Twitch Rivals: Expert’s Guide about Twitch Rivals Betting

Twitch Rivals provides hundreds of thousands of viewers the ability to see their favorite Twitch streamers compete in officially sanctioned Esports tournaments. And while Twitch Rivals events don’t have the largest prize pools in the world, they’re still great fun and come with pretty hefty sums of money as prizes.

Continue reading this guide to find out more about Twitch Rivals and Twitch Rivals betting.

Best Esports Sites for Twitch Rivals Betting

  1. GGBet
  2. Betway
  3. 1xBet
  4. ArcaneBet
  5. ForestBet

How to Bet on Twitch Rivals Events?

Twitch Rivals isn’t your typical Esports tournament. Not only are the participants Twitch streamers and, therefore, not professional players (some of them at least), but the events themselves don’t revolve around a single game.

Because of this, traditional betting rules don’t necessarily apply. What I mean by this is that you won’t be able to research the events but also the teams (which usually differ from event to event), streamer skill level (which might be difficult), and even more info.

This is why it’s important to take some time in advance and carefully go over everything to make sure your bets have the best possible odds of winning. In general though, the steps you need to take to place Twitch Rivals bets are fairly simple and are as follows:

  1. Find your preferred betting operator. There are a couple we’ve already mentioned and all of them offer great odds as well as a nice selection of Esports. Compare the odds, pick the one you like most and move to the next step.
  2. Create an account on their website. This can be done following the links we’ve previously provided and you’ll also earn some great bonuses as well.
  3. Choose a payment method and set it up. Failure to do so will prevent you from betting so make sure you do this as soon as you create an account. Depending on the payment method, you may receive additional bonuses to your account.
  4. Don’t start placing bets just yet! It’s time to do your due diligence and find out as much info as possible about previous Twitch Rivals results, the teams, participating streamers, etc. Only when you’re confident enough in your knowledge will you be able to place efficient bets.
  5. That’s about it! Most Twitch Rivals tournaments can be found on live streams on the Twitch website.

Twitch Rivals Betting Guide

The basic process is finished and now it’s time for some detailed explanations of what you should do further to start your Wild Rift betting or TFT betting careers (as these games are part of Twitch Rivals tournaments).

Twitch Rivals Betting Markets

Without going too much into explaining what betting markets are, the simplest explanation is that they’re the types of bets you can place. These differ from game to game and because Twitch Rivals is an event that employs many games throughout its competitive scene, it can get quite confusing after a while.

The reason for this is that, for the two dozen or so games that streamers can compete in during Twitch Esports events, there are double, if not triple the number of bet types. Ideally, you’d want to learn all of them but it’s best if you focus on a couple of games and then switch things up after a while with other games.

With that said, here are the most common betting markets you can find across all Twitch Rivals events.

  • Outrights – Simply put, you’re betting on a team that you think will win the tournament.
  • Total X Over/Under – X represents a metric from a specific game; it can be Goals (Rocket League, FIFA), kills (CSGO, Call of Duty, VALORANT, LoL, Dota 2, etc.), and more.
  • Correct Score – Most competitive games feature a scoreline system and you’re betting on the correct score at the end of the match.
  • One-on-One – Pitting a player against each other; you’re betting on one player to have better stats than the one he’s pitted against (kills, assists, goals, blocks, flag captures, etc.)
  • Match Winner – Betting on a team you think will win the match
  • Special bets – These are specialized bets unique to the game they’re part of and differ wildly from each other. It’s best to avoid this when you’re just starting out so as not to take in too much information which might cause lapses in judgment.

Twitch Esports Betting Odds

Considering the structure of Twitch Rivals events, betting odds can end up being absolutely bonkers. The reason for this is that the usual metrics you’d assign each professional team and player don’t apply as Twitch streamers are the ones competing.

Streamers may be incredible, but they may also be terrible. Pair that up with some teams being very strong whilst others end up mediocre, a it’s easy to see why the odds may go haywire. This is usually what makes experienced punters interested in Twitch Rivals Betting – the chaos.

Still, there may be repeating teams that have done well in the past so the odds might end up being more stabilized. Nonetheless, always check the odds beforehand to see what seems viable to bet on.

What is Twitch Rivals?

Twitch Rivals are tournaments and events organized by Twitch. Each tournament has Twitch streamers (of which some are professional Esports players) battle it out in a variety of different games.

The first Twitch Rivals tournament was held in 2018 and featured the ‘Radical Heights’ game; a Battle-Royale type of game many have compared to Fortnite.

In any case, fans love watching Twitch Esports tournaments because they can see how well their favorite streamers do against others, so some temporary rivalries appear as well. Twitch Rivals events can be in LAN form (which has proven to be difficult in recent times) and online tournaments.

Twitch Rivals History

Twitch Rivals started out in 2018 with two Radical Heights tournaments with a $60,000 prize pool each. The next tournament would be held half a year later – a Magic: The Gathering event. Following this, Twitch would host Esports tournaments a few times each month which provides an opportunity to watch professional Esports all year round.

This essentially means that, for the past 3 years, there have been over 170 tournaments hosted by Twitch. Out of these 170, more than 40 games were featured with some very unique entries such as Stardew Valley and Sea of Thieves (generally not considered Esports games).

In short, Twitch Rivals is a conjunction of various styles, games, streamers, and teams that make up the gaming and Esports scene. Twitch Rivals is the only place you can see some very niche games make an appearance. Streamers also love competing against each other which makes the matches even more interesting.

Lastly, for example, the whole League of Legends betting experience within Twitch Rivals is an exceptional one, with punters having to make small, risky bets as safe bets are sometimes nowhere to be found.

Twitch Rivals Tournament Format

The Twitch Rivals tournament format depends on the type of game being played. There are also multiple placement methods that Twitch uses for each of these tournaments. In some cases, the team captains choose from all available streamers to make up their team, whilst in others, they are placed into teams based on their in-game rankings.

On top of that, the format itself can vary greatly; it could include the Swiss System, Double Elimination, Single Elimination, Group Stages + Playoffs, etc. This is why you should check each event before placing your bets to get a better understanding of how to bet.

Twitch Rivals Prize Pools

As with every Twitch Esports event, prize pools vary greatly between each tournament. Prize pools have ranged from $4,000 (Twitch Rivals UMVC3 Lives) to $230,500 (Twitch Rivals: Doritos Bowl ft. CoD Warzone NA).

An average prize pool would be somewhere around $75,000 so there’s quite a lot at play for competing streamers to fight for.

Twitch Rivals Teams

Due to how Twitch Rivals functions, teams generally don’t last longer than the tournament itself. Different streamers also get qualified or invited to participate so it’s impossible to mention all the teams that have competed in Twitch Esports.

We’ll list a couple of the biggest and most interesting Twitch Rivals events and their previous winners so you can get an idea of how it works:

Twitch Rivals Event Game Date Winning Team Winning Roster Prize Pool
CoD: Warzone Showdown NA Cod: Warzone 25.08.2021. Team Biffle Biffle, SuperEvan $75,000
VALORANT Series 2 NA VALORANT 29.06.2021. Team bnans Bnans, Cookieman, iiTzTimmy, Mendokusaii, Shiphtur $50,000
Chess Hand and Brain Showdown 02.03.2021. Team Hutch Hikaru, Hutch $35,000
Bloodless Battle Apex Legends 01.12.2020. Team Albralelie Albralelie, ImMadness, Vaxlon $50,000
EMEA Team Draft #4 League of Legends 28.09.2020. Team Rhobalas_lol Adam, Chap, Marex, Rhobalas, Trayton $75,000
Fall Guys Fridays (Week 3) Fall Guys 25.09.2020. Team GrandPOOBear Aurateur, GrandPooBear, Mitchflowerpower, Vellhart $50,000
Minecraft Bingo Challenge Minecraft 31.08.2020. Team ElRichMC ElRichMC, KillerCreeper55, Rubik, Shadoune666 $98,500
Hyper Scape Launch Showdown Hyper Scape 13.07.2020. Team Pow3rtv Delux, Lomba, Pow3r $100,000
Legends of Halo Halo: Reach 12.11.2019. Team fearitself FearItSelf, Gigz, Royal 2, SnakeBite $50,000
Fortnite Showdown Fortnite 22.08.2019. Team ezzi Ezzi, Hornet, Roatdw, Tickrss $200,000
Teamfight Tactics Teamfight Tactics 17.07.2019. – 18.07.2019. / JoshOG $125,000
Showdown Dota 2 06.06.2019. Team AdmiralBulldog AdmiralBulldog, BananaSlamJamma, caitlin, ink, zimmey $50,000

Where to Watch Twitch Rivals Live?

All Twitch Rivals events are streamed on their main Twitch channel. You can expect timely announcements on when the events will take place but it’s best if you activate reminders in order to receive Email notifications when the stream goes live.

Upcoming Twitch Rivals Events

There are a couple of known Twitch Rivals events coming up. You can usually expect between 5 and 10 tournaments to be happening every month.

Twitch Rivals Event Game Date Number of Teams Prize Pool
Apex Legends Showdown (EMEA) Apex Legends 02.12.2021. 20 (3 players each) $50,000
Mobile Showdown ft. Pokemon Unite Pokemon Unite 02.12.2021. 4 (5 players each) $20,000
Tetris Effect LATAM Tetris 03.12.2021. 20 $15,000
Doritos Bowl Golf with your friends, CoD: Warzone, LoL, Hearthstone Battlegrounds, Mystery Game 06.12.2021. 4 (20 players each) $175,000
Warzone Showdown LATAM CoD: Warzone 12.12.2021. 20 (4 players each) $25,000
Warzone Showdown EU CoD: Warzone 15.12.2021. ? (3 players each) $75,000

Twitch Rivals FAQs

Who competes in Twitch Rivals events?

Twitch Rivals events are open only to Twitch Affiliates and Partners. However, some of these contestants are also professional Esports players which can skew people’s expectations on who’s going to win.

Each contestant streams from their point of view but if you want a complete overview of what’s happening during a match, it’s best to watch the official Twitch Rivals stream.

What is Twitch Rivals?

Twitch Rivals are events hosted by Twitch on their official Twitch channel. These events have been created to bring a different view of streamers and professional players competing against each other to light. As such, it is very popular among both Esports fans and fans of certain streamers.

What games can I bet on in Twitch Rivals?

Going into it, you can expect Fortnite betting, League of Legends betting, VALORANT betting, TFT betting, Wild Rift betting, Dota 2 betting, even Chess betting! The possibilities are endless because Twitch Rivals features many, many different games.

How often do Twitch Rivals events happen?

Twitch Rivals are some of the most occurring Esports tournaments out there, with numbers up to 10 tournaments per month! However, the average you can expect would be around 5 which is still a pretty high number.

Which bookie is the best for Twitch Rivals betting?

This all depends on which game is being played as the odds differ from bookie to bookie, but all the betting operators we’ve listed are well-respected and offer the best odds. It’s up to you to compare and choose the one you like the most!

Twitch Rivals Final Thoughts

Although Twitch Esports events have relatively large prize pools, the streamers aren’t only out there to win money and finish first. Above all, they’re there to have fun. Oftentimes, you’ll end up seeing some crazy strategies or off-meta choices simply because the people enjoy that.

Winning comes second, but the teams are still somewhat serious about winning. After all, no one wants to get eliminated early on.

Thanks to a packed schedule, Twitch Rivals events are viewed by tens of thousands of people each month, with the largest tournaments attracting well over a hundred thousand or so spectators.

In the end, your Twitch Rivals betting experience will also be an interesting one due to the nature of these events; however, you need to place smart bets and conduct research for the best chances of winning. Good luck!

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