LCS Summer Split Playoffs 2017

The 2017 Summer Playoffs of EU LCS and NA LCS are running from August 8th to September 3rd. It has been an exciting LCS Season 7 for players and fans and with Summer Split being in process currently, teams are playing with the Qualification for the League of Legends World Championship 2017 stuck in their heads already. The “easiest” way to qualify for Worlds is to win the LCS Summer Playoffs that will take place right after the Summer Split. But only the six best teams of the Summer Split will be able to participate in the playoffs. In Europe and North America, the two best ranked teams at the end of summer split do not have to play the quarterfinals but will rather start at the semifinals. The team that wins the final of the playoffs will be qualified for Worlds 2017 Group Stage, but every team that at least managed to get into quarterfinals will receive Championship Points (Circuit Points, CP) which are also a way of qualifying for the World Championship. (Find more about the qualifiers to LoL Worlds 2017 here) This year the finals of the Summer Playoffs are heading to impressive locations, read on for details!

Facts about the 2017 LCS Summer Playoffs

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Schedule and Start Times LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs

Schedule Overview:

EU LCS 2017 Logo
08/19/2017 – 08/20/2017:
Quarterfinals – EU Playoffs | Berlin
08/26/2017 – 08/27/2017:
Semifinals – EU Playoffs | Berlin
Match for 3rd – EU Playoffs | Paris
Finals: EU LCS Summer Playoffs | Paris
NA LCS 2017 Logo
08/19/2017 – 08/20/2017:
Quarterfinals – NA Playoffs | Los Angeles
08/26/2017 – 08/27/2017:
Semifinals – NA Playoffs | Los Angeles
Match for 3rd – NA Playoffs | Boston
Finals: NA LCS Summer Playoffs | Boston

EU LCS Summer Playoffs 2017

EU LCS 2017 LogoFrom both groups A and B the best ranked three teams will participate in the playoffs. Rank 2 of group A matches with rank 3 of group B and the other way round. The both winners will then be paired with the both best teams of the groups of the regular season in a way, that no duel consists oft wo teams of the same group. If rank 2 and 3 of the same group advance through the quarter finals, rank 3 will be matched with the rank 1 of his one group, so that there is one duel with rank 1 and 2 of different groups.

Bracket and Schedule EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Playoffs

The schedule will be announced as soon as the Summer Split 2017 is over. You will find all details regarding bracket and schedule here.

NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2017

NA LCS 2017 LogoRank 3-6 of the regular season have to participate in the quarter finals before getting paired with the best two teams oft he split in the semi finals. Whoever wins the final will directly qualify fort he World Championship.

LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Betting Odds

Betting odds for every game of the Playoffs will be available as soon as the bookies know the match-ups. You can read everything about League of Legends Betting and current events here.

Bracket and Schedule NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Playoffs

In NA the schedule will not be available before the Summer Split has ended as well. As soon as details are available you will find them here.

Championship Points – Summer Playoffs 2017
NA LCS CS Points
Winner NA Playoffs
Qualified for LoL Worlds 2017 Winner EU Playoffs
2nd Place
90 Points 2nd Place
3rd Place 70 Points 3rd Place
4th Place 40 Points 4th Place
5th/6th Place 20 Points 5th/6th Place
5th/6th Place 20 Points 5th/6th Place

Prize Money / Salaries


The Championship Points are not the only important thing the teams are fighting for in the Summer Playoffs. The players also have the opportunity to increase their income by getting some of the prize money in addition to their salaries. LCS players and coaches have to at least get paid $12.500 per Split, but with the prize pool having reached $200.000 this year, they could as well double that, depending on their share of the prize money though. The distribution of the prize money in Europe and North America differs, while every participant of the EU LCS gets his share, only the four best teams of the NA LCS receive money.

Prize money Overview EU LCS – Summer Playoffs 2017

Placement Price Money Team
Winner EU Spring Playoffs EUR 80.000,- (+Ticket LoL Worlds 2017) TBA
2nd Place EUR 50.000,-  TBA
3rd Place EUR 30.000,- TBA
4th Place EUR 20.000,- TBA
5th/6th Place EUR 10.000,- TBA

Prize money Overview NA LCS – Summer Playoffs 2017

Placement Price Money Team
Winner NA Spring Playoffs USD 100.000,- (+Ticket LoL Worlds 2017) TBA
2nd Place USD 50.000,- TBA
3rd Place USD 30.000,- TBA
4th Place USD 20.000,- TBA 

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