azubu Frost against the Taipei Assassins in the big final.

Result of LCS Season 2:

Rank Team Prize Money
1 Taipei Assassins $1.000.000
2 Azubu Frost $ 250,000
3 Moscow Five $ 150,000
4 CLG Europe $ 150,000
5 Invictus Gaming $ 75.000

Results of LCS Season 3:

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Results of LCS Season 4:

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Results of LCS Season 5:

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Results of LCS Season 6:

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Preview for LCS Season 7:

Season 7 is currently running, read more about the LCS 2017 – Season 7

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