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The EU LCS is undergoing many changes; the format is changing once again to appeal to a wider audience and with the teams making many roster changes over the course of the winter break we’re going to need to take a moment to catch up with the European players and teams in the 2017 LCS Spring Split. In a similar style to the LPL, the EU LCS will be adopting a multi-group round robin style format in which there will be 2 groups of 5 teams. Each group will face off against opponents in the same group twice, facing off against the teams in the opposing group once. This will be spread out over the many weeks, during weeks 1-3 they will be facing off against their own groups; weeks 4-7 will be a single round robin against the opposing group and weeks 8-10 will revert back. All matches will be a best-of-3 too! Hopefully this pushes the EU teams to focus heavily on practice and adaption for Season 7! Let's take a closer look at the teams and players:

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The competing EU LCS Spring Split Teams

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Notable Achievements: 3rd Place EU LCS Spring Playoffs 2016, 2nd Place IEM X World Championship 2016

Team Logo Fnatic EU LCS 2017Fnatic managed to hold a fairly consistent 5th place throughout Season 6. But for a veteran team who’s had some phenomenal previous achievements it doesn’t seem like they’re improving. For Season 7 they’ve made some extremely notable changes to their roster. SoaZ is heading to the top lane, Amazing will be venturing through the jungle, Caps will be covering the middle lane and Rekkles will be paired with Jesse in the bottom lane. This combination of players has phenomenal potential along with room to grow so keep an eye on quick improvements because this team is ready to climb!


  • Top Lane: sOAZ
  • Jungle: Amazing
  • Mid Lane: Caps
  • Marksman: Rekkles
  • Support: Jesse

Team Fnatic EU LCS Spring Split 2017

G2 Esports

Notable Achievements: 1st Place EU LCS 2016 Summer Split, 1st Place EU LCS 2016 Spring Split, 1st Place EU LCS 2016 Summer Playoffs, 1st Place EU LCS 2016 Spring Playoffs

Team Logo G2 Esports EU LCS 2017G2 Esports held their own for a very long time; they made a fantastic impression in their debut split and continue to pressure the region whilst taking hold of top spots on a regular basis. They continue to have difficulties when facing off against international teams but with the changes to the EU LCS format they might take their practice more seriously and could make the necessary improvements to compete on a much bigger stage. They’ve not made roster changes so they’re definitely in a strong position to push up the ladder.


  • Top Lane: Expect
  • Jungle: Trick
  • Mid Lane: PerkZ
  • Marksman: Zven
  • Support: mithy

Team G2 Esports EU LCS Spring Split 2017

Giants! Gaming

Notable Achievements: 6th Place IEM XI Gyeonggi, 3rd Place EU LCS 2016 Summer Split

Team Logo Giants EU LCS 2017Giants have made a pretty big roster overhaul, they’ve not officially confirmed their jungler as of December 17th. During their latest IEM performance they had MightyBear substitute but whether or not he’ll be staying is a different story. After these significant changes to their roster; Flaxxish taking over the top lane, NighT taking control of the middle lane and HeaQ pairing up with Hustlin in the bottom lane, they’ll be looking to head into Season 7 with greater chances than ever before to push up the ladder.


  • Top Lane: Flaxxish
  • Jungle: Memento
  • Mid Lane: NighT
  • Marksman: HeaQ
  • Support: Hustlin

Team Giants Gaming EU LCS Spring Split 2017


Notable Achievements: 3rd Place EU LCS 2016 Summer Playoffs, 4th Place EU LCS 2016 Summer Split, 2nd place EU LCS 2016 Spring Split

Team Logo H2K Gaming EU LCS 2017H2k had a pretty rough split but when push came to shove they were able to put on phenomenal performances and work their way to the 2016 World Championship. They had a bit of a rough start to the World Championship but were able to push no through to the semi-finals. Their Marksman, FORG1VEN, has stepped down and is looking to make an impact in a different region but there’s no need to fear because Nuclear and Chei will be taking commanding control in the bottom lane and this international talent is ready to push H2k into a powerful position, picking up Febiven will certainly give them power over the middle lane too!


  • Top Lane: Odoamne
  • Jungle: Jankos
  • Mid Lane: Febiven
  • Marksman: Nuclear
  • Support: Chei

Team H2K Gaming EU LCS Spring Split 2017


Notable Achievements: 1st Place EUCS 2016 Summer Split, 1st Place EUCS 2016 Summer Playoffs

Team Logo Misfits EU LCS 2017Reminiscent of how Origen burst into the LCS after dominating the EU CS, Misifits qualified for the EU CS Tournament with a convincing series win and have gone on to dominate the Tournament taking 1st place in both the Summer Split and the Summer Playoffs. They quickly qualified for the EU LCS after taking down Schalke 04 but have made a few changes to their roster since. With the addition of KaKAO to the jungle and PowerOfEvil in their middle lane I think Misfits will be aiming high during the EU LCS debut.


  • Top Lane: Alphari
  • Jungle: KaKao
  • Mid Lane: PowerOfEvil
  • Marksman: Hans
  • Support: IgNar

Team Misfits EU LCS Spring Split 2017


Notable Achievements: 2nd Place EU LCS Spring Playoffs 2016, 4th Place EU LCS Spring Split 2016

Team Logo Origen EU LCS 2017Origen burst into the EU LCS after their EU CS run and they had a phenomenal showing, but that was quite a while ago now. Origen have been on the decline and they took a very rough tumble, hitting 9th place in the EU LCS Summer Split and getting relegated. They worked their way back into the EU LCS though after beating Misfits 3:2; this won’t save them from their roster issues though. As of December 18th 2016 they’re yet to announce their new roster and fans are starting to get worried.

Update: Support player Hiiva is released from the team and xPeke steps in as substitute.


  • Top Lane: Satorius
  • Jungle: Wisdom
  • Mid Lane: NaeHyun
  • Marksman: Tabzz
  • Support: xPeke

Team Origen EU LCS Spring Split 2017


Notable Achievements: Qualified 2017 EU LCS Spring Promotion, Qualified 2016 EU LCS Summer Promotion

Team Logo ROCCAT EU LCS 2017Roccat are a notable underdog team, they’ve been scraping the bottom of the ladder for quite a while now but they’ve been impossible to knock down. They’ve had few great performances but they’ve always been able to stand their ground. Roccat are in a similar position to Origen, as of December 18th 2016 they’re yet to announce their new roster and they’re leaving a lot of people worried. There are plenty of available talented players so hopefully they burst into 2017 with style.


  • Top Lane: Phaxi
  • Jungle: Maxlore
  • Mid Lane: Betsy
  • Marksman: Hjärnan
  • Support: Wadid

Team ROCCAT EU LCS Spring Split 2017


Notable Achievements: 2nd Place 2016 EU LCS Summer Split, 2nd Place 2016 EU LCS Summer Playoffs

Team Logo Splyce EU LCS 2017With their roster renewed we should be expecting a strong and reliable team to turn up to the 2017 EU LCS Spring Split. All 5 of their players stuck with the organisation and will be looking to push further up the EU ladder than they’ve been able to do before. With a lot of team’s currently in shambles and with Splyce being a reliable team they’re currently looking like a favourite for one of those top spots! They may have had a hard time against the international teams but hopefully with the new EU format they’ll be more prepared than ever!


  • Top Lane: Wunder
  • Jungle: Trashy
  • Mid Lane: Sencux
  • Marksman: Kobbe
  • Support: Mikyx

Team Splyce EU LCS Spring Split 2017

Unicorns of Love

Notable Achievements: 1st Place IEM Season XI – Oakland (2016), 4th Place 2016 EU LCS Summer Playoffs

Team Logo Unicorns of Love EU LCS 2017Unicorns of Love are a staple EU LCS team. They’ve always got tricks up their sleeve and they’re loved by all. With booming personalities on both the player roster and the organisation they’ve been closely watched, there was previously an announcement that all players were ready to resign but at the end of November their jungler “Move” left the team. UoL quickly found a replacement in “Xerxe” who’s looking like a great fit. Hopefully this brings the team closer and gives us some phenomenal matches to watch!


  • Top Lane: Vizicsacsi
  • Jungle: Xerxe
  • Mid Lane: Exileh
  • Marksman: Samux
  • Support: Hylissang

Team Unicorns of Love EU LCS Spring Split 2017


Notable Achievements: 3rd Place 2016 EU LCS Spring Split, 6th Place EU LCS Spring Playoffs

Team Logo Vitality EU LCS 2017There doesn’t appear to be much achieved by this team when you look into them but let me assure you, they’ve had some phenomenal matches and have kept on pushing for improvements. Hopefully this translates well into 2017 as their roster is looking divine. They’ve made many changes to the team so let’s quickly look over it. Cabochard remains in the top lane and Nukeduck renewed his contract for the middle lane. Shook is taking hold of the jungle and Steelback will be joined by Hachani in the bottom lane. That’s their current roster and damn does it look solid, they’ve got more pressure in the bottom lane now and hopefully it opens up more opportunities for them as we head into 2017!


  • Top Lane: Cabochard
  • Jungle: Djoko / GBM
  • Mid Lane: Nukeduck
  • Marksman: Steeelback
  • Support: Hachani

Team Vitality EU LCS Spring Split 2017

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