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HearthStone Winter Championship 2017 - LogoIt’s already January 2017, the new year also brings a new season of Hearthstone tour and championship. Hearthstone Winter Championship is just around the corner and you’re probably thinking whether you should go or not. Not only do Hearthstone enthusiasts and players get to witness all the action live, these events also pose as a wonderful opportunity to travel, see different countries, and learn more about other cultures. Blizzard has announced the location of Winter Championship and you’ll want to go there immediately. What is it? Keep reading!

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Hearthstone Icon When is Hearthstone Winter Championship?

The Hearthstone Winter Championship is a four-day event starting on Thursday, March 23 and ending on Sunday, March 26. According to the official statement, group stages games will be played during first two days of the tournament. Then, the competition will switch to a bracket format to determine the four players that will qualify for the World Championship.

While most fans are excited about this event, they aren’t too thrilled about the day and wonder why it is called “Winter” Championship when the final event is scheduled for spring.

Hearthstone Icon Who will play at Hearthstone Winter Championship?

Winter Championship is a wonderful opportunity for players to show what they’re made of. Top four players from each region’s (Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and China) Winter Playoffs will get to qualify to this important event. There’ll be sixteen players in total and they’ll meet in the group stage. Only two players from each group will advance to the single-elimination bracket. The format of the tournament will be best-of-seven Conquest with one ban.

Besides fighting to secure their players in the World Championship, players also compete to win the main prize which is, this year, $250,000 USD.

Hearthstone Icon Where will the Hearthstone Winter Championship take place?

Okay, at this point you know the basic info regarding date, format, and prize pool at this year’s Winter Championship and you’re probably wondering about the location. Blizzard announced that the tournament will be held at the Melia Nassau Beach All-Inclusive in the Bahamas. The official announcement states that Blizzard Entertainment will provide more info regarding booking and tournament as we get closer to the major event.

Melia Nassau Beach All-Inclusive is located on the Cable Beach, a few minutes away from the city center and airport. Thanks to the excellent location, the hotel is surrounded by shops, restaurants, nightspots, and other places that make Bahamas heaven on Earth.

HearthStone Winter Championship 2017 - Bahamas

Blizzard announced they have collaborated with the hotel to secure great room rates and booking options. The rates will extend three days before and after the event. This will allow all Hearthstone players and fans who’ll travel to the Bahamas to make their trip a full-fledged vacation to enjoy the island all the perks that come with it.

During Winter Championship, you’ll be able to mingle with other visitors as well as members of the Hearthstone team, your favorite streamers, and competitors. All attendees will receive the Power Core card back, a new special card back, and a unique souvenir. But, to be eligible for the card back and souvenir, you’ll have to RSVP on the official website by clicking here. Once you arrive at the Bahamas, you’ll receive the souvenir while the card back will be added to your account.

It is important to bear in mind that RSVP doesn’t guarantee you a room or seating at the event, it just makes you eligible for the souvenir and card back. Since interest for this tournament, you should book your room ASAP and remember, seats aren’t assigned, first come first serve rule applies here.

Hearthstone Icon Bottom line

For this year’s Winter Championship, Blizzard chose an exotic location and it turned out to be a winning move since interest in this event has been phenomenal. RSVP to get wonderful memorabilia and stay tuned for more info about the championship.

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