DOTA 2 faces another round of fixed match allegations

eSports are currently in a very turbulent period of their life

CSGO Counter Strike LogoIn recent months eSports betting has been struck with lots of negative publicity. First off, there was Valve with their cease and desist letters to various skin gambling sites. Now, the biggest eSport name out there – DOTA 2 has been the main focal point of news articles due to allegations of fixed matches on the professional scene. This actually cannot be considered as a huge surprise because a similar thing happened before. It was widely followed by a huge audience until the whole situation was cleared. The event that I am referring to happened in 2014 in the Philippines when a top tier team Arrow Gaming got permanently banned from all professional eSports events because of fixing the outcomes of their matches. Needless to say, Valve did not have any mercy with them.

What exactly happened?

Now, the same faith has struck yet another professional DOTA 2 Filipino team. This time, the match fixing allegations are burdened upon S1Lykos. A team with not much success in eSports except for the occasional good match against some of the top-tier Asian teams. The match in questions was against Arcanys Gaming. During the course of that match, there were a few suspicious mistakes by their MID player – Karl “Goodboy” Jayme. It was obvious these mistakes are not supposed to happen in the professional scene, which led to big suspicious.

After the lost match, Karl “Goodboy” Jayme was under the spotlight because of this. There was even a Reddit post with analysis of his moves which claimed that the match was indeed fixed. This led to the event commentator  PocelainLilly making a Youtube video in which she analyses those suspicious mistakes.

All this would not be that suspicious if there weren't lots of bets coming in just before the start of the match. These bets (on Arcanys to win) raised the suspicion even more. That is pretty much why people started thinking the match is fixed in the first place.

Any news from the team?

After noticing their recent match gained lots of attention due to alleged match fixing, S1Lykos' manager made a statement on Facebook.

lykosWe are not on our best shape. You'll see in a few days why.
My players are not involve in any match fixing issues. I even asked them to forfeit the match even hours before the game. Two of my players are on Cavite & one is not playing. Sorry if we let your items down, but we are not what you think we are. We're just on a slump atm.

What does all of this mean for DOTA 2 pro scene?

Dota 2 Logo

After Valve managed to work their way towards shutting down all notorious CSGO skin betting sites, then dealt with those click-baiting streamers,  and now the spotlight is slowly turning to DOTA 2 betting. One thing is sure –  Valve is yet again going to have a pretty rough time with clearing this up.

Considering the fact that all of this is still just speculations, it will be very interesting to see how this entire story unfolds. Given the prior experiences with suspicious Filipino teams, we are sure Valve is not going to go easy on them.

As we already said above, eSports are going through a very turbulent time. In the past few weeks, lots of dubious things happened and the public is concerned about the industry now more than ever. With this in mind, we are left to see how will Valve deal with this. Will they give S1Lykos another chance to explain their poor performance… Or will they permanently ban them like their fellow Filipinos 2 years ago?

Written by: Pavo

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