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Complexity Gaming has topped the North American Regional Qualifiers booking a ticket to the International 2015 at Seattle. Second-place North American Rejects will also go to Seattle but will have to go through the Wild Card phase in order to get to the main event of the International 2015.

The North American Qualifiers were dividedqualified into two groups. Group A which included: North American Rejects, Void Boys, Not Today, Leviathan and Wheel Wreck While Whistling. Group B had: complexity Gaming, mousesports, Team Unknown, ROOT Gaming and eHug.

TI5 American Qualifiers Dota2North American Rejects and CompLexity gaming topped their respective groups which means that they had to lose twice in order to be eliminated. The second place teams were seeded into the lower bracket which was Void Boys and mousesports. People were a little disappointed that Not Today has progressed much deeper into the qualifiers as most the International 2015 Compendium owners seems to have picked Not Today in their top 4.

Mousesports took care of Void boys in the lower bracket 2-0 to set up a do or die battle with North American Rejects in the lower bracket who fell 2-0 against eventual winner compLexity Gaming. The North American Rejects clawed their way into a ticket to Seattle by kicking mousesports out of the tournament via a 2-1 score.

With a ticket to the main event of the International 2015 at stake. CompLexity Gaming proved too much for North American Rejects completely shutting them out to take the spot as the North American Qualifiers winner. The North American Rejects will still have a chance at a spot in Seattle if they win the Wild Card Qualifiers.

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