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There are four teams disputing 2 slots for a berth in the main event of the International 2015. Their journey may have been a little short but at least they have a chance on going on the biggest tournament in Dota 2. Each runner-up of the regional qualifiers has been invited to the wild card qualifiers, the four teams will then battle for two slots in the International 2015. Here are the teams that have qualified for the wild card playoffs.

Americas Qualifiers Runner-up: North American Rejects

Active Roster:
Chris Usher: USH
Steven Ashworth: KuroK
Arif Anwar: MSS
Scott Jensen: Chad
Ionnas Loucas: Fogged

Notable Accomplishments:
1st Dota 2 Canada Cup Season 5
1st Gigabyte Challenge #4

The North American Rejects is a fairly new e-sports team in North America. They just formed last year and have been a force to be reckoned with in the American Region Dota 2 scene. They were last years the International 2014 American Qualifier and just missed getting the outright ticket again this year. As a testament to how good they were at the American Dota 2 scene, Natus Vincere briefly had them under their organization playing under the Na’Vi.US tag during the International 2014. After a dismal showing under the Na’Vi.US tag, in which they never finished higher than joint 5th. They were let go by Natus Vincere. They reformed under the North American Rejects tag on March 24th, 2015.

Chinese Qualifiers Runner-up: CDEC Gaming

Active Roster:
Sun Zheng: Agressif
Huang Jiwei: Shiki
Chen Zezhi: XZ
Liu Xinzhou: Garder
Fu Bin: Q

Notable Accomplishments:
2nd ECL 2015 Spring
3rd MarsTV Chinese Qualifier
4th Dota 2 League Season 5

CDEC Gaming is a relatively new comer on the Chinese Dota 2 scene. They were just formed last October 2014 made-up of former members of the LGD Gaming second Dota 2 team, establishing their own Dota 2 e-sports team CDEC Gaming.

European Qualifiers Runner-up: Vega Squadron

Active Roster:
Pavel Hvastunov – 9pashaebashu
Vladimir Minenko – No[o]ne
Andry Chipenko – Mag-
Semion Krivulya – CemaTheSlayeR
Alexei Berezin – Solo

Notable Accomplishments:
1st Esportal Dota 2 League Open Tournament 4
1st Yard G2A Fest Ep. 1
1st Hitbox EU Championship #2

A lot of people have been asking where did Vega Squadron come from. A tier 2 team at best beating some of the more experienced and well-known Dota 2 teams in the European Dota 2 scene to snatch a wild card playoff spot for the International 2015. They managed to beat the Alliance, Ninja In Pyjamas, Hellraisers and Power Rangers for the wild card playoff spot. They have shown some weakness in falling against Natus Vincere in the finals. Europeans are a little more familiar with the Vega Squadron team as they have been an e-sports team since 2012. They are a little more known in Starcraft II circles. Their Dota 2 team has just been recently formed last October 5th, 2014. They have such a tumultuous start to their Dota 2 team, changing rosters almost monthly that people have counted them out on even getting a qualifiers invite. They proved their critics wrong by getting a wildcard qualifier over more well-known and fan favorite teams.

Southeast Asian Qualifier Runner-up: MVP.Phoenix

Active Roster:
Damien Chok – kphoenii
Kim Seon-yeob – QO
Park Tae-won – March
Kim Yong-min – Febby
Wong Jeng Yih – NutZ

Notable Accomplishments:
2nd Korean Dota League Season 4
4th JoinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 1
4th Star Ladder Star Series Season 11

One of the oldest e-sports gaming associations in Southeast Asia. MVP. Phoenix has been one of the juggernauts of Dota 2 in Southeast Asia. They have won multiple championships and command respect throughout the region. Splitting up their Dota 2 teams may have given the MVP organization more chances to win tournaments but have they sacrificed the quality of their teams. Valve seems to think so inviting Team Malaysia over the MVP teams. The MVP teams played with chips on their shoulders taking the two spots going to the International 2015.

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