A Beginner’s Guide to Splitgate Esports

Being a rather new esports game, Splitgate still hasn’t quite taken off and established its presence in the esports world. To date, there has been only one esports tournament which was further split into two smaller events held on the same day. In this article, we’ll analyze the game’s gameplay and determine whether or not Splitgate esports will grow.

Best Esports Sites for Splitgate Esports Betting

  1. betway
  3. Vulkanbet
  4. Thunderpick
  5. 22Bet

What is Splitgate?

Splitgate is a fairly new FPS game developed and published by 1047 Games. The game was originally introduced in 2019 in a pre-beta phase which lasted for two years. Throughout this time, the game was improved and balanced according to public feedback.

The full release of Splitgate came in late August 2021 and it has, since then until September 2021, featured 50,000 players on average, daily. These numbers are impressive and they’re mostly due to the fast-paced but tactical and engaging gameplay that the game utilizes.

Interestingly, Splitgate was originally a Stanford University school project started by Nicholas Bagamian and Ian Proulx. They kept working on it after graduating and would eventually hire more than 20 people to work for their newly established company 1047 Games. The number 1047 in the company’s name refers to the pair’s dorm room number.

Gameplay explained

Splitgate’s gameplay is going to feel familiar to anyone who has played Halo 3’s multiplayer in the past. The game utilizes a couple of core Halo 3 mechanics such as having no classes, perks, or unique abilities.

What discerns Splitgate from other games of the same genre is the use of portals. Portals can be placed on specific ‘portal walls’ and used as tactical advantages over the enemy. Teams generally need some form of coordination and strategy to win which is what makes it exciting to both play and watch.

There is no skill cap; you can still keep getting better with practice even if you’ve learned everything there is to learn about the game. Because of this, we might see an explosion of incredible esports gameplay once the relevant tournaments start getting hosted.

Any player can easily adapt to Splitgate’s playstyle and gameplay because it uses the main elements of FPS games. So, if you’re into CSGO, Overwatch, VALORANT, and even Rainbow Six, you’ll easily be able to pick up Splitgate.

Splitgate Esports History

The Splitgate esports history is a barren one. For starters, the game’s pre-beta phase lasted from May 2019 until July 2021, with the game coming out of beta in late August 2021. Only one tournament was held throughout these two years – Twitch Rivals Splitgate.

It can be argued that this event was meant to attract viewers and potential players from all kinds of esports countries, but unfortunately, due to the length of the beta, the interest in Splitgate esports fell.

However, it seems that the developers are looking to host some major Splitgate esports events in 2022. Rumour has it that the prize pools for these events will be up to $500,000 – a much larger sum than the $50,000 they had for Twitch Rivals.

The game is averaging some 1,500 daily players on Steam ever since it was released from the beta phase. 1047 Studios is looking to rejuvenate the game by focusing on the esports side in the hopes that more players will play once the competitive scene gets going.

Top 5 Earners of Splitgate Esports

Position Nickname Full Name Country of Origin Team Earnings (Total)
1st ace Brandon Winn USA No team $2,400
2nd dizzy Coby Meadows USA No team $2,400
3rd Mendokusaii Lucas Håkansson Sweden No team $2,400
4th Mohr Marshall Mohr USA No team $2,400
5th FearItSelf Justin Kats USA No team $2,350

Most Popular Splitgate Esports Tournaments

Tournament Name Prize Pool Dates Winners
Twitch Rivals Splitgate – Arena Warfare Showdown (NA 1) $25,000 28.05.2019. Team fearitself (FearItSelf, Nistic, OGRE1, OGRE2)
Twitch Rivals Splitgate – Arena Warfare Showdown (NA 2) $25,000 28.05.2019. Team Dizzy (ace, dizzy, Mendokusaii, Mohr)

Best Splitgate Esports Teams

Position Team Name Total Earnings Tournaments Entered
1st Team SoloMid $4,300 1

How to Start Betting on Splitgate?

Splitgate esports is still in its infancy but you can definitely prepare yourself for the inevitable esports tournaments that will come. It’s best to learn how to bet now than when the tournaments begin.

The whole betting process is rather simple and applies to most esports betting operators. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to start betting on Splitgate:

  1. Compare and determine which bookie is for you – When researching the various betting operators, make sure to compare their odds, betting markets, and payment methods. Choose the one that you feel has the best of these metrics.
  2. Create your account – Most bookies feature a simple account creation process where you provide your personal information and choose a password to register. Make sure to use your real information during account creation because you won’t be eligible for esports betting bonuses if you don’t.
  3. Set up your preferred payment method – The majority of bookies support more than 10 popular payment methods, some of which are Bitcoin, credit cards, PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. If you don’t use any of these, you’ll need to take a look at the ‘Payment Methods’ section of your chosen bookie’s website.
  4. Look into the Splitgate teams, players, and tournaments – Betting without any knowledge is a fool’s affair. The only way to improve your chances of winning is to delve deep into Splitgate’s esports. With that said, it’s best to wait until Splitgate esports starts off again since there isn’t a lot of info about it currently.
  5. Place the bets but keep an eye on what’s happening – The good news is that, even if you’ve placed your bets and they aren’t going the way you’d hoped, you’ll most likely still be able to react to what’s happening in the matches. Most betting operators support in-play or live betting; placing bets while the match is happening.

Splitgate Betting Guide

Splitgate Esports Betting Markets

With the current lack of Splitgate esports in mind, we can’t know for sure which betting markets will be available once the tournaments start. However, we can still predict some of the popular ones that should appear, specifically related to FPS games. These are:

  • Outrights – Outrights are popular but risky bets that include the punter placing bets on the team they think will win the entire tournament.
  • Match Winner – Match winner bets are self-explanatory; they are also popular but are inherently safer than outrights considering you choose between two teams.
  • Most Kills – This type of bet pertains to which player will have the most kills after a match or the entire tournament. Risky and requires some research but with great odds in most cases.
  • Over/Under – This betting market is not a very popular one because of its chaotic nature. You’ll have to choose whether something (ie. total kills in a match) will be above or below the threshold set by the bookie.
  • Special Bets – Special bets are unique and generally related to specific situations within the game. For example, there may be a bet where the punter chooses the player they think will get first blood in a match.

Splitgate Esports Betting Odds

There are currently no Splitgate esports betting odds due to the lack of esports tournaments. We will update this section once the relevant tournaments are announced, and the bookies have updated their websites.

Splitgate Esports Betting Tips

Use your mind, not your heart

No matter which esports team you end up supporting, it’s important to avoid making decisions with your heart. Emotions can often drive us towards making mistakes and if you want to maximize your chances of placing winning bets, then you’ll use logic and facts instead of those emotions.

Start watching Splitgate esports tournaments

Watching live streams or VODs of Splitgate esports tournaments is an excellent way of learning more about the game and esports tournaments participants relatively quickly. There is plenty to be learned by doing so, so pay attention to what’s happening on stream and what the casters are saying.

Research the teams and players

If you aren’t familiar with how a certain team plays or how good specific players are, your chances of placing good bets aren’t high. Each team is specific whether we’re talking about strategy or the rosters; taking the time to research them will solidify your ability to make betting decisions that’ll go your way.

Take calculated risks

Even though the majority of your bets should be safe, an opportunity presents itself that’s worth taking every once in a while. The occasional risk should be taken whenever the odds are superb. For example, betting on an underdog to win the entire tournament is risky but the rewards are exceptional.

Play the game

Although you don’t have to necessarily play the game to get good at Splitgate esports betting, it’s still a great way to get acquainted with the game and its mechanics. This method will allow you to make quick, calculated decisions depending on what’s happening in the match, without having to spend time thinking about whether or not your bet is viable.

What Makes it so Unique as an Esport?

Splitgate is unique in the sense that it combines a couple of specific gameplay mechanics seen in other games to create a one-of-a-kind user experience. The gameplay is most similar to Halo 3’s multiplayer where there are no perks or classes.

But what sets it apart from Halo 3 is the use of portals. Portals are used to move around the map in a rapid manner. Creating strategic advantages against opponents, bringing a chaotic yet calculated element to the gameplay.

Does it Have the Potential to be one of the Biggest Esports?

Judging by the average player count for it, Splitgate has the potential for attracting a large esports crowd and establishing itself in the esports world. The gameplay is unique, fun, and requires a dose of experience and skill – perfect characteristics of an esports game.

However, for Splitgate to thrive in esports, there need to be large and attractive esports tournaments as well. As mentioned previously, the Splitgate developers are looking to kickstart the game’s esports presence by hosting a couple of prestigious tournaments in 2022.

All the signs are pointing to the growth of Splitgate esports but only time will tell whether this turns out to be true.

Splitgate Betting FAQs

Is Splitgate cross-platform?

Splitgate was originally available only on PC, but the developers expanded their platform support to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on July 27th, 2021. They also introduced cross-play, meaning you can play with friends and players who play on a different gaming platform than yours.

How long are Splitgate queues?

The average waiting time to enter a Splitgate match is around 2 minutes, though you may wait longer if there are a lot of players playing at the same time as you.

Is Splitgate free-to-play?

Splitgate is free to play and requires only a steam account to start playing the game. As per the available information on the game at this moment, it will remain free to play in the future as well.

Which player has earned the most in Splitgate?

There are four players that have earned the same amount of prize money in Splitgate because only one tournament was held. Splitgate teams consist of four players, hence the same amount of prize money. These players are ace, dizzy, Mendokusaii, and Mohr.

What are the best Splitgate esports betting sites?

Considering there are no Splitgate tournaments currently, you won’t have any luck finding an esports bookie where you can start betting on the game. With that said, there are talks about upcoming Splitgate tournaments that are supposed to be held in 2022. Betway, LOOT.BET, and Vulkanbet may have Splitgate as an available betting choice once these tournaments start.

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