Quarter-finals | NA LCS Spring Playoffs 2016

The NA LCS Spring Split Playoffs start with the Quarter-finals from April 2nd to April 3rd, 2016. In this first round of the playoffs we will see one “best of five” match per day. You can find the match schedule, starting times, live-stream and betting odds below.
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LCS NA – Spring Playoffs – Quarterfinals | Facts:

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  • Date: 04/02/ – 04/03/2016
  • Start Time: 12:00 PM PDT/ 15:00 PM EDT/ 21:00 CEST
  • 2 matches | One best of five match per day
  • Location: Los Angeles, (USA)
  • Patch: LoL 6.6 patch
  • Tickets: Ticket info – Spring Playoffs
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  • Predictions and Betting Tips: Day 1 | Day 2
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Schedule and Results – NA LCS Spring Quarter-finals

Quarterfinals – NA LCS Spring Split Playoffs 2016

Quarter-Final #1: Cloud9 - LCS NA Team Logo Cloud9 vs. TSM - LCS NA Team Logo Team SoloMid    1   3  
Start Time: April 2nd, 12:00 PM PDT/ 15:00 PM EDT/ 21:00 CEST

Quarter-Final #2: Team Liquid - LCS NA Team Logo Team Liquid vs. NRG Gaming - LCS NA Team Logo NRG eSports    3  0  
Start Time: April 3rd, 12:00 PM PDT/ 15:00 PM EDT/ 21:00 CEST

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Preview and Predictions | Day 1 NA LCS Spring Quarter-Finals

Quarter-Final #1: Cloud9 - LCS NA Team Logo Cloud9 vs. TSM - LCS NA Team Logo Team SoloMid

Start Time: April 2nd, 12:00 PM PDT/ 15:00 PM EDT/ 21:00 CEST

Cloud 9 are sitting by the top of the NA LCS ladder with a 12:6 score and they have a reputation to uphold but it’s nothing in comparison to the veteran team’s, TSM’s, reputation. TSM have always, for the entire duration that they have existed, reach top 2 in the NA LCS but with how much trouble they hit throughout the split they’re only sitting on a 9:9 score, much worse off than that of Cloud 9. They’re going to need to utilize the potential of all of their phenomenal players and synergise extremely well to put on their best performances so far this split, if they don’t then they’re making TSM history in a negative way. Make sure you tune into the games on April 2nd!

Logo of LCS NA Season 6 Spring Split Team Cloud9Cloud 9 is in a great position here, an advantageous one at least. They’ve had stronger performances during the regular split and have proven that they’re significantly more consistent than TSM. They’re going to want to utilize their late game shot-calling and bully TSM until the later stages as much as possible. If they gain any significant lead in the earlier stages they’re going to want to force more from TSM and apply as much pressure as possible.

Logo of LCS Season 6 Spring Split Team TSMTeam Solo Mid is in a bit of a tough situation, for this to work out for them they’re going to have needed to openly discussed the issues as a team. From what we’ve been told about the team they don’t have a stand out shot-caller and this is really damaging the team’s performances. They’re going to need to be decisive and try and get everyone on comfortable and confident champions. If they can synergise properly I think their individual skill level could give them a helping hand in taking a game from Cloud 9 and it could open up the series for them.

For this series Cloud 9 are going to want to get a hold of their best performing champions, with a possible few surprises showing up in the top lane or middle lane. We’ve been seeing diverse picks across the regions with surprising keystones and Cloud 9 could be one of the teams to bring something new out. I think they should focus on their reliable picks however so getting a Trundle or Poppy in the top lane and a Morgana support, paired with a Jhin or Corki, would be 3 of their positions covered and will give them a lot of options for pressing advantages around power spikes or controlling team fights. They’re going to want a Lee Sin or Gragas in the jungle to control early pressures and hopefully apply some to the middle lane. Their middle lane is going to want to pick something with team fight control or the ability to poke from afar so I’ll be looking for a Varus or Azir. After the draft they’re going to want to take the tower trades and apply pressure to the middle lane, hopefully picking up the rift herald before the swaps happen so they can quickly pressure the opposite lanes and pressure more structures. They should be able to come out equal, if not ahead, of the early and middle stages of the game but the later stages are where they will shine. Their global objective control and rotations appear to be significantly stronger than that of TSM and they should be able to take games with it.

Team Solo Mid are going to need to focus on their team synergy, picking champions that work extremely well together and can overlap skills to gain effectiveness could give them an advantage even a lot of situations but only if they’ve pulled together and worked on it. They’re going to want something strong and independent in the jungle, Kindred could do phenomenal things for them as it can make individual plays and is currently a strong pick in the meta. Pairing that with a tank in the top lane and a utility mage in the middle lane could bring us the start of a composition so a Lulu or Orianna in the middle lane, maybe even Lux, and a Trundle or Poppy in the top lane could really round things out for them. Their bottom lane is going to be a difficult one to sort out however, Kalista just took a big hit from a nerf so the combo with Kindred is out of the window however Kog’maw and Sivir could do exceedingly well if paired with a support that can peel and soak damage such as Alistar or Braum. Once the game has kicked off they’re going to want to avoid over extending as much as possible, play out any lead safely and only take risks that the entire team is confident with. They should opt for the turret swap if they’re taking a hyper-carry, it opens up the jungle options for Svenskeren and lets them rotate comfortably to play safely in the earlier stages of the game. TSM should be about being decisive and confident, if they can avoid small mistakes they might be able to slowly pressure C9 and take team fights around objectives. Avoid skirmishing unless they’re in an advantageous position and making sure they have necessary vision to keep control of objectives. We might even see them contest the rift herald in the earlier stages of the game. They should be able to comfortably reach the middle stages of the game where they can force team fights to gain a lead, it should be their best interest to pick off opponents and take team fights when they can confidently make plays to do so.

Prediction: Cloud 9 Victory. I’ll be expecting them to take the series 3:1. Team Solo Mid are a fantastic team, there’s no doubt that the individual skill of the players is phenomenal but their synergy is lacking and it’s destroying the hopes of many fans. Cloud 9 should be able to take a few clear victories with a few minor hiccups along the way.

NA LCS Playoffs 2016 Quarter Final Cloud9 vs TSM


Preview and Predictions | Day 2 NA LCS Spring Quarter-Finals

Quarter-Final #2: Team Liquid - LCS NA Team Logo Team Liquid vs. NRG Gaming - LCS NA Team Logo NRG eSports

Start Time: April 3rd, 12:00 PM PDT/ 15:00 PM EDT/ 21:00 CEST

One of the most discussed match-ups so far, people have been talking a lot about the statistics of the participating teams and how they look a bit lopsided in quite a few areas, we’ll get into that soon. NRG are only 1 victory behind TL after taking a surprising victory and tie breaker against TSM, they’re looking strong and are often innovating to make the most of their situations and to get the most out of their champions. Team Liquid is going to need to play precise and confidently regardless of what NRG bring out. Don’t forget to catch the games live on April 3rd!

Logo of LCS NA Season 6 Spring Split Team LiquidTeam Liquid have better statistics nearly across the board, they’re significantly head in regards to their bottom lanes performances and their middle laner is statistically a better player however all of this comes with some sacrifice. The statistic lead in some positions isn’t great but it’s still a lead however both teams have adopted significantly different play styles and the stats can’t reflect that. Team Liquid are going to need to pressure the map early and force NRG into a corner, reducing their vision and ability to roam the map will remove the chance of them picking off opponents and climbing back, as they’re often behind early and climb back through skirmishes.

NRG Esports - NA LCS team LogoNRG are going to want to focus on covering up that early disadvantage that they normally fall into, this means keeping their lanes strong and focusing on trying to stay even. It’s not going to be an easy task and they may need to avoid some of their usual habits but in the long run it might just pay off for them. Their statistics may not be the best in comparison to their opponents but they know how to put on a show and they know how to play to their opponent’s weakness when it reaches the later stages of the game, they’re going to want to tap into those strengths to bring down TL.

Team Liquid are going to want to focus on pushing the early game advantage that NRG often give, if they can push it enough they’ll be setting up a snowball for the rest of the game. To do this they might want to focus on the lane swap and abusing the fact that NRG have trouble perfecting it. They’re going to want a dominant middle lane champions such as Zed or Corki, opening up the possibilities to roam, paired with a Lee Sin or Rek’sai jungle, maybe even a Gragas, to be as mobile as possible to punish any false movement from NRG. Their top lane, like many other top laners, is likely to have a tank focus on Poppy, Maokai and Trundle with a possible Gragas flex, this can assist in team fighting and skirmishes later on in the game or to zone objectives. Their bottom lane is going to want to pair a carry such as Lucian or Vayne with a Janna or Braum to offer protection and to increase damage soaking. After the draft they’re going to want to take the lane swap, press it as quickly as possible and force the enemy middle laner into a bad position early, setting up their own middle lane to start dominating. Their bottom lane is going to want to safely farm up and scale whilst their top laner and jungle roam to keep the pressure on the middle lane. If they can focus on rotating and pressuring the map they should be able to comfortably take a lead which could lead to their win of the game and the series.

NRG Esports are going to need to pick strong and reliable champions to assist them in closing the gold gap that often occurs against them in the earlier stages, a Sivir marksman paired with a Braum or Morgana could be fantastic for both pushing and pressuring the lanes whilst also bringing a lot of utility to team fights and skirmishes. Their jungler is going to want to go ahead and grab a carry champion such as Kindred, Nidalee or maybe even an Elise to pump out as much early pressure as possible. Their top lane is going to stick with a tank such as Trundle, Maokai or Nautilus to create a front line to set up advantages for the team’s carries. Their middle lane is going to need to be carefully picked, it’s likely to be the last picked champion for the team unless they tunnel on getting Azir, and I expect to see a Zed or Twisted Fate to show up there because they have great roaming potential and strong lane control. Once they’re on the rift they should play their lanes safely and try to avoid the lane swaps, setting up an easy laning phase all they’re going to need to do is keep an eye on the enemy jungle through vision across the river or by jungle entrances. After safely playing through the earlier stages of the game they’re going to want to apply mid pressure and use it to roam across the other lanes, once the tempo is in their favour they can force objectives and skirmishes to build a lead. NRG often thrive in dangerous environments so picking off opponents or choosing small fights could help them bring their own advantage forward. They should then be able to begin pressuring more structures and rotating to take as many objectives as possible and slowly denying Team Liquid. They should be able to slowly build their own lead and use it to take regular skirmishes, structures and eventually the win. This will open up the series for them but they’re going to need to adapt.

Prediction: Team Liquid Victory. I think they’re going to take the series 3:1. NRG are slightly weaker across the board and it’s going to be a task just to come out even in the earlier stages of the game. I expect TL to pressure the early game throughout the series and really pressure the obvious weaknesses of NRG without playing into their hands.

NA LCS Playoffs 2016 Quarter Final Team Liquid vs NRG

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