Epic Games Announced a Whopping $100 Million in Prize Money for 18/19 Competitive Season

Fortnite Battle Royale LogoIf you were around when League of Legends was just starting to poke its head in the competitive scene, you'd know how large of an undertaking is reserving such a huge prize pool. $100 million is incredible, especially when you compare it to the prize pools of other eSports franchises. Epic Games have decided to go all-in and it might just pay off for them. Well, it will surely pay off considering how many players are planing Fortnite right now… plus how many records (Twitch and YouTube) were broken during the process.

At this point in time, no one knows for sure how the tournaments will look like since they are still in the planning stages and they are supposed to start at a later date this year. Are there any details regarding this undertaking? Of course, but not a lot. Nonetheless, we'll cover all the available info in this article, so let's start right away!

Planning Stages

We’ve already mentioned that there aren’t a lot of things known about the organizational structure of the tournament, but we do know this prize pool is reserved for the 2018-2019 season. This is great news for anyone involved with Fortnite because eSports is constantly growing and improving. On top of that, the US Supreme Court recently voted to open up the possibility of eSports betting, so figures will surely rise.

Epic Games hasn’t released any specifics related to Fortnite competitions, but they did mention they want to be inclusive and helpful when it comes to realizing this ambitious plan.

$100 million in Fortnite prize pool – what does this mean for the players?

Epic Games LogoMost players that have a favorite game such as Fortnite dream of becoming eSports athletes and making a name for themselves. It’s mostly about being competitive and showing the world you have what it takes. You play to be better than the others and to gain global recognition. Cash prizes are an additional plus, but they aren’t necessary (although, you could argue that they are, especially in the upper echelons of eSports competitions).

Such a huge prize pool will definitely have an effect on how many players decide to take part in the tournaments and it’ll also influence viewer numbers. In any case, this is a gigantic step for Epic Games; one that they’re certain is doable. People are already hyped for what Epic Games have in store and we aren’t even sure about the specifics of this tournament/league/competition. That is always a good sign and it’s a welcome one as well.

Written by: Pavo

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