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TI5 Betting sites:TI5 betting sites Dota 2 The nternational 2015

That time that every Dota 2 fan has waited the whole year for is finally drawing near. With TI5 fast approaching, this is the biggest and the best opportunity for an active Dota 2 bettor to make some money. With more and more people aware and getting into online E-sport betting (mostly beginner gamblers/bettors), there are some soft lines out there to take advantage of! And there is no better place that attracts newbie sports bettors than the biggest international esports tournament in the world. Currently the following esports betting sites offer winner bets for The International 2015: bet-at-home, bet365 and pinnacle sports.

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TI5 winner bets & odds:TI5 winner bets - Dota 2 The International 2015

Analysis: Using a team that everyone should be familiar with by now, the odds on favorites to win TI5, in dominating form at the moment and, by all measures, the best team in the world right now: team Secret. Are they overrated or underrated? At the moment of this writing (2015-07-08), they sit at -114 on Pinnacle. If you sit down and ask yourself whether team Secret actually wins this thing around ~54% of the time, my first response is honestly no (everyone will have different opinions). At this point, I would have to say that team Secret is overrated, pretty significantly so to be honest. Now, just a few sentences ago I called them, without doubt, by any measure, the best team in the world. So how can the undisputed current kings of Dota 2 be overrated at the same time? It is a novel and confusing concept to some people, but it is often the case where the best player/team at anything is overrated to some degree. Everyone knows they are good, the best even, but they are not so much better than other professionals in their craft that they warrant some of the lines that they often command on betting websites. It’s a common phenomenon because it draws in casual and part-time bettors that go for the big names that everyone has heard of and knows is good. They feel like it is safe money to bet on them, which drives the price (the line) up before it is eventually pounded back to a reasonable number by “sharp” bettors.

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TI5 main event day 5 odds bets bet-at-homeTI5 Winner Odds & Bets at Bet-at-home


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TI5 winner odds and bets at pinnaclesports

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