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Visibly dissappointing was the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational tournament for the proud American region and all of its fans – but time and tide wait for no man and with the upcoming NA LCS Summer Split 2017 already waiting on the starting blocks we will take a closer look at the teams and players of the upcoming season. The past Spring Split was dramatic and unpredictable, in fact Team SoloMid and Cloud9 were able to strengthen their supremacy in the North American LCS but the prediction of their opponent's performances was rarely crowned with success. It seemed like the term “Clown Fiesta” was merely invented for the NA LCS Spring Split but the upcoming Summer Split 2017 will determine those teams that will represent the North American region at the 2017 League of Legends World Championship, therefore all challengers will have to step up their game. Sadly the NA LCS lost the best seeding for the World Championship 2017 group drawing ceremony because of their poor performance at the MSI 2017. The Summer Promotion tournament was not very successful for the North American Challenger Series teams either, both lost to their opponents and Team Liquid as well as Team EnVyUs were able to defend their spot for the upcoming LCS Summer Split. Cloud9 and Team SoloMid are again the big favourites for the fresh season but Counter Logic Gaming was able to make an interesting roster change and could again break the dominance of the two top teams. Empirically the North American LCS captivates through imports of top-class players, therefore we could still be taken by surprise. But lets take a look at the teams and players of the upcoming NA LCS Summer Split 2017.

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The 2017 NA LCS Summer Split Teams:

The teams of the upcoming Summer Split 2017 are randomly arranged, this list does not count as Power Ranking for the next season. All teams and players are subject to change, we will keep you updated with potential adjustments. An overview of the European EU LCS 2017 Summer Split teams and players can be found here.

NA LCS Summer Split 2017
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Team Dignitas

Team Dignitas EU - EU LCS team LogoBefore the Spring Split season there was a big hype about the Dignitas team re-entering the NA LCS fielding two of the best players in the world combined with some North American veterans. But the team didn't earn these premature praises in the first half of the split, the Dignitas players didn't connect and bad results followed week by week. By contrast the second half of the Spring Split was very successful, the Dignitas team was able to qualify for the Spring Split playoffs but eventually lost to Phoenix1 in the quarter-finals.


  • Top Lane: Ssumday
  • Jungle: Chaser
  • Mid Lane: Keane
  • Marksman: LOD
  • Support: Xpecial

Team Dignitas NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Teams and Players

Cloud 9

Team Logo Cloud9 NA LCS 2017It was a razer-thin Spring Split final but the Cloud9 team finally lost to their big rivals Team SoloMid and missed the chance to participate in the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational tournament in Brazil. In retrospect the American LoL fans may regret this outcome because their champions lost the important seeding for the 2017 League of Legends World World Championship group draw. The Cloud9 team didn't swap any team members pursuant to the motto “never change a running system”.


  • Top Lane: Impact
  • Jungle: Contractz
  • Mid Lane: Jensen
  • Marksman: Sneaky
  • Support: Smoothie

Cloud9 NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Teams and Players

Counter Logic Gaming

Team Logo CLG NA LCS 2017For a long long time the Counter Logic Gaming organization sticked to its League of Legends roster but with the upcoming Summer Split 2017 we finally see an interesting roster change. Xmithie had to pack his bags and Dardoch will now loop around in the jungle of Summoner's Rift wearing the jersey of Counter Logic Gaming. Their new jungler is one of the few promising talents of the North American region and with the proper infrastructure he could rise even further. In a few weeks we will see if Counter Logic Gaming is able to polish this crude diamond.

UPDATE: JoshuaDardochHartnett leaves CLG due to his attidude/discipline and Omar “OmarGod” Amin will take his spot in the main roster for Counter Logic Gaming.


  • Top Lane: Darshan
  • Jungle: OmarGod
  • Mid Lane: HuHi
  • Marksman: Stixxay
  • Support: Aphromoo

Counter Logic Gaming NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Teams and Players


Team Logo Immortals NA LCS 2017After the departure of WildTurtle, Huni and Reignover the Immortals rebuilt their League of Legends roster around toplaner Flame. These drastic changes were not crowned with success in the short term, the Immortals team missed the Spring Split playoffs by a narrow margin but at least managed to avoid the Summer Promotion tournament. Too little for the Immortals fans who were accustomed to success in the past. For the upcoming Summer Split 2017 the team switched their jungler Dardoch with Xmithie from Counter Logic Gaming. A solid roster swap if you consider that Xmithie and Pobelter were able to built up synergie during their time with CLG.


  • Top Lane: Flame
  • Jungle: Xmithie
  • Mid Lane: Pobelter
  • Marksman: Cody Sun
  • Support: Olleh

Immortals NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Teams and Players

Team EnVyUs

Team Logo Envy NA LCS 2017Also Team EnVyUs ranked amongst the weaker teams of the Spring Split and had to fight their way out of relegation and back to the LCS in the Summer Split promotion tournament. But Seraph and his teammates were able to barely defeat the Gold Coin United team and climbed back to the premium class of the North American League of Legends league. Now their former midlaner Ninja is gone and they aquired both Nisqy from the Fnatic Academy team and Pirean. They will most likely field Nisqy as starting midlaner and Pirean only if there are any visa issues for the Belgian player.


  • Top Lane: Seraph
  • Jungle: LirA
  • Mid Lane: Nisqy/Pirean
  • Marksman: Apollo
  • Support: Hakuho

Team EnvyUs NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Teams and Players

Team Liquid

Team Logo Liquid NA LCS 2017

Not even the acquisition of star player Doublelift as their AD Carry and support Adrian helped the Liquid team to prevent the forced participation at the 2017 Summer Split promotion tournament. Luckily these big names were quite enough to secure the team a spot for the Summer Split season. Now Doublelift is gone and Piglet is back in the bottom lane with together with Matt. Also the questionable Goldenglue will again be the starting midlaner for Team Liquid, hopefully he got rid of his stage fright and will deliver in the Summer Split 2017.

UPDATE: SonMickeyYoung-min joins Team Liquid, Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett rejoins and Kim “Reignover” Yeu-jin will be benched.


  • Top Lane: Lourlo
  • Jungle: Dardoch
  • Mid Lane: Mickey
  • Marksman: Piglet
  • Support: Matt

Team Liquid NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Teams and Players

Team Solo Mid

Team SoloMid NA LCS Logo LoLWelcome back, Doublelift! After a dissappointing showing at the Mid-Season Invitational tournament in Brazil the North American bedrocks managed to resign their former AD-Carry who took a break from professional League of Legends last season. He will share his spot on the team with WildTurtle, we will see how this system works out in the near future. Despite not showing up on the international stage the SoloMid team is still one of the best and the most successful team in North America and we will most likely watch them again participating in the 2017 League of Legends World Championship where they will get their chance for revenge.


  • Top Lane: Hauntzer
  • Jungle: Svenskeren
  • Mid Lane: Bjergsen
  • Marksman: Doublelift
  • Support: Biofrost

Team SoloMid NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Teams and Players


FlyQuest NA LCS 2017 - LogoIt was a wise decision from the Milwaukee Bucks to throw some bucks at the eSports community and and aquire a League of Legends team fielding some of the most known veterans of the North American scene. Nobody banked on the success of these apparently washed up professional players who had passed their zenith before they started to go on a rampage in the first half of the Spring Split 2017. Although the other teams eventually learned how to react to Hai's bold shotcalling and their strategic moves on the playing field the FlyQuest team managed to qualify for the playoffs and finally lost to Team SoloMid in the semi-finals.


  • Top Lane: Balls
  • Jungle: Moon
  • Mid Lane: Hai
  • Marksman: WildTurtle
  • Support: LemonNation

FlyQuest NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Teams and Players


Team Logo Phoenix1 NA LCS 2017The Phoenix1 team was the biggest surprise of the Spring Split 2017. Although most of the experts thought that the Phoenix1 team would be located at the lower half of the table Ryu and his teammates were able to finish the Spring Split playoffs as the third place team. AD Carry Arrow even managed to get voted Most Valuable Player of the Spring Split season. Coming into the Summer Split Phoenix1 got rid of support Stunt, his teammate Shady is the full time starter for the organization from now on. The Phoenix1 team has a good shot at qualifying for the 2017 League of Legends World Championship.


  • Top Lane: Zig
  • Jungle: Inori/Meteos
  • Mid Lane: Ryu
  • Marksman: Arrow
  • Support: Shady

Phoenix1 NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Teams and Players

Echo Fox

Team Logo Echo Fox NA LCS 2017Last but not least the Echo Fox team managed to stay in the NA LCS but the strength of the team is hardly assessable. However the North American region seems to become a Mecca for brilliant junglers. Akaadian is the next big name who is wreaking havoc in the jungle of Summoner's Rift and will occasionally pay a visit to his laners with a juicy gank in his backpack. Especially Looper and Froggen can easily contest their direct lane opponents in the North American LCS but their botlane often looks shaky with some glimmers of brilliance.


  • Top Lane: Looper
  • Jungle: Akaadian
  • Mid Lane: Froggen
  • Marksman: Keith
  • Support: Gate

Echo Fox NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Teams and Players

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