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Fortnite is slowly becoming one of the largest games in the world in terms of player count. We’ve already heard news of soccer players underperforming due to playing Fortnite, but what about the game itself and the competitive scene?

Well, today we’ll be talking about DreamHack Sevilla 2018. This tournament is the end-of-year special for Fortnite. This is a game that hasn’t been around for too long and there are already fully-fledged tournaments for the teams! The event will be held in Sevilla, Spain and will feature 80 players going head to head for a chance at glory. It’s also not surprising that Esports betting people are interested in this tournament; Epic Games has made a huge effort in providing the professionals with enough competitive events – and more is to come.

Anyway, here’s what we know about the tournament so far:

Fortnite Dreamhack Sevilla 2018 | Facts

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Tournament Format

What better way to distribute the teams evenly than to use this format! First off, we’ll have 4 massive groups with 20 teams each. That’s a lot of gameplay! But, even though it sounds like a lot, it really isn’t. Once the games start going, players will be dropping one by one until one team remains! And there are 3 shots for the teams to make a difference.

After that, we come to the bracket stage. There are going to be 2 brackets; each with 20 teams. Again, the teams will have 3 chances to do the best they can. The 20 best teams (10 from each bracket) advance to the finals.

The finals will be played in 4 games. The team that comes out with the most points wins DreamHack Sevilla 2018!

Scoring – Placement
1. 25
2. 20
3. 17
4. 14
5. 11
6. 8
7. 5
8. 3
9. 2
10. 1
Scoring – Kills
7+ 14
6 12
5 10
4 8
3 6
2 4
1 0

Who is going to win?

Betting Odds for the Fortnite Dreamhack Sevilla 2018

Unfortunately, we don’t have any betting odds for you at this moment. However, as soon as the Esports bookmakers have something in store, we will let you know!

Betting Odds Comparison

As there are currently no betting odds available, we cannot compare them. Again, this section would get updated as soon as new info arises.

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Teams and Players

Group 1

  • AGO Esports: Daav, Buhuu
  • Arena Quesito: OihanV, Byk
  • Arkinos Team: tos3Kk, Mzeltian
  • ASUS ROG Army: Broken, Harambe
  • Cometa Team: Sparkie, JuankyXCV
  • Crazy Crew E-sports: Belvid, Reyes37
  • Dead Rabbits Club: C4N4R1ON, zGoLeXxe
  • GamersOrigin: M11Z, JuleZ
  • Godlike Gamer: Kazu, Tachi
  • LeStream Esport: Vato, Blax
  • Vodafone Giants: Khisanth, Markel
  • Solary: Kinstaar, mzQQQ
  • Cream eSports: Nokhi, Helper
  • x6tence: G0DHIT, Matazanos
  • Unaffiliated Teams: DrewMaejor & JogaBonito, Monen & Al3u, ozi & Pikgut, Nikolai & prodigyyy, XinserX & Gooboot

Group 2

  • Arena Dragons: n1c0, myavita
  • Cometa Team: Mr.Spawnz, Azaustre
  • Cooler Esport: Gebber, LeftEye
  • Crazy Crew E-sports: Vaina, Briniix
  • Dragons E.C.: DeNiisS, Tolezito
  • GamersOrigin: Deadra, Lenzh
  • Godlike Gamer: PXXRNOISE, TheWinterHowl
  • INAT Gaming: Halcon, Caalozz
  • LeStream Esport: Verrmax, Ketzon
  • Lunary: Jbzz, Twiks
  • K1CK eSports Club: MendaBEAST, raZgul
  • Project Eversio International: Frag, Wam
  • Ramboot Club: Sanitario, Zeont
  • Supremacy: Nayu, Miyoki
  • Team Queso: Clynt, Naranj1t0
  • Unaffiliated Teams: Arsen2k & Chaan, Garrek & Pinkitty, Chhriz & Ivaans, Antonio Luis romero & Adrian

Who is going to win?

Group 3

  • Bastille Legacy: Xoxo, Lezartman
  • Cooler Esport: Nyhrox, Sjokoladen
  • Dead Rabbits Club: K1nitto, Evill
  • EvilCakeArmy: Severin, Gafow
  • K1CK eSports Club: johnnydoe, Balazio
  • LeStream Esport: TheVic, Skite
  • Ramboot Club: Howan, ZDeusz
  • Supremacy: Mirage, Teree
  • Team Queso: Prisi0n3r0, Potato
  • Unaffiliated Teams: Rogelio gana & DockedCard, 0niros & Arkangelesk, Cloaking & L4nz4, InVeer & Oski, Jorge & Carlos, PorgaaDespadre & IJackJP, DanteBlake & Franc1hco, Doraditox & Moneyz, Godpoker & WekeZ

Group 4

  • Arena Dragons: Frnz, Noec
  • ASUS ROG Army: DiegoGB, MateoZ
  • Bastille Legacy: Hawkers, Nikof
  • Cream eSports: xPlasHx, Escudero
  • EvilCakeArmy: Jakob, Skram
  • Fantastic Esports: sweet_, SabyG
  • Godlike Gamer: RiLoTh, LiSeeZ
  • Jameo Esports Club: Yinsoo, Chess
  • Lunary: Yoshi, XEWER
  • Mav3ricks eSports Club: MrPijamaaN, Drizzy
  • Ramboot Club: Sanitario, Zeont
  • Solary: Airwaks, Hunter
  • Vodafone Giants: Tedi, Xisma
  • Unaffiliated Teams: SnPz & SnPz, Nudelkongen & Orion, SaMMyy & UnluckyLife, Socio2K & Neron

Who is going to win?

Schedule and Results

The schedule has not yet been posted by the organizers as the preparations are still ongoing. Once this changes, we will update this section of the article.

Pool Prize

This isn’t the largest tournament around and the prize pool reflects that. However, 10 thousand euros is nothing to scoff at and when you think about how competitive Fortnite is still in its infancy, it’s a nice prize no matter what!

Live Stream

Epic Games has made sure that this tournament is live streamed and you will be able to tune in on the action by visiting DreamHack’s official Twitch channel!

Written by: Pavo

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