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    VBet overview

    VBet Logo Who doesn’t like a good match of CSGO or a massive teamfight in Dota 2? These games are but a small part of Esports; one of the fastest growing sports in the world right now. People have been sceptical, unsupportive, and overall weary of Esports and what it represents but all we see is dedication, skill, a drive for success, and people making their dreams come true. And thanks to the organizational structure for the competitive scene in each of these games, Esports has reached new heights. Nowadays, we have highly-prestigious tournaments such as The International from Dota 2, Worlds in League of Legends, plenty of IEM and ESL tournaments in CSGO, and many others. This hasn’t come overnight. It took loads of effort and motivation to achieve this level of success. Esports betting is also a large part of the sport today. It might not have been large as it is now just a couple of years ago, but you can easily enjoy Esports betting as a hobby nowadays. The only issue is, you need to find reputable and respected bookies. Because of this, we’ve decided to help you out and provide another Esports bookmaker review. In this one, we’ll be talking about VBet. So, how good is betting at VBet? Let’s take a look in our Esports bookmaker review!  Vbet Banner

    Available games

    VBet isn’t an absolute leader in the market in terms of the games they offer in regards to betting but their selection is still impressive. And besides, there are around 6 main games that are featured in Esports tournaments so anything other than that is a bonus. Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning them simply because, well, this is a detailed overview. Jokes aside, here’s the games you can find on the site: Dota 2, CSGO, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, Starcraft II, Overwatch, Rocket League, and Rainbow 6. Some great tournaments are popping up and VBet does a great job covering all the major Esports competitive scene players. Still, it does leave something to be desired when you take other bookies’ game selections into account.  

    Types of bet

    Compared to the available games and VBet’s slight lack thereof, it shines when it comes to betting types. Having only Team X/Team Y win betting types or your usual outrights can get pretty bland. Some people search for more exciting and fresh betting options and VBet is absolutely amazing in this regard. Take Dota 2 for example – here's what you can bet on: Largest Multi Kill, First Blood Before X Time, Mega Creeps Yes/No, First Roshan Slay, First Tower Destroyed, First Barracks Destroyed, Appearance of GODLIKE Streak, Courier Kill, etc. And we’re not even listing all of them. This is true for all Esports games on VBet’s site; plenty of betting options to go around. There’s also something called the express bonus that increases when you bet on multiple games/matches. For example, you get a 50% bonus on your potential winnings if you bet in 21 events or more. Amazing stuff for a smaller Esports bookmaker!  

    eSport Odds

    VBet bets are actually pretty good. Even though they’re a relatively small bookmaker, they’ve done a great job preparing the bets and determine what the best odds are. If you want to enjoy betting on Esports and winning some cash, VBet is a great start. Trusted, plentiful, and correct. Our type of Esports bookie! Vbet Betting

    Welcome Bonus

    VBet is a strong contender in the world of Esports betting and with good reason so let’s talk about their welcome bonus! By registering, you can get a 100% welcome bonus up to 25 Pound Sterling. Great for those who don’t want to bet too much but just a little. In any case, it’s good seeing an Esports bookie do well and actually offer a welcome bonus. Sure, most bookmakers do this, but not all the time. VBet tries to keep it active whenever possible. But the welcome bonus isn’t everything and even some better bonuses were held by terrible bookies. However, VBet is nothing like those and actually serves its purpose pretty well.  

    Available Payments

    VBet features 7 main payment methods that can be found all around the Internet. They support some of the most popular ones such as Skrill, but overall, the number is not pretty high. They can definitely do a better job with the payment methods. Still, 11 payment options is no joke. Here’s what they are: Mastercard, VISA, Skrill, NetellerecoPayzSafeChargeMuchBetter, AstroPay, Moneta, Yandex, and DotPay. If you use any of these payment methods, VBet will be a great place for you.

    Customer support

    The customer support over at VBet does do their job pretty well. We fabricated an issue on the site and saw how quickly the support team can resolve it. This was done quickly and everything returned to normal after they jumped in. With that said though, it’s worth mentioning that you can only contact them through E-mail (or writing a message and waiting for a response). Again, not a critical issue, but something that could definitely make the website better if improved. live chat window vbet
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