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    eSports at fansport

    Every once in a while, an Esports bookmaker pops up that ends up being a pleasant surprise. We all know how huge Esports has gotten over the years so it’s no surprise that it is tedious finding the perfect Esports bookie. For example, everyone has gotten a hold of CSGO betting due to how competitive and explosive the scene is right now (apart from Astralis who’s just dominating everyone like it’s nothing).

    In any case, this search process is what sometimes pulls people away from Esports betting completely. Say they find a bookie that seems great on the surface but is actually terrible. They’ll go through a bad experience and will associate it with all other bookies or Esports betting in general.

    When starting out, all Esports betting enthusiasts should have a positive experience and feel good about themselves. And that’s where FanSport comes in!

    Overall, FanSport is a great Esports bookie but it would be an injustice to them not to mention every one of these good parts in more detail. So, with that said, why don’t we start our in-depth Esports bookie review of FanSport? fansport logo

    Available games

    FanSport hosts a wide variety of accepted Esports games that support Esports betting. LoL betting or Dota 2 betting – both are accepted.

    Some other games that can be bet on at the site are CSGO, FIFA, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Starcraft Broodwar, Starcraft IIand two surprising entries – World of Warcraft and Artifact! 

    The last two games mentioned are incredibly rare to find on Esports betting sites as there aren’t many tournaments but FanSport is different.

    Speaking of WoW and Artifact, it’s time we talk about the available betting options at FanSport!

    Types of bet

    FanSport has plentiful betting options on the site and you’ll more than likely have a great time betting there.

    You’ve got the usual Team 1 or Team 2 betting options (bet on one that you think will win), but there are game-specific ones like ‘Team 1 win and Draw’, ‘Team 1 and Team 2 win’, and the like. These have lower odds because of the higher possibility of winning but are mostly reserved for FIFA (since teams can draw against each other).

    Now for the fun part – World of Warcraft. You might be wondering what exactly can you bet on concerning WoW since it’s an Online RPG that doesn’t exactly host tournaments. Well, here’s the deal. The first Guild to defeat Mythic Jaina Proudmoore wins! And that’s exactly what you can bet on – one guild out of multiple (right now there are 7).

    Regarding Artifact, you bet on the player that you think will win (quite simple, no?)

    fansport betting Example of the betting options at FanSport

    eSport Odds

    Even with such a large assortment of games and tournaments, FanSport does a great job at determining the perfect betting odds. This can be seen with almost any game and any tournament.

    FanSport wants to be one of the best Esports bookies in the world which is why they didn’t skim out on the odds. Plus, when it comes to FIFA, it takes a lot of research and know-how to prepare the bets. Given FanSport’s dedication to creating a positive betting experience – it's no wonder that their bets are reliable as well.

    Welcome Bonus

    FanSport isn’t as well-known as some of the giants of the industry but this doesn’t mean they’re doing their job any worse than them.

    Evidence of this can be found easily: FanSport will give you a 100% Bonus on your first deposit (up to 100 eur). This should be enough to help you get started with Esports betting (if that’s your forte). On top of that, FanSport offers a couple of other promotions and bonuses such as the Accumulator of the Day (but this is usually for real life sports and only rarely do Esports get featured on it).

    fansport bonus

    Available Payments

    FanSport has gone to great lengths to enable swift and precise execution of payment (whether it is withdrawal or deposit) for all Esports betting enthusiasts. This was done as a way of preventing the possibility of issues with depositing/withdrawing as some people use less popular payment methods.

    Some of the available ones on FanSport include but are not limited to:

    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Qiwi
    • Skrill
    • EcoPayz
    • Neteller
    • Self-Service Terminals
    • AstroPay
    • Neosurf
    • And lots of Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, ZCash, Ethereum, etc.)

    In total, there are 35 accepted payment methods on the site!

    Customer support

    If you were to encounter some problems while betting, you’d want a quick and professional response from the support team. This is what FanSport offers as well.

    In the case of issues, you’ll be able to contact them through ‘Online Help’ which resembles live chat but is actually a ticket submitting form. Additionally, you can contact them through E-mail or phone, depending on where you live (Ukraine or International, there are options for both).

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