PSG.LGD vs EG Predictions – Dota 2 TI8 Lower Bracket Finals

As the tournament comes to a close, there are just 2 more matches left to predict – lower bracket final and the grand finals. I'm sure you already know that OG, surprisingly enough, is waiting in the grand finals for the winner between PSG and EG. Need I remind you how OG went against both PSG and EG in the main event and came out victorious both times. True – they were both 3-round thrillers but a W is a W at the end of the day. So far, The International 2018 Dota 2 tournament had several surprises in store for us… and the biggest one of them might be EG's victory against Team Liquid. No worries, we'll do a more in-depth approach to that match down below. For now, let's check out the stats table of our TI8 PSG.LGD vs EG predictions!

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PSG.LGD vs EG Predictions | Stats

Teams PSG.LGD Dota 2 Team Logo Evil Geniuses Dota 2 Team Logo
World ranking 1st 2nd
Form W W W W L W W L W W
Total maps played 842 352
Won 504 519
Draw 71 38
Lost 267 266

PSG.LGD vs OG – Key Match Recap

Due to the fact OG awaits one of these 2 competing teams in the grand finals, I decided to analyze their first matchup to see what went wrong for the losers. In this case, that would be PSG.LGD. OG looked to be very prepared for this match ever since the first few seconds climbed their way up. First round was pretty much tied up all the way until the last team fight. Yes, OG was in a slight gold advantage throughout the entire round and managed to find their pace for the very end. Second map was a completely different story. Ame lost top against JerAx but still had impressive 18 kills at the end of the game. It seemed as though OG will come back somewhere in mid-game but after 3 bad teamfights near the end, PSG capitalized and tied the matchup. Moving to the third and final round, PSG looked confident to go through to the grand finals right away and skip the LB finals. After roughly 50 minutes everything seemed set for them… but OG had different plans during the last few moments of the match. Just watch the highlight reel, you'll thank me later!

Who is going to win?

EG vs OG – Key Match Recap

A highly anticipated match between these 2 attractive teams proved to be worth all the hype. In order to give you proper TI8 PSG.LGD vs EG predictions, first we must analyze EG vs OG match. So, without further adue, let's start! The first map was a hectic matchup with OG showing up with style for that last team fight. They were doing wonders for themselves in the second round too… but failed to cement their victory. EG took the opportunity after several crucial mistakes. Led by 7mad and n0tail, EG succeeded in taking the 2nd round and tying the match at 1-1. Unfortunately for them, ana on Spectre was too much to handle. Suma1L with 31 kills on Tiny (what a performance from him by the way, amazing) couldn't capitalize and ended up with a 2-1 defeat. A really unfortunate match for Suma1L, that's for sure!

PSG.LGD vs EG Predictions

Another very difficult match to predict. PSG.LGD looked incredibly strong… up to their matchup against OG. They looked bleak and without real ideas in terms of teamfight initiation. At moments they were too aggressive but, unfortunately for them, in all the wrong moments. OG looked clinical in striking where it mattered the most – winning crucial team fights and securing their spot in the grand finals of Dota 2 TI8. If this match taught us anything, it's that PSG.LGD can be defeated… But I doubt that will happen in the match against EG. So, as far as TI8 PSG.LGD vs EG predictions are concerned, my opinion is as follows. PSG.LGD are bound to retaliate from their defeat, put their A game on and go through to the grand finals! As simple as that…

Who is going to win?

TI8 Grand Finals Predictions

OG already exceeded their expectations for this tournament. Significantly, I should add. Their campaign has been amazing and I'm sure all of their fans are outright thrilled with their display so far. They showed off outstanding teamwork, great display of skill… but a good dose of luck too. I'm afraid that it will run out in the most crucial moments of the Grand Finals series. At the moment, their playstyle works better against EG so I believe they'll be cheering for the Americans. With that being said, if I get the PSG.LGD vs EG predictions correctly and PSG.LGD goes through to the Grand Finals, I firmly believe PSG will have the upper edge against OG this time around. It's going to be a dramatic match too – wouldn't be surprised if we end up seeing 5 full rounds of the greatest Dota 2 mayhem this season!

Who is going to win?

Written by: Pavo

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