No more paid fantasy eSports on Vulcun

Vulcun fantasy esports betting logoAs Vulcun(ites) ring in the new year, there are few changes in air at Vulcun. As the new season of LCS kick starts on January 14th, 2016,Vulcun(ites) will no longer be offered paid fantasy at Vulcun. However the US based fantasy betting platform Vulcun has confirmed that there won’t be any changes in Gold betting, Gold Fantasy games, Lootdrop, Marketplace and Jackpot and these games will function as before.

Make cash withdrawals by February, 5th, 2016

The users are advised to withdraw the funds at Vulcun by February, 5th, 2016 as the cash withdrawals will seize to stop by the pronounced date. Any funds that are not withdrawn by the users from their accounts on Vulcun on February, 6th, 2016 will be changed into gold. Unfortunately the remaining and unused bonus amount will expire after February, 6th, 2016. Vulcun has promised to communicate this information via email to all those Vulcun(ites) who have $ deposits.

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Why no paid fantasy on Vulcun?

Started in January, 2015, a fantasy site for eSports, Vulcun has come a long way. Thanks to Vulcun’s interesting additions over the last year, fantasy eSports enthusiasts can enjoy various exciting features like Gold betting, Lootdrop, marketplace, Jackpot and much more.

The decision of Vulcun to phase out from paid fantasy has many reasons. One of the main factor for the change is growing concerns over the legitimacy of the paid fantasy especially in the United States. There are many states in the country like New York, Nevada etc that do not accept paid fantasy as legitimate.

There are speculations about more states coming up with laws to impose ban on paid fantasy in near future. It becomes extremely tough for Vulcun to decode the legal situation about paid fantasy from state by state which can be exhausting. So, it is only wise that Vulcun considers a more realistic approach and concentrates on what majority of the users enjoy-eSports. Though Vulcun(ites) might miss the fantasy, Vulcun is trying to focus its energies to make sure the users get to enjoy quality eSports.

Vulcun has always focussed on eSports and fantasy was used to enhance the gaming experience by engaging the users. In other words, fantasy was used as an effective tool to keep the users amused and entertained. Over the course of last year, Vulcun has experienced a change in the user engagement.

Reportedly there has been a shift from paid fantasy to new features and last month’s statistics echoes with the dramatic shift in user engagement. According to the CEO of Vulcun, Ali Moiz, paid fantasy participation was just about 10% whereas the new features attracted around 90% of the users. Though it is a dramatic shift, it is very unlikely that it affects the majority of Vulcun(ites).

It is also speculated that Vulcun has opted out of paid fantasy due to the recent moves made by fantasy giants like FanDuel and DraftKings on eSports. Coming days can be quite competitive and tough for Vulcun to fight out with the fantasy giants.

What’s in the offing for Vulcun(ites) in 2016?

Users can expect to see more additions on the virtual items (gold) at Vulcun. The fans may get to use virtual item betting. Vulcun(ites) will get to experience Vulcun at its best as a premium site to score game virtual items. The market for virtual item betting is heating up as the market potential for virtual item betting is huge.

Many of the online betting sites in the United States are considering virtual item betting. However Vulcun is not only keen to develop virtual betting but it is also aiming at improving the gaming experience and user engagement for Vulcun(ites). There are more announcements and changes at Vulcun and fans will be updated about those changes in upcoming weeks.

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