Get ready to learn about one of Spain’s most famous Esports organizations – the Movistar Riders. This Esports org has done a lot in their short time in the professional scene, and with the following knowledge and info about them, you’ll be able to make precise Movistar betting decisions that’ll bring you some hard-earned winnings.

Who are Movistar Riders?

Movistar Riders are a Spanish organization that was founded in 2017. Since then, the organization has taken part in multiple Esports titles such as League of Legends, Call of Duty, CSGO, Clash Royale, FIFA, Rainbow Six Siege, VALORANT, and Hearthstone.

Out of these titles, they’re currently active in LoL, CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege, VALORANT and FIFA. The organization has been marginally successful across all Esports games they took part in but have always come out on top of other Spanish Esports teams.

Nevertheless, they’ve a long way to go before achieving glory and becoming a staple name in the Esports world. After all, they’re still young and have a way to go towards the top.

Still, the amount of experience Movistar Riders have gotten in the various Esports tournaments they participated in is nothing short of extraordinary. The organization constantly plays in a high number of events, from D to A-tier, with the goal of eventually becoming a feared name in Esports.

Here’s what they’ve done so far.

Team History

As far as what the organization has achieved in the past – let’s just say their performances were not really up to the highest Esports standards. With that said, they have been very active throughout the Esports scene, no matter what type of opponent they’re facing.

Full Name Nickname Age Esports Winnings
Javier Prades Elyoya 21 League of Legends $46,735
Jordi Bodro FOSKITo 20 Rainbow Six Siege $3,350
Alvaro Garcia SunPayus 22 CSGO $4,866
Andoni Payo AndoniiPM 22 FIFA $27,427
Alejandro Masanet Candela alex 25 CSGO $51,859

Starting with CSGO, the Movistar Riders team is currently ranked as the 15th best team in the world. Not too shabby considering the likes of Astralis, FaZe, NaVi, NiP, and others. Still, their history here is not filled with too many higher-end victories.

The Movistar CSGO team started their competitive career in 2017 and since then have amassed just one commendable placement in a major tournament (A-Tier at least) – they finished 3rd/4th at the Copenhagen Games 2019 tournament.

Movistar Riders also took part in a few S-Tier tournaments but finished bottom of the pack every single time. Still, the team is doing great at B and C-Tier tournaments grabbing first places on a regular basis. Not enough to push them into the top 10 CSGO teams unfortunately.

Moving onto Rainbow Six Siege, the Movistar Riders were never quite up to snuff in terms of competitive play and as such, never competed in a tournament higher than C-Tier. And even there, over the course of their 4-year R6S existence, they only managed to win 3 C-Tier tournaments.

Their FIFA history isn’t filled with much victory and joy either with Movistar FIFA players not getting a single one over 4 years. The closest they’ve gotten to winning a tournament was in December 2019 at the ION Finals Bilbao 2019 where Andoni lost in the finals against QLASH Spain’s player Ralfitita. Movistar’s players usually crash out before the finals or even the semi-finals, so it hasn’t been looking good for them at all.

VALORANT is a familiar story of success (or lack thereof) for Movistar Riders. Their only tournament victory was in the Legion Defiance Cup (C-Tier) in 2020; the first tournament they entered as a professional VALORANT team.

Movistar Riders’ Call of Duty history was also a short-lived one. The team was active from 2017 to 2019 with only one Major tournament victory during that time. They came first in the GAME Stadium Playoffs in 2017.

Lastly, let’s talk about their League of Legends division. The Movistar LoL team was originally supposed to be part of the new franchised League system when LEC was first introduced. However, talks broke down and Movistar Riders missed out on participation.

The reason was never given. Since 2017, the only LoL tournament that this team has won was SuperLiga Orange Season 19 against G2 Arctic.

Their highest Major tournament position was 3rd/4th in the European Masters Spring 2020.

While their Esports history is not a bright one, Movistar Riders can still cause headaches to teams, although this is rare. They’re perfectly adequate to compete in lower-tiered tournaments (across all divisions) but who knows what the future brings.

Movistar Riders Successes

Game Tournament Place Date Roster
CSGO Copenhagen Games 2019 3rd/4th 20.04.2019. Mopoz, mixwell, SOKER, ALEX, DeathZz
FIFA FIFA 21 Global Series EU Qualifier 3 PS4 3rd 21.02.2021. AndoniiPM
League of Legends European Masters Spring 2020 3rd/4th 09.05.2020. Beansu, Elyoya, Xico, JaVaaa, rhuckz
VALORANT Legion Defiance Cup 1st 21.10.2020. Dragunov, scarx, Kiles, doAm, koldamenta
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare GAME Stadium Playoffs 2017 1st 09.07.2017. PuNi, Denza, Dean, Sammy

What Games do Movistar Riders Participate in?

Movistar Riders currently participate in 5 games. These include CSGO, LoL, Rainbow Six Siege, FIFA, and VALORANT.


Movistar Riders haven’t really been able to reach the top in CSGO, but they’ve damned well tried. Their current roster is a revised and updated one from the last one, featuring two older players and three new ones.

So now, the roster is made up from alex, mopoz, DeathZz, SunPayus, and dav1g. The team is currently ranked as the #15th best in the world; a major upgrade over their previous position. Before the new roster was acquired, the Movistar CSGO team was #66th best.

This is a positive sign for all fans; if the team can continue this upwards trend and keep their performances at a constant level, they might soon break into the fabled top 10 of the world. Only time will tell.

League of Legends

The Movistar LoL was launched in 2017 albeit with a completely different roster than today. Still, they haven’t managed to win that much back then, nor nowadays, but they’ll have a new chance at glory in the 2022 season.

Today’s roster is made up of five players, most of which have been in the organization since the end of 2020. So it’s a fairly new team. These players are Marky, Maxlore, xKenzuke, Venzer, and DuaLL.

The team’s highest Major tournament position was 3rd/4th at the 2020 European Masters Spring Circuit. Movistar Riders couldn’t continue this form until the Summer Circuit and thus, finished a lowly 10th.

Rainbow Six Siege

Movistar Riders started competing in Rainbow Six Siege in 2018 and have since then won three C-Tier tournaments (ESL Masters España Season 1, Spain Nationals Season 2 Regular Season, and the Drone Cup 2020).

Apart from that, the team hadn’t seen much success and generally finished somewhere in the middle or bottom of the table. Their current roster consists of FOSKITo, Billordo, Kuriboh, Goga, and their newest addition – ag.


Currently, two players play for Movistar Riders in FIFA – AndoniiPM and tuga810. Tuga joined in September 2021 whilst Andonii has been with the team since 2017. Unfortunately, none of the players have ever managed to win anything; their highest finish came in 2019 (2nd place) when Andoni lost in the ION Finals Bilbao 2019 tournament in the finals.

Nonetheless, Andonii impressed in the FIFA 21 Global Series EU PS4 Playoffs by finishing 5th – out of 64 players. Things seem to be looking better for them as they aim for even better performances in the near future.


Movistar Riders’ VALORANT hasn’t seen much success in the past two years (they started competing in 2020), but both the game and their roster are new so who knows how they’ll fare in the future.

In any case, their entire roster is new with the latest player joining in September 2021. The team is made up of kamyk, Dext, Filu, Quick, and Rias.

There’s one shining example of how potent the team could be and that is victory in the Legion Defiance Cup in 2020 – the first tournament they entered.

Upcoming Movistar Riders Event Participations

Esports Event Name Date Total Prize Money
CSGO PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Challenger Series 26.10.2021 – 29.10.2021 $2,000,000
CSGO ESEA Premier Season 39 Europe 02.11.2021 $50,000
CSGO ESL Masters Spain Season 10 Finals 12.11.2021 $9,000
CSGO V4 Future Sports Festival 2021 14.11.2021 – 21.11.2021 $380,000
League of Legends Iberian Cup 2021 19.10.2021 – 14.11.2021 €20,000
VALORANT LVP Rising Series Finale 25.10.2021 – 06.11.2021 €20,000

Movistar Riders Betting for Beginners

Whilst Movistar Riders are not a terrible Esports organization in terms of the players they field and their performances, they aren’t of the highest caliber. Not one of their teams have shown long-term improvement, although there are a couple of moments of brilliance throughout their history.

Unfortunately, this means it’s rather complicated to bet on Movistar Riders. They usually don’t participate in S-Tier tournaments (as these are technically reserved for the best of teams) and aren’t very threatening in A-Tier tournaments. Anything lower than that and they can hold their own against other teams.

Another downside of this is that most bookies don’t offer betting options for these lower-tier tournaments. You might end up having trouble trying to bet on their teams because of this. However, once you do find a bookie that has this, you’ll most likely be able to make a couple of safe bets. Here’s the gist of it:

Is Movistar Betting a Good Choice?

As it stands right now, it’s only worth betting on Movistar Riders when they’re playing in lower-tier tournaments. They simply don’t have the player and performance caliber of higher-end teams and cannot compete with them for victories.

An upset might happen, but these are rare, and you should bank on them for winning your bets. So, keep your Movistar betting to a minimum in most cases and only place bets when they’re playing against similarly skilled teams in Minor tournaments (across all Esports titles they currently compete in).

Which Types of Bets Should You Place?

Each game is unique and the bets available for them can be drastically different from each other. Bookies usually have multiple bet types for punters so here’s a quick overview of which Movistar Esports betting options you should or shouldn’t go for.


  • Match-winner bets are a great choice when Movistar Riders are playing on Inferno (80% win rate), Nuke (77.8% win rate), and Vertigo (63.2% win rate). Overpass is risky but also a viable option (57.1% win rate)
  • Outrights can be good but be careful; realistically, Movistar Riders have high chances of winning C or B-Tier tournaments
  • SunPayus is currently their best player and usually has 15+ kills per match. Guessing the Total number of Kills is a viable bet type and we’d recommend this player for it

League of Legends

  • Outrights should be avoided; Movistar Riders haven’t won a tournament in a while
  • Match-winner bets should be made with caution; analyze their latest performances in the European Masters Summer 2021 to see what teams they’re good against
  • Movistar Riders usually get First Blood; you have a good chance of winning the First Blood bet type
  • Their average game duration is ~32 minutes; if you plan on placing game duration bets, choose the 30–40-minute option

Rainbow Six Siege

  • Guessing the correct score is risky and not advised
  • Player vs Player bets have a relatively high chance of winning against same-strength or weaker teams; place your bets on FOSKITo
  • Match winner bets should only be placed during the early stages of the tournament (C or D-Tier)


  • Both Movistar Riders players are capable of high tournament finishes – but don’t place any outright bets just yet
  • Andonii is arguably the better player at the moment and usually scores plenty of goals – goals over/under and match-winner bets are good choices here


  • Outrights can be viable in C-and-lower tier tournaments and so can match winner bets
  • For the moment, best to avoid other bet types until the team starts being more consistent

Best Game for Movistar Betting

You’ve got two choices here – either CSGO or FIFA. With regards to CSGO, you’ll have a simpler and easier time placing winning bets, just make sure to keep your expectations neutral. Movistar Riders are great on a couple of maps but if they’re playing in premier tournaments, you won’t find many winning bets.

FIFA is riskier but ultimately, both players seem to be doing well at the moment. Match winner and goals over/under bets are your best choices right now, but maybe outrights will soon become potentially winning options as well.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

In the end, Movistar Riders still have plenty of work to do if they want to be considered one of the better teams. Although there have been instances of great play here and there, it never was enough for them to reach the top.

They’d also need to start being consistent in lower-tier tournaments as well; their teams can certainly win a tournament or two but are never consistent enough to climb the ladder and play against some bigger fish.

Even if you’re a Movistar Riders fan, it’s tough making winning bets because of this fact. You should consider placing a bet on this team if they’re in amazing form and playing against weak opponents. And even then, you’d need to do some quality research to win.

So good luck in your Movistar Riders betting endeavor; hopefully the organization’s teams start playing better soon, thus bringing you more opportunities for betting.

Esports Betting Cover

Movistar Riders Betting FAQs

With experience and low expectations. For each Movistar Riders match, you need to prepare in advance. This is done by looking at their previous performances and stats (ideally by watching VODs and streams). In any case, you need to keep your heart out of it if you’re a fan and your mind clear. Still, the organization is in a precarious position right now so it might take a while before you’re 100% sure they’ll deliver.

LootBet offers an impressive number of Esports tournaments to bet on and this includes smaller ones as well. Considering Movistar Riders mainly participate in smaller tournaments, it would be wise to use this bookie for your Movistar betting needs. Here’s our in-depth Lootbet Betting review.

Avoid all outrights unless the tournament they’re participating in is smaller and lower-tier. This is predominantly because the team aren’t yet good enough to win larger, more prestigious tournaments and as such, these bets are very risky with a low chance of winning.

Though this fact is frustrating to punters due to the inability to properly predict the winning outcomes related to Movistar Riders, it’s even more frustrating to the fans. In any case, the Movistar Riders teams haven’t found their footing yet, nor has the organization attracted any of the best players. Things are, however, looking better so these inconsistency issues might change after all.

Match winner bets are the best at the moment but on the three maps previously mentioned (Inferno, Nuke, Vertigo). The team is the strongest at these maps so you can expect your bets to be winning ones.

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