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Logo of the LCS Season 2014 | Season 4The LCS is the pro league in competitive League of Legends gaming. In early 2014 the LCS is starting season 4 with 8 pro teams in each of the two regions. The two regions in the professional LoL league are North America (NA) and Europe (EU). The teams are not only fighting for a lot of prize money but also for a spot in the League of Legends World Championship 2014. Each season of the LCS is divided into 2 splits: The Spring Split and the Summer Split. In every split each team will take on the other 7 teams in their league 4 times which makes a total of 28 matches for every team in the LCS.

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Upcoming Matches:

Europe (EU):
04/10 – 04/11: LCS EU Challenger Series – Spring Playoffs
04/15 – 04/17: LCS EU Spring Playoffs -Preview
North America (NA):
04/12 – 04/13: LCS NA Challengers- Spring Playoffs
04/18 – 04/20: LCS NA Spring Playoffs – Preview
LCS News:

LCS Season 2014 | LCS 4 facts

  • 2 regions: LCS EU and LCS NA
  • 8 teams per region
  • Round Robin x4 per split
  • Total of 28 matches per team each split
  • Total matches per split: 112
  • All matches will be streamed live
  • Bets and odds for all matches available
  • 11 weeks in Spring Split
  • Spring Split NA: 01.17.2013 until 04.06.2012
  • Spring Split EU: 01.14.2013 until 04.03.2013
  • 3 superweeks (Week 1, Week 8, Week 11)
  • Spring Split Playoff Winners go to LoL All-Star 2014
  • 12 weeks in Summer Split
  • Summer Split EU: 05.23.2014 until 08.10.2014
  • Summer Split NA: 05.20.2014 until 08.07.2014
  • Top teams after both splits get a spot in the LoL Worlds 2014
  • Hashtag: #LCS

Teams LCS S4 NA Spring Split

The following 8 teams have qualified for the Spring Split of the North American LoL Pro-League:


–> Get to know the teams in the NA LCS Spring Split <–

  • XDG Gaming (formerly Team Vulcun)
  • Team Dignitas (TD)
  • Counter Logic Gaming (CLG)
  • Team SoloMid (TSM)
  • Cloud 9 (C9)
  • Evil Geniuses (moved from EU to NA in Season 4)
  • Team Coast
  • Curse

Standings NA (Spring Split 2014 Final Standings)

Position Team Matches Played Wins Losses
1 Cloud 9 28 24 4
2 Team Solomid 28 22 6
3 CLG 28 18 10
4 Team Dignitas 28 12 16
5 Curse 28 11 17
6 Team Coast 28 10 18
7 Evil Geniuses 28 8 20
8 XDG 28 7 21

Teams LCS S4 EU Spring Split

The following 8 teams have qualified for the Spring Split of the European LoL Pro-League


–> Get to know the teams in the EU LCS Spring Split <–

  • Fnatic (FNC)
  • Gambit Gaming (GMB)
  • Alliance (ALL) (taken slot of Evil Geniuses who moved to NA)
  • Supa Hot Crew XD (SHC)
  • SK Gaming (SK)
  • Copenhagen Wolves (CW)

Standings EU (final Standings Spring Split 2014)

Position Team Matches Played Wins Losses
1 SK Gaming 28 18 10
2 Fnatic 28 17 11
3 Alliance 28 16 12
4 ROCCAT 28 15 13
5 Gambit Gaming 28 14 14
6 Copenhagen Wolves 28 13 14
7 Supa Hot Crew 28 10 18
8 Millenium 28 9 19

Top 5 teams start in the Spring Playoffs 2014.

Season 4 Schedule and Livestream

The official live stream of the LCS matches will start one hour before the cast begins with the match previews. All matches of Season 4 will be cast in English. The games in Europe are streamed from the new ESL Arena in Cologne (Germany). This year the League of Legends Pro-League has 11 weeks in the Spring Split.

This is the schedule for the “normal” weeks (execpt superweek) in the LCS Season 2014:

Match days LCS EU (Europe)

  • Thursday: 10:00AM PST | 19:00 CET
  • Friday: 10:00AM PST | 19:00 CET

Match days LCS NA (North America)

  • Saturday: 12:00PM PST | 21:00 CET
  • Sunday: 12:00PM PST | 21:00 CET

Super week and Playoffs Schedule:

There are 3 Super Weeks during LCS Spring Split 2014: Week 1, Week 8 and Week 11. During super week each team has to play more games and match days change:

Super week schedule EU: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Super week schedule NA: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Playoffs and Relegation

After the end of each split the top 6 teams advance to the Playoffs. The last 2 teams of each split along with the last team of the playoffs have to face relegation against the top 3 LCS Challenger Teams.

Vods (Video on Demand)

All live matches of the League of Legends  LCS are not only streamed live but are also available als VOD (Video on Demand) on Youtube, Twitch and the offical Site If you have missed a certain match you can watch the game at any time you like. Twitch even offers it’s viewers to watch the live games with delay. You can find all LCS Vods of Season 4 here:

Official LCS Website

LCS Live Stream

All matches of season 4 of the LCS will be streamed live on the official League website and on youtube and twitch. You can watch the livestream here on our website as well. In the current season live streams are available in the following languages:

Other Live Stream Languages

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