Quarter-finals | EU LCS Spring Playoffs 2016

The EU LCS Spring Split Playoffs 2016 kick off with the Quarter-finals. In this first round of the playoffs, the LCS teams ending the regular season between 3rd and 6th places are fighting to advance into the next round where the top two teams are waiting. While the winners advance the losers are eliminated from the tournament, taking home 10 Championship Points (for the 2016 World Championship) each. All quarterfinal matches are played in a best of 5 series. Preview and predictions will be added soon.

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LCS EU – Spring Playoffs – Quarterfinals | Facts:

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  • Date: 04/02/ – 04/03/2016
  • Start Time: 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CEST
  • 2 matches | One best of five match per day
  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Patch: LoL 6.6 patch
  • Tickets: Ticket info – Spring Playoffs
  • Live stream for all matches
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  • Predictions and Betting Tips: Day 1 | Day 2
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Schedule and Results – EU LCS Spring Quarter-finals

Quarterfinals – EU LCS Spring Split Playoffs 2016

Quarter-Final #1: Vitality - LCS EU Team Logo Vitality vs. Fnatic - LCS EU Team Logo Fnatic    1   3  
Start Time: April 2nd, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CEST

Quarter-Final #2: Origen - LCS EU Team Logo Origen vs. Unicorns of Love - LCS EU Team Logo Unicorns of Love    3   0  
Start Time: April 3rd, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CEST

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Preview and Predictions | Day 1 EU LCS Spring Quarter-Finals

Quarter-Final #1: Vitality - LCS EU Team Logo Vitality vs. Fnatic - LCS EU Team Logo Fnatic

Start Time: April 2nd, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CEST

Certainly an interesting match-up, we have Fnatic who are an experienced EU LCS team who also have an extremely large list of achievements facing off against a fresh but extremely well performing team. VIT have been performing so well that they hold the head to head record against Fnatic as 2:0 but this here is going to be a series and things can always come out to surprise us. Fnatic are going to need to prove right here, in the quarter-finals, just why they’re a long standing top European team. Don’t forget to tune into the games on April 2nd!

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team FnaticFnatic are in a bit of a tough situation here, they’ve got a bad streak against Team Vitality and although they’ve made some great improvements their opponents have also made significant improvements and are sure to be as much of a challenge now as they have ever been. Fnatic are going to need to focus heavily on getting their top lane rolling and controlling vision as much as possible.

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team VitalityTeam Vitality are the 3rd place European team and although they had a bit of a rough start right at the beginning of the season they had shown significant improvement in a short period of time and managed to propel ahead in terms of macro and micro management of their team, this gave them a huge advantage against a lot of teams but it didn’t quite cover their weaknesses. They’re going to want to make sure their early game goes smoothly; they often hit a lot of trouble if they fall behind early.

Team Vitality are going to want to stick to their guns, meaning they should try and obtain champions that they’re most comfortable on unless they’re going to bring out niche picks to surprise and throw off their opponents. I’ll be looking for strong tanks in the top lane such as Poppy and Trundle being covered by reliable junglers such as Gragas and Lee Sin. Their middle lane has a very deep champion pool however I’ll be looking for flavour picks such as LeBlanc, Corki or something he’s shown comfort on before like Lissandra. Their bottom lane has favoured Sivir because of her recent changes so pairing that with a Janna or Thresh seems like their best option. They’re going to want to use the early wave clearing strength of Sivir to get ahead on the turret trades which are extremely likely to occur, if they can get ahead at this point they should be able to gain the vision they need and rotate to take objectives. If it ever gets to a point where they fall behind they’re going to want to rely on vision control and their ability to team fight to bring the game back, focusing on picking off opponents or starting fights with a numbers or summoner spell advantage.

Fnatic will need a strong draft, something that really enhances the strength of the players and helps cover their weaknesses. It’s going to be tough to draft against such formidable opponents but if anyone can come out on top of bad odds then it’ll be Fnatic. They’re going to want to try to get a hold of Poppy for the top lane, Rammus works just as well but Poppy is in a really strong position right now and can change the outcome of a team fight on her own. They’re going to want to try and pick up Lee Sin for their jungler along with Corki in the middle lane as they are a few of the team’s best performing champions. Their bottom lane is where they’re going to want to put a bit more focus, pairing a Braum with a Lucian could be their strongest combination with high impact throughout the game. They might want to adapt a strategy similar to that of the Spanish League of Legends teams, countering the early invades for vision along with the lane swapping. This could lead to them gaining an advantage extremely early on. However a more reliable way for them to gain a lead would be to opt into the turret trade, play it out as well as they can and put their jungler focus heavily on the middle lane to get it rolling. With roaming champions picked in the middle lane they should be able to adopt an early skirmishing style to pick off opponents and force a lead. If they run into trouble at any point they’re going to want to fight around cooldowns and preferably power-spikes that give them a considerable lead in team fights such as the Corki Package.

Prediction: Team Vitality Victory. I think they’re going to come out ahead on the series with a 3:2 score. Fnatic are a formidable team who tend to bring out fantastic performances when under pressure and with it being the end of the split there’s no better time for them to bring their best. I expect Vitality to run into trouble in a few games where Fnatic build leads that become uncontrollable but Vitality will eventually take the series after some extended games that fall into their favour.

EU LCS Playoffs 2016 Quarter Final Vitality vs Fnatic

Preview and Predictions | Day 2 EU LCS Spring Quarter-Finals

Quarter-Final #2: Origen - LCS EU Team Logo Origen vs. Unicorns of Love - LCS EU Team Logo Unicorns of Love

Start Time: April 3rd, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CEST

With the substitute players being enabled we could see 2 different middle laners from Origen, meaning Unicorns of Love are going to have to be prepared for different styles of play and compositions. It’s going to be interesting to see how they adapt throughout a series seeing as both of these teams are extremely close on the ladder with only 1 win separating them. If you’re excited and want to tune into the games make sure you stop by to watch them live on April 3rd!

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team OrigenTaking recent performances into consideration I think Origen are in the hot seat here, they’ve won 4/4 of their most recent matches and being able to swap out their players throughout the series is going to be advantageous if they decide to opt for it. Being able to run multiple strategies with extra players means UoL are going to need to be able to adapt and their recent win and loss record doesn’t really give them much hope here.

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team Unicorns of LoveUnicorns of Love should focus on adapting around the middle lane, doing a style similar to that of Fnatic during the quarter-finals where they did an early middle lane focus and transition to helping the top lane gain a lead. This will give them an advantage early and with a UoL skirmish style of play they should be able to try and work through whatever Origen throw at them. I could see them running into a bit of trouble but with enough practice they should be able to give Origen an extremely hard time.

Unicorns of Love are going to want to try and get favourable lanes, if they ban Trundle they’re going to want to focus on picking Poppy for the top lane and if it’s not banned they might want to go for the Trundle. Their jungler looks likely to pick up Lee Sin or Gragas to pressuring the middle lane early should come slightly easier. Their middle lane favours champions with bursts of damage and with Lissandra being a contested pick at the moment I could see them picking it up. Their bottom lane is going to want to try and grab Sivir and pair it with the likes of Thresh or Alistar, something tanky and can engage or peel. Once they’re on the rift they’re going to want to try and take the duo lane, avoid the lane swap and force skirmishes when they have a numbers advantage. They should be able to pick favourable fights in the top and middle lane if they keep some vision in the enemy jungle, which should be a priority. If they fight around objectives or force Origen into favourable situations they should be able to build enough of a lead to contest the game and even the series.

Origen are going to want to take advantage of their extra player, they’re able to swap out their player for the middle lane and this can completely swap around the styles of play and compositions that they use. The rest of their team is likely to draft in a similar manner but the middle lane could see some changes. I’ll be looking for a LeBlanc, Corki or Varus in the middle lane with the possibility of Lissandra if they’re player swapping, this will be enhanced with an aggressive jungler like Lee Sin or Nidalee. Their top lane is likely to have a Poppy or Trundle focus unless one of them is banned and their bottom lane is going to want to pair a Lucian with a Thresh, Trundle or Braum. If they get these particular picks they should try and take the lane swap, gain some tempo through better execution of the turret trading and then focus on running the rift herald buff to the middle lane to quickly push even more. They should be able to play fairly safely in the earlier stages of the game, fight around level powerspikes and numbers advantages but ultimately they should focus on rotating and sieging to keep UoL behind. They should avoid small skirmishes unless they’re completely sure they’re going to come out ahead of them, if they can do something similar to this I see no reason as to why they won’t gain the lead that will give them everything they need to take the game and push for the series.

Prediction: Origen Victory. I think they’re going to take the series 3:2, at first I wanted to favour Unicorns of Love but after a bit of extra research it became quite clear that Origen have been playing significantly better than UoL lately and when under pressure they bring out even more. I expect a few close games but for Origen to take the series in the end.

EU LCS Playoffs 2016 Quarter Final Origen vs Unicorns of Love

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