OpTic Gaming vs Virtus.pro Predictions – Dota 2 TI8 Lower Bracket Round 3

After the first week of TI8 matches, this tournament has shown what a spectacle it really is. A huge viewership all around the world and several nailbiting matches that must've exceeded everyone's expectations. The Group stage wasn't that surprising, to be honest, but the first matches of the Main Event definitely were. We already witnessed a few high-class surprises. For instance, PSG.LGD had a relatively simple job with Team Liquid which very few people expected coming into the match. Overall, The International 2018 has shown what true professional gaming is all about! So, in the spirit of the occasion, let's take a closer look at the 1st match of Lower Bracket Round 3. More precisely, for all you Dota 2 betting fans out there – let me be your personal guide through TI8 OpTic Gaming vs Virtus.pro predictions!

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DOTA 2 TI8 OpTic Gaming vs Virtus.pro | Stats

Teams Virtus.pro Dota 2 Team Logo OpTic Gaming Dota 2 Team Logo
World ranking 4th 7th
Form D L W L W L W W L W
Total maps played 943 335
Won 509 199
Draw 69 7
365 129

Who is going to win?

OpTic Gaming vs Team Serenity – Key Match Recap

The best man in both games in this series was definitely Optic.CCnC with a total of 27 kills across both matches. Each of them lasted for roughly 38 minutes meaning the late game was starting to give its best. The biggest problem for OpTic Gaming in this matchup was warding. At moments, it seemed as though OpTic Gaming are unsure of team objectives due to a lack of warding present. Luckily for them, CCnC won middle fairly easy against Z who was looking overly impressed by CCnC's plays. He managed to successfully snowball into the late game which allowed for several great team fights near the end. All in all, a thrilling performance by OpTic Gaming… but I believe they have to dig even deeper into their skillset if they want to put up a proper fight against Solo and others.

Virtus.pro vs OpTic Gaming – Key Match Recap

Of course, we are referring to the group stage matchup between these 2 teams. I'm sure most of you already know Virtus.pro defeated OpTic Gaming 2-0 with relative ease. OpTic Gaming looked to be on the back foot ever since early game. Virtus.pro was pushing them smartly with quick paced ganks coming in all the time. But this is not the first time these 2 teams faced against each other this season. Believe it or not, they've played 7 matches already and all 7 were victories for Virtus.pro. In fact, poor OpTic Gaming managed to win just a single game across all 7 matches. A single game… So, judging by this… are our TI8 OpTic Gaming vs Virtus.pro predictions going to be easy… Hmm, not by a long shot!

DOTA 2 TI8 OpTic Gaming vs Virtus.pro Predictions

One thing is for sure – experience and team cohesion are heavily in favor of Virtus.pro. Plus, we almost forgot to mention that Virtus.pro already defeated OpTic Gaming in the first round of group stage matches. Roughly a week ago. It was an easy 2-0 victory for VP with OpTic Gaming not really looking up to the occasion. If you ask me, the story should be roughly the same in this match too. Yes, I know there's a lot more on the line now than it was in the group stage. Still, I doubt OpTic Gaming has the quality coming into the match to be nothing more than a nuisance for the Russian team. So, my TI8 OpTic Gaming vs Virtus.pro predictions are pretty loud and clear – Virtus.pro victory all the way!

Who is going to win?

Written by: Pavo

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