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Smite LogoSmite is a free to play online battle arena game published by Hi-Rez Studio. In 2015 the prize pool of the Smite World Championship exceed 2.5 million dollar mark, which is quit impresive as the game was released in March 2014 for PC. Unlike other Moba’s Smite is showing the game from a third person view. If you want to get a feel how Smite looks take a look at the Gameplay Video below.

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At the moment there is only one eSports betting Sites that is offering lines and odds for competitive matches of Smite: egamingbets. This is no wonder, as Smite is quit new compared to the likes of Dota or League of Legends and there are no real competitive leagues. Egamingbets introduced betting lines for the first World Championship of Smite which was running from January 7th until January 9th 2015. You can find out more about esports bookmaker egamingbets in our review or on their website. You can find out more about the Smite World Championship on the eSports website of publisher In 2016 Bet365 has added betting on smite to their online betting markets.

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SMITE – Masters

Start Team 1 Odds Team 2 Odds
04/29/2017 16:00 Obey Alliance 1.22 Team Rival 4.00
04/29/2017 18:30 Team Dignitas 1.50 Team Eager 2.50

Start Times shown in: GMT or GMT +1 during Summer Time
The Smite Betting Odds are presented by Bet365. Read more about esports betting at Bet365

Smite World Championship Live Stream

You can watch the livestream of the Smite Worl Championship on Twitch or right here on our website. Just click play to start the Stream and have fun with the matches.

Smite Gameplay Video

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