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As they say hope springs eternal, the new season of LCS is back with a bang. New season always brings in excitement, fresh and talented players, leagues and much more. The pause before the summer split saw many roster changes; more than the previous seasons. And the changes brought some freshness to the LCS.  In this season fans and players can expect a fresh start with the Fantasy LCS.

More about the 2017 LCS:
View: LCS 2017 – Overview

Schedule 2017 Split:

  • For EU, the 2017 Spring Split will start on January 19th: view full EU schedule
  • For NA, fans the 2017 Spring Split will start on January 20th: view full NA schedule

Play Fantasy LCS for real money

Another interesting thing about this season’s fantasy LCS is that fans can play fantasy LCS for real money on DraftKings. The Daily fantasy giant has let the fans play for a big prize pool of $10,000 but smaller contest with entry fees of only 25 cents are available too. And FYI: The prize money that will be awarded to the winning team is actually not the money used for the salary cap in the game. Daily Fantasy LCS for real money on Draft Kings has already heated up the stage for LCS players, teams and fans. You can find out more about paid daily fantasy eSports at Draftkings in this review.

The basics of paid daily fantasy LCS

To begin the fantasy play on Draft kings, players can start with few basics such as choosing and creating a contest to invite their friends to play along. Players will be allowed to build their line-ups of players and teams. The players will be allocated a salary cap of $50,000 to fill their line-ups and once they do, the complete line-up will be submitted in the contest. Every contest has different entry fees, number of players and of course payout structure.

Players can track and monitor their line-up online for the scored points and performance. The line-ups can be compared with the other line-ups to see where they stand in the contest. Towards the end of the contest, if the line-up has won and is put in a paying place,  a portion of the prize pool of the contest will be credited to the winning line-up’s players. The players can either withdraw the prize amount or invest to play more contests.

The Line-Up Formation

  • Players can form their own line-up of players and teams in a very simple way on Draft Kings. There will be an 8-man roster and the chosen players must be from at least 3 different squads.
  • The players will have $50,000 budget to choose their line-ups. The required positions to be filled for the line-ups are:
  • TOP
  • MID
  • JNG
  • ADC
  • SUP
  • FLEX(2)
  • TEAM

The Scoring Format at Draftkings

Each player and team will be scored for the kills, assists, deaths, creep kills, wins, Dragon, Baron etc in each contest. Here is the scoring breakdown for the players and teams:


  • 3 points for every kill
  • 2 points for every assists
  • 2 points for every 10 assists or Kills in a single game
  • -1 points for each death and 0.02 points for every creep kills


  • 1 points for Turrets
  • 2 points for Dragons
  • 3 points for Barons
  • The first blood will fetch 2 points
  • 2 points for every win
  • 2 points time bonus for every win under 30 minutes

Accumulated points scored by Teams and Players

  • A bonus of 20 points for every game that is not played by winning players that includes the total number of games played in the series.
  • The bonus is only awarded to those players that have stats in at least one of the games in the series.
  • A bonus of 15 points for every game that is not played by the winners (teams).

Play for Fun: Fantasy LCS for Fun by Riot Games

Fantasy LCS teaser imageThe 2016 Spring Split, Fantasy LCS will witness LCS fanatics joining a league comprising of 4, 6 or 8 people to have their very own ‘dream team’ that has EU LCS players and NA players. What can LCS Fantasy fans do in this season? Like the last season, fans will be drafting and managing their team and pro players.

> Surf to the Fantasy LCS website by Riot Games

> Find out about the Fantasy rule changes for the 2016 summer split

To ensure that their teams keep up with the tough competition in the league, and to make their teams victorious, they can boost their line-up each week in the league by trading and managing the pro players. It’s not all, fans will be able to fight a new rival each week and score performance based points. Before getting into the nitty-gritty details of how to draft and manage the dream team, here are the game rules for this season’s Fantasy LCS:

Game Rules

1.) League creation

  • Fans are free to come up with their own leagues comprising of 4, 6 or 8 squads.
  • To join their leagues, fans can invite their friends to play the league along with them by sending an invite link.
  • Drafting can only be done once the leagues are filled.
  • Even after the LCS start, fans can still create leagues. However those that were created after the LCS start will be awarded scores in the coming weeks.
  • The planned draft schedule can be communicated to the friends through the league message board.
  • One can join the league by clicking on the invite link sent by their friends. Once the link is clicked, they should name their team and wait for the league creator to start drafting his team.

2.) Drafting the teams

  • In team drafting, league creators and their rivals choose players in turns.
  • Fans will draft their teams by choosing players for the following categories:
  • Top (1)
  • Jungler (1)
  • Mid (1)
  • AD Carry (1)
  • Support (1)
  • An extra or flex player from any position
  • One team such as Fnatic etc.
  • Alternate players to play as subs for starters (3)
  • Each position can have up to 2 players.
  • The league creator need to pick the players in a minute and the picking order follows an alternating picking pattern where the pick order will be from the start to the finish and then from last to the first.

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3.) The format

RostersRosters Fantasy LCS Spring Split 2016

  • Every week, the starting line-up can be boosted for the roster. Roster is very critical as it decides the weekly win.
  • When any of the regional matches start, players from that region automatically get locked.
  • The roster for the  subsequent weeks will unlock when the NA LCS play on Saturday.
  • The estimates are accommodated and new pros are added for EU, on Tuesday- 12 PM (PST)-21:00 CET and for NA pros, it will be on Thursday, 12 PM (PST) – 21:00 CET.
  • There will be something known as ‘free agent pool’ which is a place for undrafted players. Such players can be traded by the league creators to add their players. But trading with free agent pool players will affect the subsequent roster that is unlocked.
  • In case of pros changing their positions, they will be eligible for Fantasy LCS in any category where they would have played 3 or more number of matches.
  • Players will have positional eligibility throughout the year.
  • However, such players are only counted when the team has fewer pros.

Team Management

  • The league creators can monitor their teams’ performance against their rivals and watch the tournament and keep a tab on the scores.
  • Following LCS closely will help the league creators to a keep a tab on the rising star pros, and their performances to help their teams.
  • After drafting the team, the league creator will bear the responsibility of the team victory.
  • League creators will have to plan and manage their teams to win and they will be responsible for competing with their rival teams.


  • Teams will earn performance based points every week.
  • There are no points earned by the alternates.
  • The game results and scores can be found updated live. Alternatively, fans can also follow- match-ups webpage.

Scores for players

  • Each kill fetches 2 points
  • Each death will result in -0.5 points
  • For every assist, they will get 1.5 points
  • Each creep kill will fetch 0.01 points
  • A triple kill is worth 2 points
  • Though it doesn’t count as a triple kill, a quadra kill will award 5 points
  • A penta kill while not counted as a quadra kill, will give 10 points
  • Onetime bonus of 2 points when a player gets 10 or more assists/kills

Scores for teams

  • Each win is worth 2 points
  • Each Baron Nashor’s kill will fetch 2 points
  • For every dragon killed teams will get 1 point
  • On earning the first blood teams will get 2 points
  • 1 point for every tower crushed
  • 2 points for those teams that win within 30 minutes.

4.) Rankings in the league

  • Every LCS week will witness a winning team that has scored the most with their starting line-up. And the teams with best scores and records will win the bragging rights at the end of the season.
  • Tiebreakers are:
  • The total number of wins (highest of all wins)
  • All of the ties (highest wins of all wins)
  • Total scores(highest of all wins)
  • Sum of the points against (highest of all wins)
  • Highest total kills
  • Total number of deaths (lowest of all wins)
  • Total number of minions (highest of all wins)

Now that rules are clearly laid out, the next step for consideration is drafting a team.  Fans should consider many factors before they could finalize their players and teams. Here are some pointers from the offseason:

  • Fresh and brand new teams – While there is nothing bad with the new lot of players, the new ones may prove to be too risky for the weekly wins. However, if the league creator wants to have ‘newbie’ on board, the best ways to draft the team is to include experienced players on the roster. For example, Origen (in the last split) and LCS teams of this season such as Renegades, G2 and NRG Esports have an interesting mix of new and experienced players.
  • For those who are looking for a total new team this season, Team vitality and Immortals may be the answer. Both the teams have active players who have been picked from other teams. There is an extensive roster when it comes to teams like Renegade and Splyce and hence, a good start can be in store for these two teams.
  • Somewhat – new teams – In the off season many LCS teams revamped their squads by dropping few good pros. There are some teams that have revamped with their own key players to create a buzz like TSM, H2K and Fnatic. Fans willing to aim for these teams need to start drafting their teams as early as possible. And there are other teams that restructured like Team Impulse, Unicorns of Love, Team Dignitas, Team ROCCAT and Elements. These teams or somewhat risky to bet on but there are chances of a strong start with their sleeper players.
  • Teams that have not changed- Origen, Cloud9, CLG, and Giants Gaming along with Team Liquid have had the lowest or no changes in their structure. And these teams are expected to get a lot of attention by the league creators in this season as these teams are safer and can assure weekly wins for the league creators.

LCS Fantasy Drafting Guide

  • What can possibly work?
  • Winning is not always about picking the best player(s), when looked back, in the last season Froggen-acclaimed top mid laner for EU could not perform consistently.
  • Ideal player(s) should perform consistently. ‘Consistency’ is the key for high number of kills and assists and hence, more points.
  • Aggressive players who hunt for kills can do wonders for the weekly score card of the team. On the other hand players who play safe may not amass scores for the teams.
  • Bonus points can take the total score of the team much higher than the others and set a difficult target to beat for other players and teams. So, players who can go after multi-kills can bring in bonus are good for the total score card. Eg: Pentakills can fetch 20 points.
  • Active players can benefit the teams more than the passive players who farm and play safe.
  • Teams and players
  • ADC is the team of the season as many people are predicting big wins for ADCs thanks to their top spots in the last season. ADC can be the safest and wisest pick for the fantasy team.
  • Niels is favoured as one of the top players this season mainly due to his second half performance in the last split. Another hot favorite is Origen for the consistent performance.
  • Rush is another player to consider as in the last season he was the only non-ADC jungler, who had performed consistently better. Though considered slow, Cloud9 is also preferred for their skills.
  • When it comes to aggressive play, no one can forget Huni and WildTurtle. Though they lost some games they fought hard and well in the last season.
  • Good players from the last season cannot be ignored and Doublelift played amazingly in the last split and he was the number 1 fantasy player, and Yellow star and TSM look promising too.
  • Aside from aggressive and top ranked players, Forg1ven is another interesting choice for the draft pick as in the last season he has shown an ability to be resilient. H2K and Forg1ven are sure to go great guns by February.

What may not work?

  • A team that performs well in the first week may not do so in the subsequent weeks which can take a hit on the total score card. So, it is extremely important to not slump and improve the player line-up as and when needed.
  • Passive play
  • As for as possible, league creators should avoid their team competing against each other by substituting the players out.

Teams and Players

  • Just going by his positional strength, Febiven may not be the best choice for the draft pick. Though he is one of the best mid laners, his position is not that important in the initial drafting process. Mid laners score less than the other positions and the difference is almost 10 points!
  • One of the most popular players, Alex Ich may not be the best choice in the initial stages of drafting. There are two concerns when it comes to picking him early in the draft the first, he is expensive thanks to his popularity and the second , his numbers weren’t great in the last split.
  • Kobbo, Kiwkid- These two are good players especially, in the last split however, more experience is required for them to become the first draft pick.
  • One of the popular players –Aphromoo, may be the star supp of the last split but if he should be considered for the initial draft, as early as possible is better to get him on board. He could be a better pick for a sleeper pro.

Best picks for later into the draft

One cannot expect the sleeper pros to exceed expectations especially, later into the draft. Some of the wildcards can actually prove to be beneficial for the draft.

  • The not so hyped players like Hjarnan and Impact can actually be great choices considering their consistent performance in the last split. When it comes to teams, Team Vitality is one of the interesting picks as it is a new team but has experienced pros.
  • POE is another star who is expected to perform and shine in this season. Adrian from Team Impact was another favorite in the last split known for the assists. He is expected to perform similarly and better in this season.
  • Diamondprox is a dark horse with an ability to succeed by finding new talent. He is also a better pick for later as UOL is considered an underdog yet.
  • Who can forget Balls at the last IEM Cologne! He is one of the most motivated players who try to improve with every game. He is not one of the hot favorite players in this season due to his last performance before the worlds, but he is affordable and he is keen on improving.

The registrations for Fantasy LCS are already on and fans can join others to create drafts and roster their players and teams to play in this spring split, fantasy LCS.

Teams to look out for

First few weeks are very crucial to secure the top spot to bag the cash prize in the 2016 Fantasy LCS. And getting an amazing team on board to beat the rivals is logical. Here are some of the best picks for NA LCS and EU LCS:



Immortals are passionate fighters with an interesting roster and line-up; they can potential hit home run in this season. Cloud9 is another team to vouch for as they are stable and did not restructure their roster like others did. Rush can bring some more luck to C9. Team Solomid also looks interesting for the best team pick in this season.

Origen – Talk about dominance! The mid lane has been upgraded but the remaining structure is not and it was a good move by the team.H2K is brimming with fresh talent and though they might struggle with coordination, the players will certainly rakes in the moolah thanks to the rawness of the fresh talent on board. Rekkles and Febiven can bring some gold to the Fnatic, making it one of most desired team of the season.

Possible best teams for fighting against

There are some teams that are thought to be predictable this season and are not expected to rake in big fantasy points, these teams are:


  • Team Dignitas
  • Team Impulse


  • Elements
  • Team Roccat

Team Impulse has not put an impressive roster for them to hit big and they might struggle to win big points this season. Team Dignitas also has a bad roster that might cost them the series. The same goes for Elements as they struggled to sell their LCS spot. However Team Roccat may try to perform as they are trying to improve and step up their game.

Star players to watch


  • Rush
  • Hai
  • Sneaky
  • Aphromoo
  • Darshan
  • Huhi
  • Froggen
  • Huni
  • WildTurtle
  • Adrian
  • Kirei
  • Gate
  • Pirean


  • Febiven
  • Rekkles
  • Spirit
  • MrRallez
  • Steve
  • Hjarnan
  • Kasing
  • Vizicsacsi
  • Diamond
  • Kobbe
  • Forgiven
  • Ryu
  • Jankos

Roster changes

Fantasy LCS Spring Split 2016 Players2016 Fantasy season may be impacted by some of the roster changes made by the teams to ramp up their structure. Players keen on a fantastic line-up may need to note some points about the roster changes and the impact that they can have on the league.

  • Though TSM is looking good with the brand new roster they still play safe and are somewhat passive, and players who want to consider them for line-ups may need to rethink as TSM may struggle to score points.
  • C9 known for stability also has an interesting change in their roster in the form of the aggro playing in the JNG position. Aggressive play will certainly fetch more fantasy points.
  • The season’s favorite- H2K may bring in some points due to their core strength and play style.
  • Many people underestimate Fnatic due to their last split scores that were limited, but they are not down yet as they are expected to fight back with more aggression even though their new roster is slightly off when it comes to coordination.

The Schedule for the Spring Split

  • NA LCS- Saturday, January 16, 2016 -Sunday, January 17, 2016
  • EU LCS- Thursday, January 21, 2016- Friday, January 22, 2016
  • All the games can be viewed on Riot’s official page

Fantasy LCS with or without cash prize is going to rock this spring split and with so many changes and restructuring, fans, players and teams will be in for a tough fight and a challenging Fantasy LCS series. Good luck to all the players and teams!

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