Top 10 Dota 2 Players who won the most prize money!

Being a Dota 2 professional player is one of those dreams that seem unreachable; nevertheless, these guys made it. Even though some of the following players are relatively new to the scene, a lot of them have been playing competitively since Dota was just a Warcraft III mod.

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Here is the list of the top Dota 2 players with most tournament money earned. Remember that this list doesn’t include salaries and bonuses these players get from advertising and their organizations. Still, this gives us a really good idea of how successful they are.

Top 10 Dota 2 Players with the most tournament earnings

ppd – Peter Dager – $2,058,748.96

Peter ppd Dager Dota 2Peter “ppd” Dager is EG’s (Evil Geniuses) captain player of American descent. His career began with HoN (Heroes of Newerth), where after moving across a couple of teams he found stability in compLexity in 2012, who he had two notable success stories with (2nd place @ DreamHoN Winter 2012 and DreamHoN Summer 2012).

His move to Dota 2 not long thereafter is what led this player to fame, and made him known as “the evil genius” of the EG squad. Ppd is often remarked as a mastermind, thanks to his skills as a support player but especially because of his drafting prowess, which lead EG to many trophies, including The International Dota 2 Championships of 2015 – the tournament that made the players of this roster millionaires.

UNiVeRsE – Saahil Arora – $2,053,337.64

Saahil UNiVeRsE Arora Dota2UNiVeRsE is one of Dota 2’s great veterans. His career began way back in wc3 DotA, continuing in the infancy stages of Dota 2 and remaining an ever-present player in the scene since then. UNiVeRsE has played for a number of teams in the past – most notably Online Kingdom, Quantic and S A D B O Y S, before making his transition back to Evil Geniuses.

Often the unsung hero of the team, this player is often remarked as the best offlaner in the world, thanks to his mind-blowing display of skill throughout TI4 and TI5. Naturally, he played a crucial role in his team’s performance in TI5, and is deservedly a top 2nd earner of all time in eSports.

Aui_2000 – Kurtis Ling – $1,881,720.64

Kurtis Aui_2000 Ling Dota 2Aui_2000 is a player who many fans have grown to love over the years. He is best known as a Dota 2 innovator and an outstanding support player. People witnessed his rise to fame status when he was part of Speed Gaming alongside Eternal Envy and Arteezy, winning MLG Columbus in one of the most spectacular tournaments to date. Later on, he moved to Cloud 9 – a team which was infamously known for finishing 2nd place in most tournaments. His transition to Evil Geniuses happened in 2015, amidst the winter reshuffle, replacing zai who moved on to Team Secret.

Aui_2000 played a crucial role in EG’s journey of 2015, leading up to the TI5 trophy. He was later removed from the squad to make room for the return of Arteezy, and formed his own team named Digital Chaos.

Fear – Clinton Loomis – $1,823,926.99

Clinton Fear Loomis Dota 2Fear, or “old man Fear” is one of Dota’s most decorated veterans. Anyone who has been following the scene – whether in Dota 1 or Dota 2, has heard of or seen Fear play. He is widely known as one the best carries to ever play the game, and the best North American player overall.

This 27 year old player began his career in Dota 1, playing alongside veterans such as Merlini, Puppey, KuroKy and Pajkatt.  He formed and switched across multiple teams in the original Dota. In Dota 2 he played under Online Kingdom, competing in TI1 – earning 7th place, and after that he joined Evil Geniuses in 2011, remaining as the backbone of the team ever since.

Fear withstood the test of time and remained EG’s carry player for nearly 5 years, with the exception of TI4 when he was replaced by Mason due to an arm injury. His stability, decision making and farming capabilities played a crucial part of EG’s TI5 victory. This player is one of the most deserving individuals to be placed on this list; he carries a name which will forever be branded in the history of Dota 2.

SumaiL – Syed Sumail Hassan – $1,730,076.34

Syed SumaiL Hassan Dota 2SumaiL – the wonder kid, the prodigy, is a 16 year old Dota2 player of Pakistani descent, who didn’t take long into his career to become the youngest eSports millionaire.

Ever since he was 8 years old, SumaiL was obsessed with Dota. He honed his skills and competed in in-house tournaments (NAEL – North American Elite League) which highlighted his immaculate display of skill. When Arteezy departed EG in January of 2015, the remaining players of EG – most notably UNiVeRsE, saw an opportunity to give this young prodigy a chance, and boy did it pay off.

His professional career came to a poor start when EG competed in the Dota 2 League Season 5 in Las Vegas, but he later made up for it in January with EG’s participation in the Dota 2 Asia Championships – winning the tournament and over a million dollars already. SumaiL’s most notable trophy is none other than The International of 2015, the tournament that made this young man a millionaire, where he also proved himself as one of the best mid players to ever play the game.

Xiao8 – Zhang Ning – $1,654,762.10

Zhang Xiao8 Ning Dota 2Xiao8, commonly referred to as “Director 8” is one of China’s veterans in the Dota 2 scene. He is a fearless leader and drafter, leading multiple teams to success thanks to his skills as a support and offlaner.

Xiao8’s most notable successes were winning The International 2014 Championships with Newbee, and securing 3rd place in The International 2015 with LGD. Having shown immense success back to back with two different teams truly speaks of the value of this outstanding player.

Hao – Chen Zhihao – $1.562.505.14

Chen Hao Zhihao Dota 2Chinese players are known for their methodical and risk-free approach to the game. Hao is an exemption from this rule, he is known as one of the most aggressive Dota 2 carries to play the game, especially in China.

Hao has played for a number of successful teams across his Dota 2 career – most notably TongFu, Invictus Gaming, Newbee and Vici Gaming.

 His 4th place finish with TongFu at TI3, 1st place finish with Newbee in TI4 and 4th place finish with Vici Gaming at TI5 have sky rocketed this player’s earnings and truly serve as proof of his skills as a team’s carry.

Banana – Jiao Wang – $

Jiao Banana Wang Dota 2Banana is one of China’s leading Dota veterans, who began his career in the early Dota 1 days with xFy, and Radiance. His Dota 2 journey began with Online Kingdom, but he gained his recognition under TongFu.

Banana’s most notable success with TongFu was finishing 4th place at The International 2013. In 2014 and onwards he moved to Newbee – the team that made this player what he is, one of the richest eSports professionals. He won a number of prestigious tournaments with Newbee, including The International of 2014, where the team won over $5 million.

Although Newbee as a team has undergone shuffles and severe performance issues ever since, Banana remains as one of the finest support players to play the game, who is especially known for his jungling skills with Chen and Enchantress.

SanSheng – Wang Zhaohui – $1.196.438.83

Wang SanSheng Zhaohui Dota 2SanSheng is most known as Newbee’s support player, he follows a similar story to that of Banana, as they were team mates for the majority of their career. SanSheng is most notably known for his Rubick and Visage players – he was the position 4 support of TongFu and later on Newbee.

This player’s most notable successes include winning The International Championships of 2014, and placing 4th with TongFu at The International of 2013.

Mu – Zhang Pan – $1.195.438.83

Zhang Mu Pan Dota 2Mu played with SanSheng and Banana for the majority of his Dota 2 career. He is best known as calm and collected and efficient mid player. His playmaking and mechanical skills played a great role in the success of the two teams he’s been in – TongFu and Newbee.

He played an important role in winning the TI4 trophy with Newbee and was one of the most standout players of TI3 under TongFu.

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