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The Chinese Regional Qualifiers might just be the most competitive region among the four open qualifiers. We all know that China is on top of the Dota 2 world right now and there are hundreds of teams just waiting for a chance to break into the scene in China. Tong-fu even has three teams into the qualifiers, Newbee and Vici Gaming also has teams in the regional qualifiers.

Teams are divided into two groups and are pitted in single round robin matches. Group A is made up of the teams: EHOME, Energy Pacemaker, TongFu Old Boys, TongFu WanZhou and Newbee Young. Group B consisted of: CDEC Gaming, Wings Gaming, HyperGloryTeam, VG Potential and TongFu.TI5 China Qualifiers Dota2

Group A was topped by EHOME followed by Energy Pacemaker and Group B finalists were CDEC Gaming and Wings Gaming. Wings gaming defied odds to reach the playoffs for the slots in the International 2015. Energy Pacemaker quickly turned that dream into a nightmare eliminating Wings gaming from the lower bracket 2-1.

In the upper bracket, EHOME relegated CDEC Gaming into the lower bracket sweeping them 2-0. CDEC gaming then faced Energy Pacemaker in the lower bracket for a chance at a ticket to the International 2015. CDEC Gaming was up to the challenge shutting out Energy Pacemaker to face EHOME in the qualifier finals.

EHOME stamped their class in the Chinese Regional Qualifiers, running roughshod over CDEC Gaming and claiming a direct invite to the main event of the International 2015, 3-1. CDEC Gaming would still have a chance to qualify for the main event via the Wildcard qualifiers.

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