Entropiq is a Czech and Russian esports organization, probably best known for their CS:GO squad. However, they have also fielded teams in LOL, VALORANT, PUBG, Wild Rift and Hearthstone, with an announcement of a Dota 2 team coming soon. While they have yet to win a Major tournament, this young organization has seen quite a lot of success in the two years since their inception. Find out all you need to know about Entropiq betting in 2024 here

Who are Entropiq Esports?

Entropiq was founded by a Czech esports organisation in January 2020, as a CS:GO team. Their original roster came from Projekt F, a now defunct organisation. In 2021 they transferred their Czech squad to a sister team called Entropiq Prague. The team under the name Entropiq turned into an all-Russian squad.

In the same year, Entropiq introduced a new League of Legends team, represented Czechia at the Cup of Nations, and received a sponsorship from Samsung, later adding Puma, Kings and McDonalds.

The team has high ambitions, and on their website, you can see their plans for the immediate future.

  • Step 1: Dominate CZ/SK region
  • Step 2: Become top 5 in Central Europe
  • Step 3: Get to the top 20 in Europe

We like this type of ambition: start small, think big, and we look forward to what Entropiq Esports will bring in the future.

Entropiq Esports Top Achievements

Team Date Place Event Prize
Entropiq CS:GO 21/11/2021 2nd V4 Future Sports Festival – Budapest 2021 $67,691.62
Entropiq PUBG 8/05/2022 1st PUBG Continental Series 6: Europe $60,000
Entropiq CS:GO 24/01/2022 2nd Funspark ULTI 2021 $50,000
Entropiq CS:GO 9/11/2021 1st Pinnacle Fall Series #2 $40,000
Entropiq CS:GO 6/04/2022 9th – 12th ESL Pro League Season 15 $32,000

Entropiq CS:GO

As we mentioned in the intro, the Entropiq CS:GO team is divided into two teams: Entropiq CS:GO, consisting of Russian players, and Entropiq CS:GO Prague, with an all-Czech squad. The Entropiq squad, competing on the European stage, currently consisting of:

  • El1an
  • NickelBack
  • Krad
  • Forester
  • Mir
  • Hooch (Coach)

The squad has plenty of promise, though their immediate future is unclear, as Russian teams are currently banned from competing in Europe, still, the Entropiq website still shows them as members of the squad. It seems that since the team is not affiliated with the Russian government, they can still, in theory participate, though it might be hard for them to get a visa.

Their best result so far was a respectable second place at A-tier V4 Future Sports Festival – Budapest 2021. At the PGL Major Stockholm 2021, they came in 9th/11th.

Entropiq CS:GO Prague

The Entropiq Prague team is mainly focused on the Central European scene, and has of yet only competed in three offline tournaments, since the rebranding in 2021. With some of the best Czech players available, we expect them to do well on their local scene, and possibly even achieve European success. Team members include:

  • SESL
  • J1NZO
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Entropiq PUBG

Entropiq PUBG only hit the scene in late 2021, and after a few victories in minor tournaments, this squad managed to clinch first place in S-Tier PUBG Continental Series 6: Europe. Not bad for the first real year of competition. Team members include:

  • IVAS
  • QBE

Entropiq LoL

Their League of Legends team is also a relative newcomer, with very few matches under their belt. While the squad still have a long way to go, they have already become champions of the Czech Republic, which shows a lot of promise. Team members include

  • EREN


Entropiq VALORANT is another all-Czech squad. This team has won several local C-tier tournaments and is looking to build off that success. Team members include

  • SH0UTY

Entropiq Wild Rift

Entropiq Wild Rift was launched in 2021. So far, this squad has only competed in two lower tier events, so it is unclear if they will be a mainstay in the Entropiq organization.

Entropiq Hearthstone

Czech players Faeli, Jobsad, and Czechcloud compete for Entropiq in the esport of Hearthstone, though they have yet to win any major events. They also compete in TFT.

Most impactful Entropiq Signings

Team Country Nickname Name Earnings for Entropiq
Entropiq CS:GO Russia El1an Aleksey Gusev $71,620.26
Entropiq CS:GO Russia Forester Igor Bezotecheskiy $71,620.26
Entropiq CS:GO Russia Krad Vladislav Kravchenko $71,620.26
Entropiq PUBG Serbia Naylup Jovan Tomasevic $22,798.84
Entropiq PUBG Croatia ivas10 Alexey Trofimov $34,604.84

Where to find the best Entropiq betting odds

1. Pinnacle

If you like betting on Entropiq CS:GO, VALORANT or PUBG, Pinnacle might be your best choice. This betting site has a dedicated esports hub that promises the best odds on CS:GO. With licences from Gibraltar and Curacao, this site caters to players from virtually any country. You can use dozens of payment methods, from e-wallets to credit cards to cryptos. While they do not offer any bonus, their fair terms and ample esports offering is more than enough for most esports punters.

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Another excellent site for Entropiq betting is GG.BET. This international betting site puts esports first. It offers odds on many smaller events and niche sports that are not covered by major betting sites. With regular promos such as a tripled deposit bonus, free bets, cashbacks and more, the site is the place to be for esports betting bonuses. Payment here is also made easy by a combination of e-wallets, credit cards and more.

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3. Betway

As far as conventional betting sites go, Betway has one of the best esports offerings. Sponsor of multiple esports events, the site has licences in several European countries and an international offer the best esports events. The site is available in multiple languages and offers plenty of country-specific bonuses and promotions. The site has most classic payment methods, though they do not accept cryptos.

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Entropiq betting tips

1. Use Entropiq betting stats!

Stats are the best way to predict future results, and sites like HLTV and Liquipedia are your best source of Entropiq betting stats.

2. Manage your bankroll well!

Part of any esports betting strategy is bankroll management. While we cannot give you a full bankroll strategy course, we can give you a few pointers. Do not bet your full bankroll on a single event, rather, divide it into one hundred units and allocate them to different events, depending on how sure you are.

3. Do not be afraid to shop around for the best odds.

Different esports betting sites have different odds, depending on how much money comes in on each side. Check a few esports betting sites and see which has the best offer for your specific bets.

4. Bet the underdog!

Entropiq may be a relatively new squad, they have already achieved several minor victories as an underdog, so betting on Entropiq could be a part of your esports betting strategy.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict on Entropiq Betting

Entropiq is still a very young team with high ambitions, both on the Czech / Central Europe and the European scale. While their main CS:GO team hails predominantly from Russia, the homebase for most of the teams is still Prague, Czechia. Looking to build their teams from the ground up, we expect a slow and steady progress from them, coupled with more and more surprise big wins, usually as an underdog. We look forward to their matches and think Entropiq esports betting could definitely be profitable.

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Entropiq Esports Betting FAQs

Our top Entropiq betting sites include Pinnacle, GG.BET, and Betway.

Entropiq is best known for their Russian CS:GO squad. However, have a secondary CS:GO Prague squad, and Czech LOL, VALORANT, PUBG, Wild Rift and Hearthstone teams. They will probably launch a Czech Dota 2 team soon.

Betting on Entropiq is legal as long as you are in a country that does not forbid (online) betting. Always look for licenced betting sites as these are the most reliable.

Potentially yes. Look at how the Entropiq PUBG team made it to the first place in PUBG Continental Series 6: Europe as a huge underdog prior to the competition.

The main Entropiq CS:GO team consists of Russian and Kazakhstan players: El1an, NickelBack, Krad, Forester, Mir, and their coach Hooch.

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