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The International 2016 LogoWith less than a month away from the biggest Dota 2 tournament, the betting website bet365 has released the outright winner odds for The International 2016 (Ti6). These odds show bettors how much betting currency they will get in return for betting on a team for winning the TI6.

The eSports betting site Bet365 shows that the team with the best odds is OG with 3.00, followed up by Liquid with 5.00 and Newbee with 6.50. These three teams have been getting consistent results, especially OG, which has won two Major tournaments; something that no team has done before.,

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Odds Comparison – Outright Winner | Dota 2 –  TI6

Betting Odds for the Outright Winner of The International 2016 in Bet365

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These odds are based on the recent results these teams have had. However, bettors should be aware that it’s not always as easy as it seems. Teams like EG didn’t have good results, and that’s why they changed roster just a couple of weeks ago. These changes are unpredictable and teams like Secret and EG could end up being the winners even though they don’t have the best odds for the TI6.

Other teams like MVP Phoenix and LGD Gaming also have high chances of winning the International 2016. It will all depend on how these teams are preparing for this tournament. There’s always a really good team that drops out early in an International; something natural to the fact that the other teams will try as hard as they can to figure them out before the big day. This lets weaker teams finish in higher places than expected; a good example was the unknown team CDEC, who ended second place after qualifying as a wild card during The International 2015.

*.) Odds may have changed by now – no guarantee!

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