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The European Regional Qualifiers is probably the most anticipated qualifiers to the International 2015. The European Regional Qualifiers features two former the International winners in Natus Vincere and the Alliance. People have been saying how the mighty have fallen and this qualifier is a chance for the two former champions to show Valve they deserved an the International 2015 outright invite. It was a topsy turvey affair in which most Compendium owners picking the Alliance running off with the direct invite for the International 2015. Considering they are playing very good lately it was not that far-off a prediction.

TI5 Europe Qualifiers Dota2The Alliance was grouped up in group A along with London Conspiracy, 4 Anchors + Sea Captain, HellRaisers and Yellow Submarine. Group B consisted of Vega Squadron, Power Rangers, Natus Vincere, Ninjas of Pyjamas and Burden United. Lots of Compendium owners groaned when the Alliance did not even make it out of the group stages. Group A was topped by 4 Anchors + Sea Captain and Ninjas in Pyjamas while Group B winners were Natus Vincere and Vega Squadron.

Vega Squadron took care of Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-1 in the lower bracket while Natus Vincere relegated 4 Anchors + Sea Captain to the losers bracket also via a 2-1 win. Vega Squadron then shut out 4 Anchors + Sea Captain to book at ticket to Seattle for the International 2015. What is at stake is whether it is a direct invite to the main event or to the wild card qualifiers.

Natus Vincere despite a lousy year is going the International 2015. They faced Vega Squadron for the outright spot in the main event. It was an epic best of five series, highlighted by a Natus Vincere comeback in game 2 via a three man reverse polarity on a Dendi Magnus. Natus Vincere fans are rejoicing as they have earned a ticket to the main event defeating Vega Sqaudron 3-1.

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