The Multiversus release date is behind us. The Multiversus open beta release date, to be more precise. Now, everyone can finally start playing this brilliant fighting game and take some of their childhood heroes for a proper spin. Yes, the game is still in an early stage, but everything looks quite polished and well-balanced, it’s no surprise the game is becoming a massive hit, seemingly out of the blue.

What’s all the fuss about, though? Is Multiversus the new Super Smash Bros and are we going to see proper competitions start popping up for this exciting new esports game? All that and more coming right up!

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Keep in mind that, at least for the moment, there are no esports tournaments in Multiversus. But this is bound to change in the foreseeable future, especially if the game’s popularity keeps on growing at the current pace.

What is Multiversus?

Out of all esports genres out there, fighting games are definitely the most versatile bunch. Tekken, Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros… and now Multiversus. Can this brand-new IP climb to the top of the fighting games genre and steal some fame from the big boys?

What is Multiversus all about and can it trade blows with Super Smash Bros, the game it so adorably reminds us of?

In short, Multiversus is a fighting game with platformer elements. It falls into the so-called platformer-fighter game genre. The sole goal in this game, as you’d expect from a Super Smash Bros lookalike, is to kick the opposing players out of the screen.

At the moment, the free rotation includes Finn from Adventure Time, Garnet from Steven Universe, Reindog (original character), and Superman from DC.

All characters have unique abilities and detailed sets of moves that can interact with each other. There are 1v1 and 2v2 battles, with the latter profiting from advanced moves which can lasso and pull enemies or friendlies to facilitate more aggressive gameplay.

Platform-Based Fighting Game

If you want to be more aggressive, you need to pay attention to the map and to the damage counters. Of course, another aspect you’ll have to keep tabs on is the team composition you’re dealing with.

Platforming plays a vital role too. Several maps are currently in the mix, and they all bring forth a different gameplay setup. Some are fully closed with more room for errors early on. Some have smaller platforms, some have several separate platforms, and some even have two layers for even more chaos. So yeah, considering all that, it’s safe to say the platforming elements do matter in Multiversus.

How to Get Multiversus?

Nowadays, getting Multiversus is no longer a lengthy task. The game is now officially in open beta which means it can be downloaded for free no matter where you are. All you have to do is go to the official Multiversus download page, select the platform you wish to play it on and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once the game is downloaded, depending on the platform you’re playing, you might need to log into your WB account (if you already have one). If you don’t have a Warner Bros account, you’ll have to create one before you can start playing Multiversus.

How to Play Multiversus?

Now this is a particularly tricky question. There’s no definitive answer here. The easiest one would be fairly simple – just boot the game up, choose your fighter and go through a couple of tutorial rounds. Two or three rounds should be enough for you to get the hang of the character you’ve chosen.

But just because you’ve gotten the hang of your character, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be successful in real fights against real folks.

Here are some guidelines to help you remove any teething issues with Multiversus that you’re bound to stumble upon, sooner rather than later:

Learn One Character

This one goes without saying. The key tip that you’ll get for every single fighting game out there is to learn one character. Don’t just learn it – master it. It will be difficult due to the Multiversus rotation mechanics, but you can still get fairly acquainted with a character during the free rotation and then purchase it right after the end of the period. This way you’ll have one character you can pick no matter who’s on the opposing end… not that it matters this early into the game anyways.

Don’t limit yourself to just one character. When you’re feeling comfortable with one, examine the other one. The more characters you learn, the better you’ll be able to play with them… and the better you’ll be able to counter them.

If you head on over to collection, select the character you’re interested in and click on the move list in the bottom left corner of the screen, the game will show you everything you can do with that character. If some terminology is hard to understand, head on over to the glossary section which features all the explanations.

Pay Attention to the Cooldowns

Most attacks in the game are pretty fast – almost instant, actually. However, the game would be absolutely unbalanced if players could simply spam their character’s most OP move and win the game. This is why Multiversus introduced cooldown mechanics to many of its special abilities.

Even though it might seem a bit restrictive and limiting at first, getting used to these mechanics won’t take too long. It will take one or two days to get used to cooldowns and learn how to deploy your special moves to surprise opponents and throw them out of bounds.

Keep Tabs on Attack Decay

This one goes alongside the one above – attack decays. If you’re spamming regular attacks too much, the game will limit their damage and stun potential (read knockback). It’s not too big of a deal, though, especially considering the fact all Multiversus characters greatly benefit from a wide palette of available attacks.

Of course, there are more advanced tactical elements to these types of fighting games. But, considering the fact Multiversus is still a brand-new game, there’s no point in sharing advanced techniques right off the bat. The game is still in open beta and there are no esports tournaments yet. For now, the most important thing about Multiversus is to have fun playing it.

How Does Multiversus Compare to Other Fighting Games?

Multiversus can’t really be compared to the likes of Tekken, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. All three of them are fighting games, yes, but their gameplay differences couldn’t be any bigger. The only game which looks and feels similar to Multiversus is the game it’s practically based on – Super Smash Bros. That said, comparisons to Super Smash Bros are only logical….

Comparisons to Smash Bros are Only Logical

Obviously, these two games are very much alike. Super Smash Bros is the icon among all competitive fighting games out there, so it’s no surprise to see people draw parallels to Multiversus. After all, we’re talking about two platformer-fighter games which have similar gameplay mechanics and core gameplay elements.

However, Super Smash Bros offers a lot more in terms of single-player or party options. The campaign can offer hours and hours of fun for several players, whereas Multiversus doesn’t feature such a game mode (at least not yet).

And while Super Smash Bros is mainly focused on free-for-alls and 1v1 fights, Multiversus’ competitive aspects seem to be pointing towards the 2v2 stage. Different characters benefit from having each other nearby, not just through customizable perks but through a wide variety of tactical moves that can make or break fights in an instance.

At the moment, there are seventeen playable characters in Multiversus. But, judging by what we’ve seen thus far from the developers, a lot more are bound to come with future updates.

In fact, we already know two characters whose release is just around the corner – Rick and Morty. Joker, Daenerys, The Hound, Godzilla, and Raven are all speculated to come out by the end of the year, but those are just rumours for the time being.

We’re looking at a fighting game that lets us play as LeBron James against the likes of Taz and Harley Quinn. But when talking about the most popular Multiversus characters, these five top all charts:

Arya Stark (3000 coins to unlock)

Arya Stark from Game of Thrones is an easy choice when it comes to popularity. She is one of the most beloved characters from the franchise and surely one of the fiercest warriors too. In-game, she’s excellent. Her ability to combine dodges with quick damage bursts and backstabs make her one of the most agile characters in the game.

But excellent comes at a high cost. You see, to unlock Arya Stark you’ll need to spend 3000 coins. That’s quite a large number, but shouldn’t take you more than two or three game sessions to get because you’ll be getting a ton of coins as you level up at first.

Considering everything mentioned above, Arya Stark seems like a fairly viable pick early on. With the right teammate, she can do wonders and run circles around the opposition.

Tom & Jerry (3000 coins to unlock)

Of course, Tom & Jerry were always going to be among the most popular characters in a fighting game. The beloved duo that raised several generations of children shines the most at long-range duels and can effectively toss the opposition around without going too near to them.

You basically have to use Jerry as ammunition. This will save you from the hassle of coming in for close-quarter combat. You can simply stay at long range and wait to see what your opponent does next. This early into the game, with Tom & Jerry you could be untouchable with the right long-range setup.

Finn (2000 coins to unlock)

Finn is a great initiator. His dashes and easily spammable combos with massive hitboxes make him one of the most OP characters in the game right now. He’s probably the most hated one too. He’s just so simple to play – every move is rewarding, and you can easily outlast even the strongest combinations.

His backpack spin has a big hitbox and sends opponents to great heights which is a great way of scoring early points. But we’re likely to see things change in the future. Considering the amount of hate Finn the Human is currently getting from the Multiversus community, a nerf in the next update is almost guaranteed at this point.

Harley Quinn (2000 coins to unlock)

Everyone’s favorite Batman villain is a real danger in this game. Her set of abilities and moves is astonishing, focusing on knocking ability and remote traps which deal damage, debuffs, and knockbacks.

Her arsenal truly is well-versed, making here one heck of a DC villain to beat. If used properly, traps, mallets, and all, she’s insanely good at controlling not just the map but the game’s tempo too. She’s a bit tricky to play, however, the learning curve isn’t that steep… you’ll realize what we’re referring to once you take her for a spin.

Shaggy (1500 coins to unlock)

Next up, Shaggy! Yep, believe it or not – Shaggy is a really popular Multiversus character. Why is that so? Perhaps players simply love Shaggy – perhaps Shaggy is their spirit animal? Or perhaps they’re just big fans of Scooby Doo. Whatever the reason may be, one thing is certain – Shaggy is no pushover!

Clumsiness is Shaggy’s specialty. I am not even kidding. Most of his moves reflect on his clumsy nature. But he’s not just clumsy – he’s an absolute menace on the server too. His moves aren’t that long-range, but can effectively get the best of his opponents without exposing himself too much.

When enraged, Shaggy’s specialty, his attacks deal a lot more damage and his specials have even more knockback. This will result in longer throws and higher chance of throwing someone out of bounds.

Multiversus Esports Tournaments

Multiversus is a competitive fighting game that’s in many ways similar to what we’ve come to expect from the Super Smash Bros franchise. That said, it’s pretty obvious that Multiversus has competitive play in mind, one way or another.

But, at least for the moment, there are no tournaments in sight. This will change soon enough, but right now, there are no news about competitive Multiversus events. However, a small tournament has taken place during EVO 2022. Here’s a short clip of one of the highlights:

Multiversus Season 1 Delayed

Unfortunately, not everything has been smooth sailing for the game. You see, just recently the developers had to disappoint their fans with postponed content.

The game’s inaugural season of competitive play had to be postponed. With it, the release of Morty had to be postponed too. Big delays are popping up left and right just slightly more than a week following the game’s open beta release. Fingers crossed this isn’t going to become a tradition.

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Multiversus FAQs

How to Play Multiversus Closed Alpha?

You can’t; not anymore! You see, Multiversus is now available for play completely free of charge and without any additional requirements which were in place during its earlier development stages. Nowadays, all you have to do is download the game, log in, and start playing.

The wait is all over, boys and girls. Multiversus doesn’t require you to get any codes from Twitch drops and all those shenanigans. Now, all you have to do is download the game, register or log into your Warner Bros account and you’re good to go.

Keep in mind that Multiversus is not to be mistaken with Rumbleverse. It’s a game with a somewhat similar name that’s coming out on August 11th.

There’s no need to give a direct answer to this question, really. For starters, Super Smash Bros is a game that’s already several iterations old. The different iterations brought incremental changes and now form a series of fighting games that left an imprint on several generations of gamers.

On the other hand, Multiversus is a similar game. But, it sports different game mechanics, has a different art style (arguable), and most importantly – it’s not even a full game yet. We just can’t do concrete comparisons of these two… at least not yet.

At the moment, Multiversus doesn’t have any esports tournaments. No surprises in this department. After all, the game hasn’t been out long enough for a proper competitive scene to spring to life. We’ll have to wait a few more months to see the first notable Multiversus events.

Unfortunately, you can’t, at least not at the moment. There are still no proper Multiversus tournaments that you could bet on. That’s not surprising, really, considering the game is still in a very early phase and will take much longer for its esports scene to start flourishing.

But Multiversus is enjoying a ton of popularity. If things keep being like this, we’re bound to have first big esports events in a matter of months. With them, we’re also bound to have Multiversus betting options too.

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