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LoL LCS 2018 LogoIn just a few days we’ll be saying goodbye to 2017 and step into the New Year. The new season of League of Legends competitions starts in January 2018. Based on all changes that were announced and the increased competitiveness, we can expect a lot of exciting battles starting with the 2018 Academy League Spring Split. The Riot Games already announced the much-needed info and we bring you the most important details for the LCS 2018 season.

League of Legends Icon Beginning of the season

According to the announcement released by Riot Games, the 2018 Academy League Spring Split will start on Friday, January 19, 2018. The Spring Split part of the new season will take place over nine weeks and is projected to end on March 30, 2018. At this point, it’s not known when the first game begins due to changes in broadcast time. We can expect a new season regarding broadcast times prior to the onset of the new season.

League of Legends Icon Teams and players

  • Team SoloMid Academy: Brandini, Grigne, Ablazeolive, MrRallez, Shady
  • Cloud9 Academy: League, Wiggily, Goldenglue, Keith, Zeyzal
  • Counter Logic Gaming Academy: Fallenbandit, Omargod, Tuesday, Zag, Fill
  • Echo Fox Academy: Allorim, TheOddOrange, Damonte, Lost, Papa Chau
  • 100 Thieves Academy: Kaizen, Levi, Linsanity, Rikara, Whyin
  • FlyQuest Academy: Ngo, Shrimp, Keane, Erry, JayJ
  • Clutch Gaming Academy: Maxtrobo, Moon, Sun, Piglet, Vulcan
  • Golden Guardians Academy: Bobjenkins, Potluck, Bobqin, Jurassiq, Xpecial
  • OpTic Gaming Academy: Dhokla, Kadir, Palafox, Andy, Winter
  • Team Liquid Academy: repiV, Hard, Mickey, Shoryu, Joey

League of Legends Icon Regular season format

The initial idea of Riot Games officials was to do a Bo1 format and broadcast battles on Fridays. However, teams didn’t really like this proposal primarily because they wanted to get as many games as possible into the regular season.

Due to the negative feedback to their idea, Riot Games decided to go for the same format as in NA LCS 2018. Therefore, the regular season format will be Bo1 double round robin while broadcasting will take place on Thursdays and Fridays. The broadcast support will be reserved for Fridays only.

Playoffs format

Only top 4 teams will have the chance to participate in playoffs which will be held in the NA LCS studio with the live broadcast. The playoffs will have a Bo5 format. In terms of dates, semifinals will be held on March 22-23 while the finals will take place on March 30, 2018.

What is the purpose of Academy League?

Many fans of League of Legends are puzzled by the idea of Academy League and their purpose. What do these teams play for? The main purpose of this league is to allow talented players to develop their skills and get more “professional level” experience before they join some regular league team.

The whole idea here is to foster new talent that esports organizations could move into their NA LCS rosters in the future. Although the league has no purpose, to some fans, it is extremely meaningful for the future of League of Legends championships as it has the potential to generate talented players that will, one day, compete at the highest level.

Bearing in mind the competitiveness of esports tournaments and the fact it gets difficult for some teams to get into top leagues, Academy League poses as the best ways for young and talented players to get their name out there.

League of Legends Icon Fans’ reactions

League of Legends fans took to Reddit to express their disapproval regarding broadcasting without commentary and casting while Friday’s games only get that kind of support.

User ssavii wrote: I think it’s just that Riot doesn’t want to lower their bar for professionalism, so streaming uncasted games is really weird and awkward to see for potential investors.

AznKain user added: If they're investing into developing new players they should also invest into developing more talent (casters/analysts/hosts). It would be a good way to find the next top tier talent and let them grow on a smaller stage than hoping they do super well on the big stage their first time.

Fans were also confused with the fact that four teams go to playoffs and immediately play semifinals without quarterfinals or any other stage.

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Bottom line

Riot Games announced brief info about the Academy League Spring Split and viewers have mixed reactions. Some don’t see the point of the league, which is to generate more talent, while others are confused with lack of casters and quarterfinals. That being said, it will be interesting to tune in and watch, maybe you spot a player that will turn into a major star later on.

About the Author: Aman El TawilAmna El Tawil is a news reporter and a technology blogger. For the past five years, she has worked for major publications and TV networks in the Middle East, covering one of region’s hotspots. When Amna is not chasing after the truth amidst gas canisters, she can be found cheering her favorite football team on, or unwinding with some online gaming.

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