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AlphaDraft Alternatives One of the biggest names in the fantasy eSports industry – AlphaDraft, has decided to stop with its operations. After the 21st of October, AlphaDraft is no longer featuring eSports fantasy draft games. Many players are disappointed in this, but unfortunately, their decision is final. Truth be told, this comes as no surprise considering that their main rival, Vulcun, had also shut down its operation in January this year.Vulcun fantasy esports betting logo Now, their customers are looking for good AlphaDraft alternatives and are doing extensive research to find one. Luckily, there are a couple of great AlphaDraft alternatives, with DraftKings leading the charge.

The announcement came via an email to their customers

“Two years ago, we set out to combine eSports with daily fantasy sports. In February 2015, our team launched AlphaDraft, bringing you daily and weekly fantasy eSports contests. What started with only a few eSports contests expanded along the way and we are very proud of the platform we built. However, as we continue to evaluate the eSports landscape, we are announcing today that we have made the difficult decision to stop offering fantasy eSports contests on AlphaDraft as of Friday, October 21, at the conclusion of the League of Legends World Championship. You can continue to play contests until this time.

As has always been the case, you can withdraw your funds at any time. Please contact if you require any assistance. Thank you for being a part of this journey
with us!


AlphaDraft Team”


What is happening to the eSports betting industry lately?

Draftkings fantasy esports LogoI am sure you are aware of the massive legal issues that have been shaking the entire eSports betting industry lately. Well, AlphaDraft is just another casualty in that process. Earlier this year, we've all witnessed lots of negative public exposure related to various eSports betting sites. Some of the industry's biggest names such as Valve, EA Sports, Vulcun and now AlphaDraft were struck by these scandals. The focal point of all this was reasonable. Lawmakers tried to put an end to illegal teenage gambling, but in the process, they took down many decent websites who weren't really encouraging it.

What caused AlphaDraft to take such a drastic step?

This time around, AlphaDraft was put in a bad position after a ruling by the Nevada Gaming Commission. They agreed that daily fantasy sports (DFS) should be considered as illeVulcun 100% legal US CA esports bettinggal gambling and ordered AlphaDraft to stop all operations in their state. Soon enough, a lot of other states agreed on the ruling and AlphaDraft had nothing else to do but to stop with their operations altogether. It is really that simple. In other words, eSports fantasy drafts went from being 100% legal to 100% illegal across the States. What's even worse is the fact that FanDuel bought AlphaDraft just a month before this ruling. Unfortunately, the ruling was approved and both FanDuel and AlphaDraft suffered great loses because of this.

What are good AlphaDraft alternatives?

After its closure, people are looking for good AlphaDraft alternatives. This is completely understandable, but unfortunately, they are left with not that many viable options. A couple of fantasy draft betting websites have already gone down and stopped with their operations. Luckily, there is one that might just suit the needs of ex AlphaDraft customers. The website that I am talking about is DraftKings. They were, by far, the biggest competition to AlphaDraft. As such, it's pretty clear that they will be satisfied with what happened to their competitors.

DraftKings 101

As we already stated above, DraftKings is the best of all AlphaDraft alternatives out there. This is not only due to the fact that they are really customer-friendly. They also have a great variety of eSports titles available for fantasy draft games. Some of them are available daily while others, who don't have so many popular tournaments, are featured when they have live events happening at that time. For the time being, folks at DraftKings are mainly focusing on League of Legends daily fantasy draft games. With the upcoming Intel Extreme Masters and All-Stars tournaments in LoL, there are definitely going to be interesting fantasy drafts available.

Betting alternatives for European players

If you are based in Europe i have some very bad news for you – you are going to have a rather tough time finding daily fantasy eSports for cash. The laws tend to get strict when it comes to this matter. Luckily, you can still bet on regular eSports betting sites. Truth be told, none of them feature daily fantasy games, but regular games are often just as much fun. With betting giants such as Bet365, Pinnacle and Betway, you can't go wrong in this department.

Each of them offers a huge variety of eSports markets and it would be a shame if you miss out on them. With a good combination of decent odds, plenty of special bets and great withdrawal / deposit options, you should be in for quite a great betting experience. If you want to know more about all the markets these eSports betting sites support, here's a general look regarding them:

League of Legends LogoThe most popular MOBA game is available with plenty of tournaments to follow.


CSGO Counter Strike LogoThe most popular FPS game is also available.


Dota 2Lots of upcoming tournaments are the reason why DotA II is among the featured eSports franchises.


Smite LogoDespite being not such a well-known game, Smite made its way onto the scene.



Starcraft 2It comes as no surprise that the most popular strategy game is featured.



hearthstone-iconMost popular (and pretty much only) fantasy card game that has made it onto the big eSports scene.



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