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The battle pass for The International (TI7) 2017 has arrived and is available for purchase from the in-game Dota 2 store. For every battle pass sold, 25% of the proceeds go directly to the prize pool of TI7. For this years edition Valve has stepped up and increased the amount of already impressive features the battle pass had. For every 1000 battle points collected the battle pass levels up and you receive mostly cosmetic items, such as in-game sets and effects, as a reward. There are different ways of collecting battle points. Playing normally earns you battle points and in addition you can do quests for more points. Levels are also available for purchase from the Dota 2 in-game store. There are two editions of the battle pass which are identical except for the fact that one has level 0, available for $9,99, and one has level 75, available for $36,99. Both versions feature the in-game courier, this year a hermit crab, and a treasure chest.

Co-Op Campaign

the international 2017 battlepass dota2 campaign

One of the most exciting new features this year is the multiplayer co-op mode. For the first time in Dota 2 you can play with your friends through a co-op campaign in two acts. Cosmetic items and effects are waiting as rewards. The first act will be available for play soon for all battle pass owners.


Arcana Vote

the international 2017 battlepass dota2 arcana vote

Same as last year, the battle pass features a vote for which hero the community thinks deserves an arcana the most. Arcana are the rarest items in Dota 2 and they change the look of your hero the most. This means all battle pass owners are free to participate to vote for a hero, which then receives an exclusive item-set created by Valve. Each week there will be voting rounds, where two heroes face each other. The winner will move on, the loser has to wait for the next year. At the end the hero with the most votes will win. Per week you can vote with up to 16 points for your favorite hero. Last year the hero Juggernaut won the vote his set at a later time.


Quests are making a comeback. The quests feature different things to do in the game. There are three quest paths, and at the end of each path rewards lay waiting in the form of sets for three heroes: Luna, Ogre Magi and Slardar. That does not mean that you have to complete every quest with these three heroes. It starts out easy with quests like “Win 1/3/5 games with intelligence heroes.”. For each quests there are three success grades. Higher success grades feature more battle points as a reward. In addition there are daily quests like playing a game with a certain hero.

the international 2017 battlepass dota2 quests


Wagering is betting with tokens on your game. If you are confident you can win a particular game you can place a number of tokens on your side at the start of the match. Per week all battle pass owner has an account of 1000 tokens. If you win your bet you get double the amount of placed tokens in battle points. This way, you can earn a maximum of 2000 battle points per week and advance your battle pass two levels, which in turn will unlock additional items and effects. If you are interested in real money bets, check out our Dota 2 bets and betting sites overview. And of course you can start betting on TI7 soon. There are also the TI7 special bets available. In addition to live betting for TI7, which happens while the games are going on!

the international 2017 battlepass dota2 wagering


In this tab of the battle pass you can see the rewards waiting at the end of the quest paths: a set of cosmetic items for Luna, Ogre Magi and Slardar. Each set comes in two different color options.

the international 2017 battlepass dota2 lunaset the international 2017 battlepass dota2 ogreset the international 2017 battlepass dota2 slardarset
Luna Set Ogre Magi Set Slardar Set



Achievements are an additional way to earn battle points to advance in level. Achievements are more of an overall quest-type thus feature different challenges to overcome like “open 6 treasure chests” and “complete all quests”.


The compendium is the heart of the battle pass and is the item to The International 2017. In it you find information surrounding the event, can see which teams are participating and which casters are invited. In addition there is a tab with predictions for the tournament. In it, you can test your knowledge of Dota 2 esport and predict things like “highest gold per minute in a game” or “most tier 1 towers killed before 5 minutes”. You need playercards, which are either earned through battle pass advancement or bought from the store, to participate in the predictions. For now the compendium is kind of empty as The International is happening in August.


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