Rollbit Quick Facts

Betting Options Casino and betting
Support Live chat
Owner Bull Gaming N.V.
Founded February 2020
Headquarters Abraham de Veerstraat 9, Willemstad, Curacao
License Nicosia, Cyprus
Languages Offered: [LANG] [LANG] [LANG] [LANG] [LANG] [LANG]
Games Available: [GAME] [GAME] [GAME] [GAME] [GAME] [GAME]
Deposit Methods
Withdrawal Methods
  • Excellent variety of casino games
  • Numerous sports and esports betting markets
  • Many ways to deposit crypto
  • Serves as a crypto trading platform
  • Supports NFTs
  • The design is on point with the crypto theme
  • Very limited deposits and withdrawals
  • No responsible gambling features
  • Doesn’t have proper bonuses
  • No native mobile app
  • Certain website elements take a bit too long to load
  • Excellent variety of casino games
  • Numerous sports and esports betting markets
  • Many ways to deposit crypto
  • Serves as a crypto trading platform
  • Supports NFTs
  • The design is on point with the crypto theme
  • Very limited deposits and withdrawals
  • No responsible gambling features
  • Doesn’t have proper bonuses
  • No native mobile app
  • Certain website elements take a bit too long to load

Summary 4/5

Although it is a fairly new name in the gambling sphere — having been around since 2020, Rollbit is already among the most well-established cryptocurrency gambling sites in the world. It offers a wide variety of casino games and esports betting markets, coupled with rank-based rewards and integrated livestreams.

So, is all of this enough to make us recommend rolling a few bits on this gambling platform (pun intended)? Read on and find out!

Registration Process 5/5

The registration process on Rollbit is as simple as they come. The platform offers three integrated registration procedures, which are based on Steam, Twitch, and MetaMask accounts.

The fourth one — the one we recommend the most — is to simply use your email. Make sure you choose a strong password with a combination of letters, numbers, and at least one symbol.

Rollbit Registration Screenshot

The registration process itself goes something along the following lines:

  • Head on over to the main Rollbit page. Click on the yellow register button located in the upper-right corner of the page.
  • Once you click it, the registration window will pop up. From there, you will be able to choose your desired method of registering.
  • Simply follow the on-screen instructions and register either using your email or through one of the supported platforms (Steam, Twitch, MetaMask).
  • That’s pretty much it – you won’t need any additional confirmation right away. However, if you opt for email registration, you will get a confirmation email.

Deposits and Withdrawal Options 4/5

When it comes to deposit and withdrawal options, it becomes clear that Rollbit is a crypto-gambling platform before everything else. Sure, they do offer some conventional payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, and mobile payment solutions like ApplePay and Google Pay.

However, these transactions go through additional steps via MoonPay, ChainBits, and Paybis solutions. While they do work, they require extra steps and it’s not exactly the most polished deposit solution.

However, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, that’s where Rollbit starts to show its true colours. Not only does it offer direct deposits for a wide number of cryptocurrencies, but it also acts like a crypto on-ramp. In other words, it can facilitate crypto purchases with fiat currency.

Furthermore, Rollbit also allows you to deposit non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through MetaMask’s wallet browser extension.

Here’s the list of the currently supported cryptocurrencies on Rollbit:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Solana
  • Rollbit Coin
  • ERC 20 tokens
  • NFTs

Open Account Offer 1/5

Unfortunately, there’s a trend on crypto gambling platforms that’s rapidly growing in popularity, and it’s kind of an odd one – these gambling sites don’t offer any sort of welcome bonuses. On the bright side, they do offer various promotions in terms of daily bonuses, jackpots and lotteries. More on that right down below!

Sportsbook Promotions 3.5/5

Despite not having a proper welcome bonus, Rollbit’s promotions are well-versed and are bound to be interesting to the vast majority of players. Let’s go through them one by one so you know what you’re dealing with should you opt to register.

Rollbit Daily Races

When talking about Rollbit bonuses, the first thing worth mentioning are the daily races. Every day, this promotion rewards top wagering players with massive prizes. We’re talking cash prizes here; tens of thousands of dollars day in and day out.

More precisely, Rollbit daily races bring forth $25,000 in cash prizes (or 24,000 EUR, 20,750 GBP). $10,000 (or 9,600 EUR, 8,300 GBP) is the main prize, going to the player with the highest wagered amount that day.

Rollbit Lottery

The Rollbit Lottery is basically a crypto-staking environment. It might be difficult for non-crypto folks to understand how this works, so we’ll do our best to give a concise explanation:

  • First step – acquire RLB coins.
  • Second step – stake your RLB coins; the more you stake, the better your chances will be.
  • Third step – you can multiply your stake, but you cannot unstake your RLB coins or add more later on.
  • Fourth step – create or join staking teams and earn more rewards for the total amount of your staked RLB coins.

NFT Jackpot

NFT jackpot is a special Rollbit game that begins on every 50th ETH block. The number of participants in NFT jackpot game is unlimited, though there can only be one winner. The premise is quite simple – the more NFTs you deposit (the bigger their value is), the closer you’ll be to winning the round.

Daily Bonus

Last but not least – Rollbit daily bonus! You can claim it by clicking the Daily Bonus button on the top-left corner of the page.

What’s the reward? Well, it’s not the same for everyone. We’re looking at a personalised bonus here that’s based on your recent P&L. You can claim it once a day and it amounts to up to 50% of the house edge during the last 24 hours. After claiming it, you will activate rakeboost and your rakeback percentage will be increased too, but only for a short period.

VIP/Loyalty Service

Loyalty service on Rollbit is quite complex. It’s based on rakeback and rollback — features that give you 5% of the house edge back for every wager with an option to increase that up to an additional 10%.

You can also claim bonuses for reaching certain ranks on the platform. For rank #1 you need to wager $10,000. For the final rank, rank #27 AKA Vibranium, you need $1 billion in total wagers.

Pre-Match Offer 4.5/5

Moving on with our comprehensive Rollbit review, let’s talk about the sportsbook section. The pre-match offers seem at an admirable level. There’s a massive number of sports available, nicely coupled with added extras like virtual sports and esports.

Rollbit odds are set up as decimal, but you can find the odds format button at the very bottom of the pre-match offers. It offers European, American, Hong Kong, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Fractional odds, so the whole world is covered as far as the odds are concerned!

The platform does offer some statistical depth for certain markets. However, it only consists of basic information, which won’t be of great help to most people. In other words, you’ll have to do extensive research on your own, using third-party websites.

Esports Betting Options

Even though it’s not its primary concern, Rollbit doesn’t shy away from proper esports coverage, and the number of covered esports is exceptional. Rollbit covers the following esports betting markets:

Casino Section

We’ll dare say that the casino section is basically the bread and butter of the entire platform. There are plenty of games, all of which work like a charm, and there is just so much crypto gambling stuff to explore that we can’t even begin to describe it.

There’s even a live casino section powered by Evolution and Pragmatic Play Live. These games offer a realistic casino experience with classics like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, and poker, all from the comfort of your own home. If you’d like to test your luck but you’re living nowhere near a physical casino location, Rollbit’s live table games will have you covered!

Live Offer 3.5/5

Live betting offers exist on all sorts of different sports. At the time of writing, NBA was on and Rollbit had quite an extensive list of live offers, which were updated in a timely fashion — both results and odds. Nothing wrong in this department, really.

But, while the likes of biggest sports are thoroughly covered, the same cannot be said for stuff like ice hockey, volleyball, handball, and even lower-tier soccer leagues. Other online sportsbooks do this part a lot better.

As for live esports markets, at the time of writing this Rollbit review, there were no live bets available. That could be due to the fact that there were no major esports events at that particular time. However, the limited availability of live sports betting markets leads us to think that the situation isn’t much better on the esports side of things too.

As for the livestreams, they do exist but only for a limited number of markets. The quality isn’t the best, though, and the video size doesn’t scale too well. But, from what we’ve experienced during our stay on Rollbit, you’ll be happy if your stream works at all because there were lots of broken stream links on our end.

Security 4/5

Let’s start off with the technicalities. Yes, Rollbit has a standalone privacy policy and responsible gambling pages. Terms and conditions page exists too, and the same goes for FAQ, partnership programme guide, and general help centre page.

The ability to self-exclude (ban yourself from betting) is present, however, it is not an automated process. To start the self-exclusion process, you’ll need to contact customer support. The minimum time for a self-exclusion is 21 days.

As for the licences, Rollbit uses Curaçao’s regulations. They do emphasise, however, that a part of their platform isn’t regulated by the Curaçao GC. We’re talking about crypto trading, which is not gambling and is not covered by Rollbit’s gambling licence.

Service and Customer Support 5/5

Customer support is one of the most frequent segments of the gambling industry that gaming providers cheap out on. However, that’s not the case with Rollbit. Not only does the platform support 24/7 live chat, but it’s also quick and efficient when it comes to solving users’ problems.

At the time of writing this Rollbit review, there were two types of customer support channels in addition to frequently asked questions: live chat and email. Rollbit’s customer support email is [email protected] in case you’re having issues.

Or better yet, simply head on over to the page and click on the headset icon in the lower-right corner of the page. That will open the customer support window, where you can ask your questions.

In our tests, the reply time was around 20 to 30 seconds, which is fantastic for a crypto gambling platform. The customer support staff members were polite, accurate, and managed to help us resolve our test problems in a matter of minutes.

Rollbit Customer Support Screenshot

They don’t even require you to register or login to use the live chat, which is massive pro in our books. All in all, Rollbit customer support deserves the perfect grade here!

Customer ServiceDetailsDurationAvailabilityQuality
Live ChatBottom-right corner30 seconds24/75/5
Mail[email protected]Cca 1 hour24/75/5

Design and Usability 4.5/5

The best thing about Rollbit is the fact that it offers numerous features yet manages to keep the design as simple and straightforward as it can be. There are no flashy gimmicks, animations, or videos playing in the background; everything looks minimalistic, pages load fast, and there’s no stuttering.

The design is what you’d typically expect from a site of this type. The theme is dark, main buttons stand out with colour-grading, and the main menu on the left side comes with expandable categories that load instantly.

Something worth noting is that if you don’t find this particular design to your liking, Rollbit does allow you to turn it off whenever you want.

As for the available languages, only English was available while writing this Rollbit review, and we are not sure if the developers are planning on implementing additional languages. There’s also live chat available on the right side.

One negative is that navigation is a bit cumbersome; but while it takes getting used to, it doesn’t mess up the overall experience too much.

Mobile 4.5/5

Unfortunately, at the time of writing our Rollbit review, the platform did not have an official smartphone app. The one you can find is fake and could jeopardise your online security.

The one we found is a Rollbit app by MoonP on Google Play! Since it looked fishy, when it asked for our credentials, we typed in a random email/password combo. It said our login was successful, and led us to the deposit screen.

That said, Rollbit gambling platform does have full support for smartphones. The mobile page looks sweet – it’s clean, responsive, and features pretty much everything the desktop version does. Games work perfectly, you can control your account, deposit, withdraw and enjoy your gambling session to the fullest.

But if you’re looking for the Rollbit mobile app, we’d like to emphasise that it currently does not exist.

Other Products 4/5

Alongside everything we’ve touched upon in our Rollbit review so far, this platform also offers crypto on-ramp functionality. What’s this? It’s simple – Rollbit allows you to enter the world of digital currencies.

Through the platform, you can buy crypto using cards. There’s still no reliable payment processor in sight, so Rollbit has to do things through the likes of MoonPay, ChainBits, and PayBis. It’s not the ideal solution, but hey – something is better than nothing!

Additionally, Rollbit offers gambling on crypto futures and offers several virtual sports including eCricket and eFighting.

Summary 4/5

Rollbit might be new, but it definitely already stands tall as one of the best crypto-gambling sites out there. But, as such, it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

Even though it does accept deposits via conventional payment methods, the withdrawal system is solely based on cryptos. Heck, the entire platform is heavily focused on crypto and nothing but crypto. So if you’re looking for a conventional gambling platform, we’re afraid Rollbit isn’t what you’re looking for. This platform is for experienced crypto enthusiasts who will appreciate some of Rollbit’s advanced features.

However, everything else works like a charm. We had no issues with the responsiveness and found that the overall page-to-page navigation was pretty straightforward.


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Rollbit Review FAQ Section

Rollbit coin (RLB) is a digital cryptocurrency built on the Solana blockchain. In the world of Rollbit gambling, RLB is practically an entry ticket into the lottery, where you have to stake it for a chance to win.

You’ll have to withdraw it first. To do so, you’ll need the Phantom Wallet (or similar crypto wallets that work with Solana) because RLB is built on Solana. Once you have it on your wallet, you can do pretty much whatever you want with it.

Depositing on Rollbit is quickest and easiest if you own some cryptocurrencies. MetaMask is the perfect middleman for these types of deposits. If you’re looking for more conventional methods like Google Pay, Visa, and Mastercard – these are available but you will have to go through additional steps.

Even though it’s a new-age crypto gambling platform, Rollbit is available in most places around the world. The most notable countries whose residents can’t legally play on Rollbit are the USA, UK, Spain, Netherlands, France, Denmark, and Australia.

Streamers like Ayezee spend a lot of time and have gained plenty of traction by gambling on Rollbit. While there are speculations on how much the site is paying for their services, there is no official data and we can only guess the numbers at this point.

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