TI4 prize pool distribution | Who wants to be a millionaire “Dota 2” version

The International 2014, the biggest Dota 2 event of the year, is now upon us. 16 of the best Dota 2 teams in the world compete to win the biggest prize pool in e-sports history. As of July 7, 2014, a day before the wildcard phase of the International, the prize pool is at a massive $10,458,868!!!

This year, almost all teams will have a piece of that very big pie. The top 14 teams will have a percentage of the prize pool unlike last year in which only the top 8 teams were included in the prize pool. The prize pool distribution will be as follows.

TI4 prize pool distribution

1st place – $4,833,439

2nd place – $1,418,509

3rd place – $998,210

4th place – $788,061

5th/6th place – $630,449

7th/8th place – $499,105

9th/10th place – $47,284

11th/12th place – $36,776

13th/14th place – $21,015

This is assuming the prize pool stays as it is. I would estimate that the prize pool would break the $11 million before the International finishes. I am willing to bet that there would be more purchasers of the compendium once the main event comes along thereby solidifying the International 2014s prize pool as the biggest ever.

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Ti4 Price Pool distribution