Shadowverse Esports Betting Guide

Shadowverse is a strategic card game developed by Cygames. It features magnificent art and animations with fully voiced cards. Thousands of Shadowverse battles take place every day, and the game offers multiple ways to play. This guide will cover all you need to know about this game and where you can play it.

The Best Shdowverse Betting Sites in 2022

  1. GG.Bet
  2. bet365
  3. Loot.Bet
  4. Rivalry
  5. BetDSI
  6. Pinnacle
  7. Vulkanbet
  8. Arcanebet
  9. Bethard
  10. Thunderpick

What is Shadowverse?

Shadowverse is a digital collectible card game developed by Cygames, the creators of Dragalia Lost and GranBlue Fantasy. It was first released in October 2016 and has since gained popularity among fans of esports games. If you have played Hearthstone, you will notice some similarities; however, Shadowverse is a great option if you are looking for a highly customizable gameplay experience. The game also features thought-provoking challenges.

Shadowverse has a single-player story mode and free card packs for new players, making it beginner-friendly. Unlike other card games, the Battles are balanced with less RNG, making them more fun and engaging.

Shadowverse Betting Markets

Shadowverse is not as popular as renowned esports games such as Dota 2, LoL, and Fortnite. Hence, there are only a few Shadowverse betting markets, but as the game gains popularity, more esports betting sites will likely introduce unique markets. The available Shadowverse betting markets include;

Match Winner

Bet on who will win individual matches such as Shadowverse Open (SEAO Region) and Shadowverse Open (WEST Region).

Tournament Winner

Bet on the winner of major tournaments such as World Qualifier Tournaments, including Shadowverse Open West and Shadowverse Open SEAO.

Tournament Finalist

Bet on which player will be the champion of the Shadowverse World Grand Prix.

Shadowverse Gameplay

While it might seem complicated at first, the gameplay gets easier with time.

Step 1: The matches are set between two players who take turn playing the cards on their deck. Every player has a leader with 20 defense, and you start off with a hand of three cards.

Step 2: If you go first, you will have two evolution points, and your opponent will go in second, and he will have three evolution points. This means that he can evolve one turn earlier, and he has the advantage of drawing an extra card when you make your first turn.

Step 3: To play the cards, both players use the Play Point resource, which is refilled at the start of each player’s turn. They start at 1 point and increase to a maximum of 10.

Step 4: Your aim is to reduce your opponent’s defense to zero or get a win by obtaining cards such as the Victory card or an Enstatued Seraph.

Types of Shadowverse Cards

Shadowverse has three types of cards;


These attack and reduce the leader’s life points. Dawn’s Splendor is an example of a follower.

The green number on the upper left indicates the cost of the card. The blue number on the bottom left shows the follower’s power. When it attacks another follower or the enemy leader, this is how much damage it can deal. The red number on the bottom right indicates health. Any damage on the follower is deducted from this number, and if it reaches 0, the follower will be destroyed.


They cannot attack or be attacked. Instead, they provide support for followers.

Fount of Angels is an example of an Amulet. These cards only have their cost in the upper left corner. They have a static effect, and as such, they cannot attack or be attacked. However, when destroyed, they can summon a follower. In most cases, they usually have a countdown which only allows them to last a few turns before killing themselves.


Spells activate to perform a special effect.

Spell cards usually have their cost in the upper left, and these only have a one-time effect, such as drawing a card or dealing damage.

How to Build a Shadowverse Deck Collection

As a beginner, building a deck can be quite challenging, mostly because you don’t have many cards and have yet to figure out what you like. However, you can start by playing the Story Mode, where you can get more card packs. You also get to understand how each class works and gives an outline of the basic gameplay.

When starting out, solo missions are preferable since multiplayer can be challenging. You also get to earn extra rupees, which you can use to get better cards. When building a deck, consider choosing a certain theme that will ensure that your deck works. Most beginners prefer creating a Rotation deck as it has a lower learning curve. However, this deck can be relatively expensive since most rotation decks require buying several legendaries.

The Unlimited deck is cheaper, and it has a high power level. Taking an example of the Spellboost Runecraft in Unlimited, with this, you only need three legendary cards.

How to Craft Cards

You can craft cards either through gems or vials. You obtain gems by completing missions, and thereafter you can trade them for any legendary card in rotation. However, such cards are only temporary and can only last a certain period. However, they function just like regular cards.

On the other hand, you can obtain vials from liquefying cards or from missions. The rarity of a card determined how many vials you get from liquefying it and how many vials it requires to craft. Ideally, you will get fewer vials from liquefying than what it would cost to craft the card. Hence, when you decide to get rid of a card, be sure you will not need it. The basic cards are always available, and you don’t need to craft them.

Shadowverse Classes

After creating your deck, you are ready for matches. As earlier mentioned, Shadowverse has heavily invested in customizable gameplay, and as such, players have access to 8 different deck strategy classes. These classes include;

Forestcraft: With this class, you get to build strategies that summon several low-cost Fairly cards, which will come in handy to assist higher-cost followers in activating special abilities. With this deck, aim to evolve your points on Rose Gardener or Elven Princess Mage. As an up-tempo deck, you should focus on pressuring your opponent in early turns.

Swordcraft: This class revolves around ‘commander and officer’ followers, where commanders strengthen office followers. The deck is very aggressive, and you should use it to attack your opponent. If you can manage to evolve your cards to Floral Fencer, you will have a stronger deck. Always aim to strike your opponent’s leader, and Sage Commander will help you complete the match.

Runecraft: This class helps with the execution of spell cards, and as a result, gain ‘spellboost’ augments on your other cards. Thus, it can lower the cost of a card or strengthen it. However, the deck is quite hard to play for a beginner without Dimension Shift. The aim is to control the number of enemy followers in play, and the Lightning Shooter will come in handy in helping you kill the high-defense enemy followers and still have your followers in play.

Dragoncraft: This class helps accumulate play points which enables you to gain powerful dragon followers. This also features an ‘Overflow’ mechanics, which, when activated, awards special effects to your cards when you attain 7 play points. However, this deck is quite expensive compared to other starter decks. Nevertheless, you can replace Polyphonic Roar with a cheaper card. You can also exchange your free card with Prince of Darkness.

Shadowcraft: In this class, players obtain ‘shadows’ when a follower is destroyed or when a card is played. With these shadows, you can undertake Necromancy, which will help strengthen your cards or gain special abilities. This deck is also known for having many spells. The idea is to do much damage during the early turns and aim to evolve Playful Necromancer. This will come in handy in helping the Cursed Soldier seal the deal for you.

Bloodcraft: In this call, the ‘Vengeance’ mechanic is activated when your play points drop to 10 or less. When this mode is activated, your cards and followers attain more power and special abilities. You can play several cards during the early turns; however, you will have more advantage in the mid turns since you will be able to use the Storm followers if you have activated Vengeance. Gluttonous Gorger is the best follower to evolve with active Vengeance

Havencraft: This class uses amulet cards that have a ‘Countdown’ to undertake various commands such as summoning followers or boosting your life points. It is also a great deck when you have all the right cards at the right time. To make the most of this class, it is always advisable to play Sacred Plea earlier and aim to evolve your points on Priest of the Cudgel. Then summon Prism Priestess to get the Countdown amulets.

Portalcraft: The class uses a ‘Resonance’ mechanic, activated when you have an even number of cards in your deck. This mechanic comes in handy to boost the strength of cards.

Is Shadowverse Better than Hearthstone?

Shadowverse has been compared favorably to Hearthstone, with most players preferring Shadowverse. Ideally, Shadowverse has a wide variety of archetypes than Hearthstone, and the classes are well defined and designed. The game interface remains the same when playing on pc or mobile, accommodating a wider range of players.

Unlike Hearthstone, Shadowverse offers a casual experience where there are fewer RNG effects, and since they are always expanding their card collection, the builds feel less reliant on luck and more on tight deck building.

Shadowverse is also beginner-friendly, and with regular play, you can easily build a tier 1 deck. The developer is also quite giving in terms of card packs which is a welcome to new players.

Shadowverse Esports Tournaments

Cygames have several tournaments that they host, with the recent ones being;

RAGE Shadowverse 2021 Spring GRAND Finals

The match was Held on 31st March 2021 in Tokyo. Yama ranked position while iDeal|sitaue came in second.

RAGE Shadowverse 2021 Summer GRAND Finals

The tournament was held on 13th June 2021 in Tokyo. Kendama was crowned the champion and Shimon was the runner-up.

RAGE Shadowverse 2020 Winter GRAND Finals

Held on 20th December 2020 in Tokyo where Gale was crowned the champion and Pakorin came in second.

Shadowverse Open 2021

This is a competitive Shadowverse league with Monthly Cups. The competing teams are from WEST (Europe and America) and SEAO (Southeast Asia and Oceania). Top performers in the Monthly Cups qualify for the World Grand Prix in Japan.

Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2021

This is the ultimate Shadowverse tournament, and this year, it will be held in November and December. Up to 48 players from around the world will be competing for a share of the 280,000,000 JPY total prize pool.

Shadowverse Previous Winners

Since its release in 2016, Shadowverse has had many winners of both minor and major tournaments.

Year Tournament Winners
2021 RAGE Shadowverse 2021 Summer Kendama- 1st position
Shimon -2nd position
2021 RAGE Shadowverse 2021 Spring Mountain- 1st position
iDeal- 2nd position
2020 RAGE Shadowverse 2020 Winter Grand Finals Gale- 1st position
Pakorin- 2nd position
2019 Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2019 Sasamumu- 1st position
Jupi- 2nd position
2018 Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2018 Feg- 1st position
Potwasher- 2nd position
2017 Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2017 Kou-cha- 1st position
Akamarured- 2nd position

Shadowverse Glossary

Accelerate: When you don’t have enough play points to play a card, you can play it as a spell instead of its Acceleration cost.

Ambush: Such a follower cannot be attacked by the enemy’s followers or speels. However, the ambush effect is lost when they attack.

Bane: This follower automatically destroys any other follower they attack.

Crystal: This is a paid form of currency where you use real money to buy something you need, such as a pre-built deck or limited leaders.

Rupies: This is the main currency in the game used to buy leader skin and card packs.

Tickets: The two tickets in the game include Arena Tickets and Card Pack Tickets. The Arena Tickets are used to join arena matches, and Card Pack Tickets are used to buy card packs rather than using rupies.

Vials: This is another form of currency in the game which allows you to create cards that you don’t have; it can also be used to trade with seer globe.

Shadowverse Betting FAQs

Which is the best esports betting site for Shadowvers?

Top recommendable Shadowverse esports betting sites include GG.Bet, bet365, Loot.Bet, and Rivalry.

Can I place in-play bets on Shadowverse?

Not always. Few esports betting sites offer shadowverse live betting markets. These markets are mostly available during a major event, and you can always find the best odds for in-play betting opportunities.

Can I watch Shadowverse events and tournaments?

Absolutely! You can stream the live events on Twitch or on their youtube channel.

Is it legal to bet on Shadowverse?

Yes. Betting on Shadowverse is legal as long as you bet on licensed and regulated esports betting sites. We have provided you with a list of safe and legal Shadowverse esports betting sites.

Can I play Shadowverse on Mobile?

Absolutely! This is one of the best mobile esports games that run seamlessly on multiple mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS operating systems.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

Shadowverse features impressive mechanics and aesthetic presentation. The gameplay is fun and engaging but requires solid strategizing. Unlike other card games such as Hearthstone, with Shadowverse, you are able to customize your playstyle. Among the Shadowverse esports betting markets available include Match Winners, Tournament Winner, and Tournament Finalist. You can bet on these markets at GG.Bet, Pinnacle, Vulkanbet, and Rivalry. You can try out other recommendable esports games that are not card-related, such as King of Glory, Rocket League, and Fifa.

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