ESL to Host Maiden Fortnite Tournament at IEM Katowice 2019

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Since its inception to present day, Fortnite has experienced unprecedented growth. The game is still receiving thousands of new players and the increasing amount of free content is what’s keeping them. Because of all this (and Epic Games’ insane ambitions and dreams), Fortnite is set to make an appearance in Esports very soon. 

In this instance, we’re talking about IEM Katowice 2019. Most of you’ve already heard about IEM Katowice but this is the first time Fortnite is represented alongside some giant Esports titles. This Fortnite tournament 2019 also comes with an impressive prize pool. $600,000 is up for grabs and 200 of the worlds’ best players and influencers will participate. Here’s what Epic Games’ Esports manager, Rob Hodson, had to say.  

“Partnering with ESL for IEM Katowice gives us the possibility to showcase some of these great international players and competitors”. He added, “Fortnite is a global game. Wherever you look there are amazing, passionate players that are driven to success”. All of this tells us that the Fortnite tournament 2019 at IEM Katowice is going to be amazing, even though it’s the first major one! 

Fortnite Tournament 2019 IEM Katowice Details

The Intel Extreme Masters Katowice is the flagship event coming from ESL. Mention IEM Katowice to any Esports fan and they’ll instantly know what you’re talking about. However, this Fortnite tournament is a bit special. 

For starters, the tournament has two stages

  • Stage 1 – Poland: This stage lasts from the 23rd of February to the 24th. During this period, only the top 100 Polish players and influencers will head out to the battlegrounds. This is due to Katowice being in Poland and it’s an ode to the country. This part of the Fortnite tournament 2019 will have $100,000 of the $600,000 as prize pool. This leaves $500,000 for the second stage. 
  • Stage 2 – International: The second stage of the IEM Katowice 2019 Fortnite tournament will last from 1st to 3rd March. The prize pool will be, as mentioned above, $500,000. This stage is dedicated to all the players from all around the world! 

The great part about all of this is that there will be live streams so you’ll be able to witness history being made! Isn’t that a fun thought?  

However, the past part is this: If you are at the event in person, there is a chance you’ll be invited to play Fortnite on scene and potentially win prizes too! Seems as though Epic Games is taking a huge step forward in the Esports world! 

Which Players are Taking Part?

The full sign-up list hasn’t yet been fulfilled completely but a couple of names are already known. And oh boy, does it look interesting! 

Here they are: 

  • 72hrs – Chap 
  • 7ssk7 – Jamside 
  • Bizzle – Dmo 
  • Boyerxd – Crippa 
  • Domentos – Fwexy 
  • Hoopek – Sk1x 
  • Issa – Kamo 
  • Kinstaar – Hunter 
  • Magin – Juganza 
  • Mirwana – Inclyde 
  • Mitr0 – Khuna 
  • Motor – ErycTriceps 
  • Nate Hill – FunkBomb 
  • RazZzero0o – x8 
  • Saf – Zayt 
  • Sak0ner – Skram 
  • Skite – Vato 
  • Taiovsky – Nero 
  • Teeqzy – Mushway 
  • Tfue – Cloak 
  • TheVic – Blaxou 
  • Vivid – Poach 
  • ZexRow – Vinny1x 

Pretty stacked even now!

It is important to note that this is just the tip of the iceberg. More famous and popular players and participants are yet to be announced, as well as some other details about the tournament. This information will slowly be coming out in the following weeks and we will keep updating this article in due course.  

The Fortnite tournament 2019 at IEM Katowice is going to be a blast; but in the case you want to watch some more action, jump in a CSGO stream! IEM Katowice 2019 also features an amazing $1 million CSGO Major Tournament/Championship! 

To end this article, here are a couple of words from Sebastian Weishaar, the ESL chief product officer.  

“Fans from all around the world know about the IEM Katowice event and featuring Fortnite, which is one of the biggest games right now, is a great step forward for the fans.” 

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