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With The International 2017 in Dota 2 coming up, betting site bet365 is trying out new bets and have released their TI7 compendium special bets. The focus here is on the compendium, which is included in TI7's Battle Pass. In the compendium there is already a system in place where you can guess on different questions, like which hero is going to be picked the most or which player can score the most kills. Bet365 has now released similar bets and odds for the Dota 2 – TI7 tournament, after they've released their TI7 outright winner betting odds earlier this month. The focus of the new special bets isn't which team is going to win in the matchups but more with what happens generally across all games. Which player dies the fewest amount of times on average? Which player can score the most last hits in a game? Which hero gets banned the most? Bet365 is now asking all these questions and many more with their compendium special bets. These bets are very exciting, as they present an opportunity to go wild with these new bets and they also present an alternative to the already established bets we know and love from betting sites. We are going to look at some of them in more detail. But wait, there's more! Even more special bets about The International 2017 here. An alternative are the live bets for The International 2017, as they are dynamic and change while the games are going on.

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Dota 2 Icon Compendium Special Bets TI7 – bet365

Let's start with the special bet on which hero is going to be picked the most. We have two clear favorites in Sand King and Earthshaker with Puck and Rubick following them closely behind. Those heroes have been very popular the last few months and especcially Puck and Earthshaker have celebrated their return to the meta after getting some much needed buffs in patches. Naturally there are other heroes which have much higher odds, namely Dark Seer, Kunkka and Treant Protector. Although they are frequent guests on every kind of line-up, they still are not as popular as the afore mentioned four heroes. On first glance this bet might be already over, but beware that a tournament can and most probably will develop its own meta with new trending heroes and strategies. It happens that long forgotten heroes are suddenly the star of the tournament and teams will start to copy that first successful example. There are many other special bets for TI7 which focus on heroes like which hero has the most kills on average or which hero gains the most experience per minute on average. A visit to the bet365 site is recommended.

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Further there are bets which center around teams. The focus here doesn't lie on their performance or how far they will go like in the TI7 bets and odds we are used to. For example the special bet about which team will win the longest game. The four favorites here are Team Liquid, OG, Evil Geniuses and Virtus Pro. Especcially Team Liquid, OG and EG have shown their prowess and decision making late in the game. These three teams quite often manage to turn around a long lost game, overcoming massive disadvantages simply by being ahead of their opponents in late-game decision making. On the other end of the list you find teams like Execration and HellRaisers. The high odds don't comment on the skill level of the teams, but rather shows how they fared in recent times when games went longer than expected. Games that go really late are often decided by just one choice and thus victory and defeat are very close together. There are other Dota 2 betting odds focusing on the teams like which team gets the most kills in game or which team picks the most unique heroes.

dota2 which team will win the longest game TI7 compendium special betting odds at bet365

In addition there are bets that look at single players in more details, like with the special bet on which player will score the most assists in a game. A player receives an assist when he is participating in a kill of an opponent but doesn't get the last hit in. In this bet the players in the support role are the favorites, as they are often behind in levels and items compared to their team mates. They are enabling their teammates to get kills, but they seldom have enough damage to finish enemys off by themselves. Zai of EG, KuroKy of Team Liquid and ah fu of LGD.Forever Young are the close favorites, in recent times they often made smart plays leading their team to an advantage and netting them a lot of assists. But the competition is really fierce as there are a lot of very good support players at TI7. And games in Dota 2 vary quite wildly in terms of kills, there are games where teams almost avoid each other and only fight when neccessary and other times it is just a bloodbath. Other special bets exclusively about the players include which player has the most kills on average or which player dies the least amount of times.

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There are other special bets also available, like the bet about how many games are played on the main stage of TI7, the bet about the longest game or the most amount of kills of one hero in a game. Take a look at the compendium special betting odds on bet365, everyone will find something interresting.

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