Madden NFL Betting Online – Complete Betting Guide

Madden NFL betting involves betting on tournaments around the popular EA video game. Enjoy tips to wager on this game in tournaments that are free for all to play.

Best Madden NFL Betting Sites

  1. 1xbet
  2. Rivalry
  3. Lootbet
  5. Betway
  6. Betonline-ag
  8. Mybookie
  9. Thunderpick
  10. 22bet

What is Madden NFL Betting?

Madden NFL betting is the act of placing bets on the players and events in Madden NFL tournaments. Basically, it is an esports bet on events involving gamers battling it out on their Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Therefore, it’s only right that we go through the game itself to understand each stake that you make. Let’s take a look at the history and breakdown of Madden NFL betting.

What is Madden NFL Esports?

Following the effect of the pandemic on sports, top NFL authorities are utilizing the potential in esports games. This involves the use of the popular American football video game Madden NFL.

Madden NFL esports was organised to reward the best Madden player among the NFL fans to give them a sense of belonging. According to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, “Competitive gaming and esports are the most exciting ways to interact with a broad, young and digital-savvy NFL audience.”

You too can participate with your Xbox or Playstation console if you follow the Madden esports rules for registration. Moreover, games are usually available for viewing on Youtube and Twitch.

History of Madden NFL

In 1989 Madden NFL began as John Madden Football, a computer program product for Apple II. On the other hand, the Sega Genesis system in 1990 and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991 were instrumental in popularizing the series.

In 1993, it obtained full licensing and began publishing titles matching each NFL season for several gaming platforms. Thereafter, the name was changed to Madden NFL. The game lends its name from the Pro Football Hall of Fame coach and commentator John Madden.

Madden NFL created unique game-play options in the early twenty-first century, enhancing the NFL experience and selling more than 250 million copies. Furthermore, advancements in realistic player movement and dynamics has increased the game's popularity.

However, other video game software firms were legally compelled to stop NFL products. This caused worries over EA's desire to continue improving the franchise in a market with no competition.

Notwithstanding these doubts, Madden NFL 2007 smashed sales records, selling over 3.9 million units and cementing the franchise's supremacy in NFL gaming.

Madden NFL Odds

Currently, Madden NFL doesn’t offer any odds to bet on. But similar to Madden NFL betting, there are simulated odds. Let's take a look at some of the betting options in Madden NFL simulation events:

  • Moneyline: The moneyline odds represent the probability for each team to win a game. The moneyline differentiates the favourite from the underdog.
  • Spread: In the NFL, either team will win or lose by a certain number of points. You can wager on the point-spread that you expect a team to win or lose by.
  • Over and Under: Whether it's the number of points in a given game or the number of wins for a team in a given tournament, you can place bets on game statistics that you expect teams to exceed or not exceed.

Live Betting on Madden NFL

A pre-match bet on NFL games online is the most common type of wager. This may even include pre-tournament bets on eventual winners with the aim of exploiting the favourable odds. However, in-game betting, if you are watching live, is one of the most exciting bets.

Madden esports games are streamed on platforms accessible to everyone, such as Twitch and YouTube. You can see the dynamics of the game and use your knowledge of the gaming mechanics to make easier predictions with live Madden NFL betting odds.

Tips for Madden NFL Betting Online

It’s simple to set up a Madden esports betting account and place quality bets without risk. Safe and standard bets include avoiding bad betting sites and improving the quality of your bets with bonuses. Let's take a look at the best Madden betting tips.

Steps for Betting on Madden NFL

To enjoy betting on Madden NFL games and tournaments, these are 5 important steps to follow:

  1. Choose the best Madden NFL esports betting site or install the Madden betting app for mobile and register.
  2. Adopt a betting strategy. This will help you place bets in an orderly manner.
  3. Set aside a healthy bankroll.
  4. Make use of bonuses to boost your bankroll and increase your playing time.
  5. Always research every event and Madden NFL betting odds that you wager on.

Select the Best Madden NFL Betting Sites

Getting the right esports site for Madden 21 online betting is the foundation of enjoying the activity. If you want the best odds, the best bonuses, optimal security and banking methods then you must pick correctly.

Here’s how you select the best esports sites for Madden NFL:

  • Security: If you’re going to bet on Madden NFL betting online, security is essential. You’re going to share some personal data as well as transaction details. Protecting this information is important to every punter.
    Some websites make use of security protocols like the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to guard users against hackers. One way to ensure that you’re secure is by checking that the gambling operator has a reputable license.
  • Bonuses: Different gambling operators provide different promotions to their customers. Some bonuses are larger than others. However, a good promotion offer is known from the terms and conditions, and the wagering requirements.
    Madden NFL betting esports bonuses are more enjoyable when you can play for longer. Therefore, a generous bonus with a low wager is recommended when signing up at a new madden esports betting site.
  • Banking Methods: You should be able to make quick transactions when possible and necessary. More importantly, you should have a variety of esports payment solutions that can come in handy depending on your preference.
    Top esports banking methods for Madden NFL betting sites include Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, bank transfer and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

3 Best Madden NFL Betting Sites

The best Madden NFL betting sites provide you with security, bonuses, a variety of banking methods and other features. Below are the top three esports betting providers for you online:

1xbet Madden Esports Review

1xbet is unique in the sense that it not only triples your first deposit and provides you with gambling security. You can also take advantage of the daily esports accumulator specials provided by the 1xbet esports experts.

Bonus Pros
200% bonus on your first deposit
  • Enjoy many payment solutions
  • Daily esports accumulator odds
  • Android and iOS mobile apps are available

Rivalry Madden Esports Review

Rivalry esports betting site follows a modern style for a betting site, with state-of-the-art payment solutions like bitcoin. Take advantage of the impressive promotion offer that doubles your first deposit as high as $100.

Bonus Pros
$100 first deposit bonus
  • Enjoy many payment solutions
  • Great odds on your esports events
  • Over 20 esports titles to enjoy

Lootbet Madden Esports Review

Lootbet offers flexible esports betting markets like the 3-way option that lets you wager on draws. You can exploit these competitive odds and markets with the promotion offers, and prizes from leaderboards.

Bonus Pros
€100 first deposit bonus
  • Cryptocoin banking methods
  • Smooth website display
  • Fair bonus terms and conditions

Play Madden NFL Tournaments

Unlike conventional esports tournaments, Madden NFL competitions are focused on reaching out to casual gamers. This means that if you fulfil the conditions, you too can participate in the competition.

Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the NFL said in August 2017 “Working with EA to develop the Madden NFL Club Championship gives us a unique opportunity to capture the excitement in the NFL and the passion of our fans through a competition that everyone can participate in”.

Top Madden NFL Esports Tournaments

The producers of Madden NFL, Electronic Arts host annual tournaments in a Madden Championship Series for fans to partake in. The theme of Madden ‘22 MCS is “Be the GOAT” – a call for fans to compete for the global number one spot for a prize pool of $1.65 million.

Below are some of the best Madden ‘21 online betting competitions in the series that you can bet on as well as rules on how to join and play:

Ultimate Kickoff

Date Console Type Prize Pool Number of Teams
7 – 8 September 2021 Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S $150,000 8

Ultimate Thanksgiving

Date Console Type Prize Pool Number of Teams
19 – 24 November 2021 Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S $250,000 8

Ultimate Wild Card

Date Console Type Prize Pool Number of Teams
13 – 14 January 2022 Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S $250,000 8

Ultimate Madden Bowl

Date Console Type Prize Pool Number of Teams
13th February 2022 Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S $1,000,000 14

How to Join

The MCS 22 tournament starts at the Ultimate Kickoff stage and leads all the way to the Ultimate Madden Bowl stage. Participating is very simple and easy; you should meet the following conditions:

  • You must be 16 or older.
  • You must reside in the US, UK, Mexico, Germany or Canada.
  • You must play on either a Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X|S.

If you meet these conditions, all you have to do is use either the Playstation or Xbox link to register and fill in all the necessary details.

Alternative Esports Betting Games

Esports gaming has developed alongside the internet. Today, players can compete in popular video games online and win large sums. Naturally, bookmakers have now provided fans with the opportunities to make predictions on their preferred games.

Besides Madden NFL esports betting, you can also wager on the esports games like FIFA, League of Legends (LoL), Dota 2, Rocket League, Fortnite and King of Glory.

Is it Legal to Bet on Madden NFL?

If you want to bet on Madden NFL, we can with ease tell you that there is no need to be concerned. You can wager on Madden esports tournaments from anywhere around the globe. On the other hand, laws and gambling regulations vary depending on where you are located. If you for example are located in the US, and the state you live in does not allow punters to bet, you can simply sign up on an online sportsbook that is situated in a different state or country.

Because these online sportsbooks are situated in other countries, they are not subject to US rules.

This implies that there is no danger or risk in betting on Madden through these services. Simply sign up for an account to have access to all of the greatest esports odds and lines.

The Future of Madden NFL esports Betting

The effect of the pandemic prompted NFL authorities in conjunction with EA Sports to create an esports gaming community for the fans. However, this would not be possible without the success of the Madden NFL game itself.

Therefore, just like FIFA esports, Madden NFL esports will flourish the more the game gets successful. It is already EA Sports’ biggest franchise in the US. Additionally, with sales to increase 20% this year, it is set to go beyond borders and get worldwide reception.

Inevitably, this introduces even more people to Madden NFL esports tournaments and, consequently, Madden NFL betting. The Madden NFL 22 initial release date is slated for the 20th of August, and we can only expect even more growth.

Madden NFL FAQs

What are the best betting sites for betting Madden NFL?

Select the best esports betting sites by looking at the available bonuses, banking methods, licensing and security. Check out our recommendations in this article and enjoy the best betting sites.

How do I play Madden NFL?

You can play the game on an Xbox or Playstation console. You can also partake in the upcoming MCS 22 tournaments organized by EA Sports if you’re over 16 and are a resident of Mexico, Canada, Germany, the US and the UK.

How do I bet on Madden NFL?

Bet on Madden NFL games online by registering on a good esports betting site. Select a site from our recommendations, make a deposit, claim a bonus and place your bets.

Is Madden an esport?

Absolutely! Madden NFL is played as an esports game among fans. The developers of the game, EA Sports, hosts tournaments for fans to participate in and win real cash prizes.

Who is the best Madden player?

Players like XSET JOKE and JONBEAST stand out. But, unlike a lot of other esports games and tournaments, Madden NFL tournaments do not feature organizations founded specifically for the game. It features fans from all over the world, so it's hard to call out just one player as the best.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Madden NFL Betting Verdict

It’s simple – Madden NFL betting is thoroughly exciting. This is because you can wager on the esports games, but you can also view on popular platforms like Twitch and YouTube, and you can participate in the events yourself.

You just have to make sure that you follow our step-by-step guide on the best tips to play the Madden 2021 esport odds. Find how-tos on other related esports competitions and games on our page and enjoy esports betting.

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