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Street fighter isn’t the usual suspect when it comes to being part of the Esports competitive scene but hey – here it is and it’s rearing to go! The Capcom Cup 2018 is a tournament held in the Esports Arena Las Vegas, situated – you guessed it – in Las Vegas!

The organizers of the tournament are Capcom themselves and they’ve made sure that it is one for the ages. The players that are taking part in this tournament are some of the best around and no match will be too easy. After all, $250,000 is up for grabs here and the players seem highly motivated. We might see a couple of upsets, or we might not, but one thing is for sure – The Capcom Cup 2018 will be a cracker!

In any case, Esports betting isn’t only for the biggest gaming titles like Dota 2 or CS:GO; it’s for smaller games and tournaments as well (although you’d argue this isn’t a small tournament considering its prize pool).

Here’s what there is to know about the Capcom Cup 2018!

Capcom Cup 2018 | Facts

Who is going to win?

Tournament Format

One of the simplest tournament formats you’ll ever see, Capcom Cup 2018 doesn’t feature any groups; it’s all down to direct combat!

All matches belong to the big, double-elimination Top 32 bracket. The Losers’ bracket gives players the opportunity to try proceeding one last time before they get on a flight home. This second chance will definitely help some of the players, but only 8 of the best can move on.

The Top 8 bracket is basically the quarterfinals.

And that’s basically that! The format has no surprising parts which will give betting lovers a run for their money! In any case, out of the 32 participating players, we’ll see only one prevail. Who will it be? Lets see what the bookies have to say:

Betting Odds | Capcom Cup 2018

The Capcom Cup 2018 isn’t just for casual fans; it’s for hardcore gamers that like to place a couple of bets every now and then. The Esports bookies that have prepared the best Street Fighter V odds are bet365 and bet-at-home.

Let’s take a look at how they compare to each other and what you can expect as soon as the tournament starts!

Start Times shown in: GMT or GMT +1 during Summer Time
Betting Odds presented by bet365. The listed odds are intended as a guide only and are subject to change. Please check current SFV odds on the bet365 website before placing any bets. Read more about esports betting at Bet365

Betting Odds Comparison

Considering it’s the end of the year, the Capcom Cup 2018 is the final tournament for the Street Fighter V competitive year. Players will be prepared and eager to start the action. These Esports bookmakers have already prepared some odds for you and most of them are well-known. Choose between two players on who will win, or bet on outrights.

In the meantime, check out our Esports betting academy guide about some phrases in Esports betting that you should know.

Players and Teams

Capcom Cup 2017 Champion
Qualified via leaderboard
Tokido Fujimura Problem X Fuudo
sako Justin Wong NL Oil King
NuckleDu Daigo Luffy Haitani
Xiao Hai Phenom Caba Big Bird
gachikun Xian CJ Truth Bonchan
Mago Punk Itabashi Zangief Momochi
stormKUBO Verloren
Regional Qualification
AngryBird Nemo Pikoro Chris Tatarian

Who is going to win?

Schedule and Results

Round 1 – Winners' bracket:

Match 1#: Tokido vs. AngryB    0
Start Time: TBA

Match 2#: Big Bird vs. gachikun    0
Start Time: TBA

Match 3#: Oil King vs. Momochi    0
Start Time: TBA

Match 4: NuckleDu vs. Itabashi Zangief    0
Start Time: TBA

Match 5#: Fuudo vs. Chris T    0
Start Time: TBA

Match 6#: Xiao Hai vs. CJ Truth    0
Start Time: TBA

Match 7#: Sako vs. Nemo    0
Start Time: TBA

Match 8#: Haitani vs. Bonchan    0
Start Time: TBA

Match 9#: Fujimura vs. Pikoro    0
Start Time: TBA

Match 10#: Caba vs. Xian    0
Start Time: TBA

Match 11#: NL vs. stormKUBO    0
Start Time: TBA

Match 12#: Daigo vs. Punk    0
Start Time: TBA

Match 13#: Problem X vs. MenaRD    0
Start Time: TBA

Match 14#: Phenom vs. TBA    0
Start Time: TBA

Match 15#: Justin Wong vs. Verloren    0
Start Time: TBA

Match 16#: Luffy vs. Mag    0
Start Time: TBA

Who is going to win?

Pool Prize

Who would have thought that a Street Fighter V tournament would have such an impressive prize pool! We’re talking about $250,000 up for grabs here. This is amazing incentive for the players to give their best and go home with the win!

Live Stream

Live streaming will be available as soon as the tournament starts. You will be able to follow the action through Twitch so don’t forget to tune in so you don’t miss it!

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