Free Fire World Series Betting 2022

Free Fire World Series (FFWS) is an international tournament organized by Garena. The competition holds twice a year. The 2022 FFWS will start on May 14th, featuring top competitors around the globe. Many esports bettors worldwide are looking forward to this event as it allows them to wager on the teams participating in the tournament. Here is your complete guide to Free Fire World Series betting in 2022.

Best Betting Sites for the Free Fire World Series 2022

  1. Rivalry
  2. Betway
  3. GG.Bet
  4. Arcanebet
  5. Betfair

Free Fire Betting Markets/Options

When betting on Free Fire, there are a wealth of options and betting markets from which to choose: here are some of the most common. You may notice that many of these are similar to other shooters, such as CS:GO betting or VALORANT betting.

Pre-match bets vs in-play bets

The bet you place before and during the game are referred to as pre-match betting and in-play betting, respectively. Remember that the time you bet has a significant influence on your FFWS betting markets, as market fluctuations (bets coming in on either side) can greatly influence the odds.

Free Fire Outrights

This is a common Free Fire betting option. It enables players to wager on a player or team that will take the first position at one of the significant FFWS events throughout the year.

Win/draw/lose odds on Free Fire

This is a simple betting option available at top esports betting sites, and for most shooter esports. Simply bet whether the team will win or lose a match.

Map odds vs match odds

As with most shooter esports, you can bet on individual maps as well as overall matches.

Other betting options

Other popular markets include betting on the player with the highest kills, the last man standing, the first kill on the map, and many more.

Free Fire World Series 2022

The Free Fire World Series is a thrilling esports tournament that attracts competitors from different parts of the world. The event will be held in Singapore, and it is sure to attract wagers from thousands of bettors and millions of views from fans.

The last edition of the FFWS (2021 in Singapore) attracted 5.4 million online viewers, which was a ground-breaking esports achievement in history. Now Garena is looking to do even better with the 2022 edition.

Free Fire World Series 2022 will be the third edition of the most anticipated international Free Fire tournament, bringing the world's top esports teams together. The competition will be held in Sentosa, an island located on the southern coast of Singapore. The event will kick off in May 2022, running from May 14th to May 21st.

Tournament Overview

The FFWS 2022 is a global esports tournament consisting of eighteen teams from twelve regional leagues. The competition is divided into two stages: the play-in stages and the world series finals. In the FFWS 2022 eighteen teams will be competing for a $2 million total prize pool.

Ten teams will be competing for a final spot during the play-ins. The best four teams will proceed to compete with the other finals teams, who already have a spot in the tournament. Teams will compete in six rounds across three different maps in the group stage. A winner is expected to emerge in every match. The points awarded will be based on the number of kills and round ranking.

The teams that will participate in the play-ins stage are as follows:

  • Today
  • Key
  • House of Blood
  • Fuego
  • Ignis Esports
  • Echo Esports
  • LGDS
  • Attack All-Around
  • V Gaming
  • All-Stars Esports

The teams have qualified for Free Fire World Series through regional tournaments. As stated earlier, the 22 teams participating in the tournament will come from 13 Free Fire regions. The participating regions are Europe, America, Latin, Cambodia, Malaysia, Latin America, Middle East, North Africa, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Indonesia, Pakistan, North America, Pakistan, and Brazil.

The FFWS 2022 finals will follow the same format, which requires the team to compete in six rounds across three Free Fire maps. Likewise, the teams in the final will accumulate points through round-ranking and the number of kills. The teams who have already qualified for the finals are in the finals are:

  • LOUD
  • Mineros eSports
  • Vasto Mundo
  • Team Flash
  • WASK
  • EVOS Phoenix
  • Farang Esports

The teams to look out for in the finals include Loud, and EVOS Phoenix. These teams have recorded tremendous success at international Free Fire Series Tournaments, winning 2nd World Series 2021, 1st World Series 2021, respectively.

Finals Teams

Team LOUD Mineros eSports Vasto Mundo Team Flash WASK EVOS Phoenix Farang Esports
Country Brazil Latin America (Argentina/Chile) Europe (Portugal/Italy) Vietnam MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) Thailand Malaysia
Players Kronos
From C
Moises C
Beo C
League Liga Brasileira de Free Fire Free Fire League Latinoamerica Europe Pro League Vietnam Free Fire League Arab League Master League MCP Majors
Achievements *Winners 2nd World Series (2021 Singapore) *Winners 6th World Series (2019 Rio) *Winners 1st World Series (2021 Singapore)

Play-ins Teams

Team Key Is Esports Fuego All-Stars E-Sport House of Blood
Country Brazil Latin America North America MENA Pakistan
League Liga Brasileira de Free Fire Free Fire League Latinoamerica Free Fire Pro Series Arab League Pro League Pakistan
Team V Gaming Attack All-Around ECHO Esports Today LGDS
Country Vietnam Thailand Indonesia Malaysia Taiwan
League Vietnam Free Fire League Pro League Thailand Indonesia Masters MCP Majors Champions Cup Taiwan

Tournament Schedule

The tournament starts on May 14th, with twelve teams competing for a spot in the finals. The first two teams in this stage will join the other ten pre-qualified squads on May 21st. Here is the tournament schedule:

May 14th – May 21st, 2022 Eighteen Teams from ten Regional Leagues.
May 14th, 2022 10 teams with the best four teams moving to the finals.
May 21st, 2022 Top four from the group stage will compete with eight invited teams.

How to bet on Free Fire World Series

The first step is to choose reliable esports betting sites. When looking for the best FFWS betting sites, some of the factors to consider include ease of use, welcome bonus, pay-out options, system compatibility, market variety, etc. Register at your chosen betting site. Make your deposit and claim welcome bonuses if there are any. Visit the esports page and select your preferred betting option. Then, select the FFWS team or players to bet on. From then on, you need to choose your FFWS bets wisely, of course.

Where to watch Free Fire World Series 2022 – Right here!

Naturally, you need to watch a game to understand what you are betting on. Before placing your FFWS bets, you need to check the latest results, upcoming tournaments, rooster changes, etc. This way, you can make an informed betting decision. You can check the games out on the Garena Free Fire YouTube channel, and Twitch. In fact, we have the link to the match right here!


Free Fire World Series is scheduled to commence on May 14th with top teams from different parts of the globe. The matches will be streamed live on Twitch and YouTube channels. You need to stay informed regarding the latest developments and changes in the Free Fire World series scene before placing a bet on the team or players. Check our full article on Free Fire betting here.

Free Fire World Series Betting FAQs

When is the 2022 Free Fire World Series?

The Free Fire World Series 2022 will run from May 14th to May 21st, 2022. The tournament has two sections: play-ins and finals.

Where can I bet on Free Fire World Series?

You can bet on Free Fire World Series at reputable esports betting sites like Rivalry, Betway, GG.Bet, Arcanebet, Betfair and hosts of others. These esports bookies feature different betting options and cover a wide range of esports games.

Is betting on Free Fire World Series legal?

Yes, betting on Free Fire World Series is legal if your country or region does not prohibit online gambling. Also, you must register at a licensed betting site only. We have mentioned some at the top of the article.

Who is the favourite to win the Free Fire World Series 2022?

There are several teams with good chances of winning the FFWS tournaments. One of the teams that might likely win the competition is Vasto Mundo, along with Loud and Evos Phoenix.

Where will the Free Fire World Series 2022 take place?

The FFWS 2022 will be held in Sentosa, an island on the Southern Coast of Singapore. Judging from the overwhelming number of online viewers in the last edition, this event is expected to attract millions of online viewers worldwide.

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