Quarter-finals | NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2016

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With Team SoloMid and the Immortals dominating the regular LCS season in North America it is now time determinate their brave Semi-final opponents for the playoffs. Counter Logic Gaming is the first name on the list of contenders, reigning champion of the North American LCS and enhancing their gameplay from week to week. After the success of the Cloud9 Challenger team in the NA LCS Spring Promotion tournament and the contrary response of the community regarding franchising in the LCS the main Cloud9 team also want to prove their worth against Team EnVy. With all these juicy Championship points held out in prospect all of these teams want to qualify for the 2016 League of Legends World Championship. All Quarter-final matches are played in best-of-5 series on the new LoL patch 6.15 which will promote playing in standard lanes and penalise teams for lane swapping. On August 13th we will see which teams can adjust best to the new meta game and maybe the rise of a new legend!

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LCS NA – Summer Playoffs – Quarterfinals | Facts:

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  • Date: 08/13/2016 – 08/14/2016
  • Start Time: 12:00 PM PDT/ 03:00 PM EDT/ 21:00 CEST
  • Format: 2 matches | One best of five match per day
  • Location: NA LCS Studio – Los Angeles CA
  • Patch: LoL 6.15
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Schedule and Results – NA LCS Summer Quarter-finals

The NA LCS Quarter-final playoff games take place right after the conclusion of the European battles. While analysts expect a duel on knife’s edge between Counter Logic Gaming and Team Liquid, the other battle between Cloud9 and Team EnVy is heavily in favour of Jensen and company. A victory for Counter Logic Gaming will likely smooth the ways for a riskless qualification for the 2016 League of Legends World Championship via Championship points but Team Liquid still has some say in this scenario. We all are exited, so stay tuned!

Quarterfinals – NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs 2016

Quarter-Final #1: Cloud9 - LCS NA Team Logo Cloud9 vs. Team Envy NA LCS Logo Team EnVy    3  1  
Start Time: August 13th, 12:00 PM PDT / 15:00 PM EDT / 21:00 CEST

Quarter-Final #2: CLG - LCS NA Team Logo CLG vs. Team Liquid - LCS NA Team Logo Team Liquid    3  1  
Start Time: August 14th, 12:00 PM PDT/ 15:00 PM EDT/ 21:00 CEST

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Preview and Predictions | NA LCS Summer Quarter-Finals

League of Legends Icon NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs – Quarterfinals #2:

Counter Logic Gaming and Team Liquid are only separated by a single point on the ladder, when looking through their team statistics it’s surprising to see Counter Logic Gaming in the position above Team Liquid on the ladder. With both of these teams being so close, in every aspect, this series is bound to be full of excitement so make sure you catch it on Sunday, August 14th!

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team Liquid NA LCS Playoffs 2016 Quarterfinals

Quarterfinals #2: CLG - LCS NA Team Logo Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team Liquid - LCS NA Team Logo Team Liquid

Start Time: August 14th, 12:00 PM PDT / 15:00 PM EDT / 21:00 CEST
Summer Split Head to head record: Counter Logic Gaming 2:0 Team Liquid

Statistically it would appear that Team Liquid are at an advantage but they’ve had roster changes, consistency issues and many things change about their team. They’ll be going against Counter Logic Gaming who’ve all played together for an extremely long time and have an extremely methodical style of play that can be troublesome. Because of the in-game advantages that Counter Logic Gaming has over Team Liquid, when it comes to strategy and macro management, I’d give them the advantage here.

Counter Logic Gaming NA LCS Team Logo LoLCounter Logic Gaming had a fairly rough end to their summer split when they fell to Apex, quite drastically. They were playing with champions that looked less comfortable and they fell into unreliable patterns. If they can avoid this and stick with their regular strategies they should be able to throw off TL. To do this they’re going to want to get a bully into the top lane such as Gnar, Irelia or even Shen to give them a reliable split pushing champion along with someone who can alter the state of a team fight drastically. This should be assisted by a Gragas or Reksai, avoiding the Nidalee pick that just refuses to work for them. Counter Logic Gaming’s middle lane has fantastic kill participation on control mages and is able to bring a lot to the team on champions such as Viktor and Malzahar, they’ll be able to give CLG the wave clear they’ll need along with propelling their team fighting potential forward. The duo lane of Counter Logic Gaming is arguably the most important so seeing comfortable champions there is likely, this could come in the form of an Ashe paired with a Bard. When they’re ready and on the rift they’re going to want to set up an adaptable line of vision in the earlier stages of the game, they tend to skirmish quite regularly and when things change they’re going to want to expand or recede their vision quickly to make the best of their situation. They’ll need to spend some time on the top side of the map, possibly where they spread some aggressive vision, to get their laner ahead. This will give them exactly what they need as they head into the middle stages of the game. Let the split pushing begin! Counter Logic Gaming have perfected a split pushing strategy where they force their opponents into rotations and pulling it off would be fantastic, however it is extremely difficult. If things start to take a turn for the worst they’ll be able to create flanking advantages with extended vision. This is how they’ll be able to come out on top of team fights along with forcing their opponents into miserable positions. Doing this will give them a lead that they’ll be able to use to force their way through the game and take a win, setting themselves up to take a lead throughout the series.

Team Liquid - NA LCS Team LogoTeam Liquid had a difficult end to their summer split, similar to CLG, but they had proven that when the time comes they can perform. This is the time for them and they’ll need to face off with everything they’ve got to come out on top of the tough strategies they’ll be heading into. To do this they’ll need to get a hold of some of their comfort champions such as a Sona or Braum in the bottom lane paired with a Sivir or Ashe, this also let’s pick away one of the CLG options. Their middle laner, who holds an even better kill participation than that of CLG’s middle laner, is going to want to get onto a comfortable control mage such as Cassiopeia or Vladimir to give them mounds of potential during the later stages of the game. Team Liquid’s jungler should try and pick away one of the comfortable options of CLG, preferably one they’re experienced with, to narrow down the options of their opponent and give them knowledge of what they’ll be facing. They can do this by picking up a Gragas or Reksai however they’ve proven to have a strong Hecarim up their sleeves. This is likely to give some early game assistance to a top lane champion such as Gnar or Irelia, which should be able to hold back the possibly dominating top lane of Counter Logic Gaming. Once they’ve loaded into the rift they’re going to want to get an aggressive line of vision in and around the top lane, this will let them pressure the top side of the map with relative safety and information on their opponent’s movements. After attempts at growing some safety or a lead for their top lane they’ll want to spend some time skirmishing on the bottom side of the map to slow down the progression of CLG’s bottom lane, which can be extremely potent during the later stages of the game. Team Liquid are going to need to keep their eyes on the side lanes and will need to focus on vision denial when they’re expecting to fight, this will close out CLG’s options for picking fights and let them create their own. These fights that they’ll be able to find should be with a player advantage and could quickly sway the pace of the game, giving Team Liquid exactly what they need to pressure objectives and slowly work their way to a victory. This is how they’ll get their foot in the door to come out in this series.

Prediction: Counter Logic Gaming Victory. Counter Logic Gaming have been working extremely hard on expanding their use of strategies over the past few weeks and it’s proven to be hugely advantageous for them. With Counter Logic Gaming being the better performing and slightly more reliable team during the summer split I think the extensive practice will only push them further ahead; this series will be complicated though.

NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2016 Quarterfinals Team Liquid vs. Counter Logic Gaming

League of Legends Icon NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs – Quarterfinals #1:

After a fantastic and action packed summer split we’ve got everything narrowed down to the best performing teams in the region. Many teams worked hard to end in the top positions but now they’ll be fighting out to decide who the summer split champions is. We’ll be starting things off with Cloud9 vs. Team Envy on Saturday, August 13th, so make sure you catch it live!

Cloud9 vs. Team Envy NA LCS Playoffs 2016 Quarterfinals

Quarterfinals #1: Cloud9 - LCS NA Team Logo Cloud9 vs. Team Envy NA LCS Logo Team EnVy

Start Time: August 13th, 12:00 PM PDT / 15:00 PM EDT / 21:00 CEST
Summer Split Head to head record: Cloud 9 2:0 Team Envy

The quarterfinals are upon us and things are not looking so good for Team Envy, Cloud9 have been the more stable team throughout the summer split and managed to climb their way on top of both series’ that these teams went head to head in. Team Envy is, in my opinion, in the more difficult position here and that’s reflected honestly in their standings but they’ve been able to pull strong teams apart before and could do so once again.

Cloud9 look to be at an advantage here, they ended the summer split in 3rd position with 12 points in comparison to Team Envy who ended in 6th with only 8 points. Team Envy is the lowest position team competing in the playoffs and it’ll be a challenge for them to come out on top against a team that’s beat them twice already.

There haven’t been too many changes during the small intermission so I expect a lot of teams to hold onto their comfort champions and even use similar strategies, there have been a few flying pieces of news about a few teams changing things up but that’ll be up and coming.

Team EnVy NA LCS Team Logo LoLTeam Envy’s most recent performances in during the split were alright but nothing exceptional; they’ll need to strive for exceptional here if they want to overcome their opponents. They’re going to want to find power in their comfort strategies but they’ll need to use them in an exceptional way, showing extreme confidence. I’d like to see them pick up more Ekko in the top lane; it worked well for them in their most recent matches and still holds a lot of strength in the top lane. This will be assisted by a Gragas in the jungle, which is likely to be a contested pick as it still holds a lot of strength in the earlier stages of the game and can create team fights easily in the later stages. The middle lane of Team Envy is likely to pick up Karma for their middle lane but can also comfortable fall back to a Swain or Kassadin. The bottom lane of Team Envy has regularly picked up Braum as their support and I expect the trend to continue, this is likely to be paired with a Sivir if it’s available. This will build an extremely versatile composition that can thrive during many stages of the game, for Team Envy to take advantage of this they’re going to want to build an adaptable line of vision during the earlier stages of the game that they can quickly change as the game starts to unfold. They’re going to want to stabilise their lanes during the earlier stages of the game, this shouldn’t be difficult to achieve unless they’re making mistakes. To do this they’re going to want to have fast jungle rotations assisting the lanes, paying close attention to the top lane. This will give them easier access to the middle stages of the game where, due to their composition, they’ll be able to choose their fights wisely to gain advantages. These advantages could be as simple as excessive vision around objectives but could also be as big as large sprees of sieging. If they’re being caught in difficult positions they’ll need to disengage and re-evaluate their strategies, split pushing could open up opportunities for them however they will thrive in team fighting situations. They should be able to work their way through the middle stages of the game using team fighting, this will set them up to take objectives and push into the base of Cloud9; setting them up for a victory. Doing something similar to this throughout the series along with being able to adapt to their opponents is how they’ll be able to come out on top.

Cloud9-Team-Logo-HearthstoneCloud9 have always thrived when they’re able to apply significant amounts of global pressure in the earlier stages of the game, to do this against Team Envy they’re going to want to combine this with some quick rotations around the middle stages of the game. Cloud9 have had regular appearances in their jungle with a Reksai or Gragas, both of these are able to scale nicely and provide utility for their team whilst also being able to apply pressure in the earlier stages of the game. This is likely to assist a Gnar or Shen in the top lane and also a Velkoz or Cassiopeia in the middle lane. The bottom lane of Cloud9 has regularly picked the chilling combination of Ashe and Braum but I expect things to shake up a little bit with a possible Sivir or Jhin appearance along with Bard. This composition can thrive from many different positions in the game, they’ll have the ability to pick off their opponents around the middle and later stages of the game to push themselves ahead but they’ve also got options to pick off opponents during the earlier stages of the game with skirmishes. With their regular play style in which they propel their jungler ahead and apply a lot of early pressure, in comparison to a lot of other teams, they should be able to gain a lead during the earlier stages of the game. They’ll want to use this lead to grow and expand their vision control around objectives, utilizing it to engage in more fights of pick off more opponents; doing this will give them regular advantages in which they’ll be able to siege, working their way into the base of their opponents and setting up for a victory.

Prediction: Cloud9 Victory. Cloud9 have regularly come out on top of Team Envy and have proven throughout the summer split that they’re the stronger of the two teams. It may have been a while since they were both performing on stage but I don’t think Team Envy could have made the necessary improvements in such a short period of time to come out on top.

NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2016 Quarterfinals Cloud9 vs Team Envy

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