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esports team playing league of legendsWelcome to the world of online eSports betting!

On our website we will show you how to place bets on popular esports events (like League of Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft 2 or Counter Strike). In addition to the current odds for the matches of the major leagues and tournaments you can learn more about the teams and players of Season 6 of League of Legend’s Pro-League LCS. Since betting on esport events is still very new, at the beginning we want to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding the topic.

Which bookmakers have bets on eSports?

Online betting is something new in the world of esports, and there are only a few online betting sites yet that offer bets on esport leagues and tournaments. Currently Pinnacle Sports, Bet365, eGamingbets, Bet-at-Home and William Hill offer markets to place real money bets on professional esports like League of Legends, CS:GO, Starcraft 2 or Dota 2. Digibet used to offer real money lines on electronic sports but has withdrawn from the sector in Spring 2013. eSportsventure did not update their website and appears to be out of business since the end of June 2014. Players interested in daily fanatsy eSports betting should take a look at the daily fantasy markets at Draftkings which is also availabe in US. If you are a fan of the cyber-currency Bitcoin you might want to take a look at the Bitcoin only eSports sportsbook Nitrogen. You can take a closer look at the full list of the esports bookmakers in our bookies section. There you will find reviews and bonus information alongside a big comparison of payment options and more! -> esports betting sites overview

Featured eSports Games

Currently there are 4 major games that online bookmakers have lines and odds for: League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Counter Stike (CS:GO) and Dota 2. Moreover there are some bookmakers who offer betting on leagues and tournaments of Hearthstone, Smite, Heroes of the Storm (HOTS), World of Tanks and Magic the Gathering. You can find more information on current tournaments and leagues in our news section or in the corresponding game profile.

How to place an eSports bet?

It’s really not that hard. In fact it’s the same as common online sports betting. You can browse through the sports book and have a look at which Games, Leagues our tournaments are offered. (You don’t need to register for this). If you are thinking to place a bet with one of the betting Sites you need to register before you can place your first bet. After registration you need to choose one of the available payment options to make your first deposit. (You can get a good overview about which betting Sites offers your favorite payment type by looking at our bookmakers overview). Now here come good news! Some of the bookmakers offer new costumers a bonus for their first deposit. This is another thing you should check in our overview. So now you are registered, made your first deposit and claimed your welcome bonus or free bet. It’s time for your first bet!

The betting site of your choice is offering odds for the different outcomes of, for example a LoL Match. Here are some examples on how to calculate your winnings.

How to calculate what you could win:

Let’s say the LCS Game you would like to bet on is C9 vs. EG. If the odd for a victory of C9 is 1.35 you get your stake multiplied by 1.35 in case C9 takes the nexus. For example if you back C9 with € 10 it would get you € 13.50 back. Of course you can combine those bets and in case you do so you can calculate your potential winnings with this formula:

Stake x Odd 1 x Odd 2 = Win

For example you bet € 10 on C9 vs. EG and combine it with a Dota 2 bet backing Navi for which you get an Odd of 2.85. If both C9 and Navi win you get

€ 10 (Stake) x 1.35 (Odd 1) x 2.90 (Odd 2) = € 39.15 (Win)

If you want to try out how eSports betting works you can do this without any risk of loosing real money by using the PlayMoney system at eGamingbets!

What types of bets are offered for League of Legends?

Different types of bets are available for the league matches of Riot Games 5th League of Legends (LoL) season. Of course you can place a bet on witch team is winning (win bet), a bet who people that have already placed common sporting bets (like football) will be familiar with. In addition you can place bets on different LoL “in game” events: Which team gets “First Blood”, which team manages to defeat Baron Nashor first or will the match have a Pentakill? Special bets are mostly available during the big tournamentslike the LoL Allstars 2015. Since the markets are growing Bet365 is offering now special bets for the LCS 2016 Spring Split

Is betting on esports legal?

In this matter betting on esports does not differ from the betting on other sports like football and tennis. Bookies that offer bets on esport events must have a valid gaming license for the country or region they offer bets at. Further information on the gaming license of different bookmakers for esport can usualy be found on the website of the betting site. We have listed the different gambling licenses in our overiew. Since the legal regulation for betting differ from country to country, please consult the legal regulation of your country or region.

Is there a bonus for bets on e-sports?

Yes – there are bookmakers, who offer a bonus for placing esports bets (for example, Bet-at-Home, Bet365 or William Hill offers a bonus of up to 100% for all new customers on their first deposit). Which betting site has the best bonus can be found in our eSports betting bonus overview.