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All teams participating The International 2015:
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TI5 team secret Team Secret (invited)

Team Secret is the newest team in dota 2 that competes at the international. Although Newbee last year was created 5 month before the international they ended up winning the TI4, maybe this year team secret will have the same destiny as them. Led by the legendary captain of Na'Vi and the 2 million dollar boy s4, Secret proved themself as the team that by this far this season deserves the 1st place at the international more than any other team. Having a 77% winrate is more than just a normal team but that shows their dedication to have such remarkable scores in just 1 season. Even after the roster changes (Zai and Arteezy) team secret continued their domination in every cup they played, and let this two young talents of this game to show what they are capable of. Zai is a shining star of the team right now with remarkable stats behind him. He and his team showed that Secret can play at high level through all season with the recent win of ESL one in Frankfurt. The only unfinished test for this team is now TI5.

1 Arteezy
2 s4
3 zai
4 KuroKy
5 Puppey


TI5 newbee Newbee (invited)

It's a team that emerged in early 2014 during the Chinese reshuffle that happened prior to the fourth International tournament. Newbee is one of the 10 teams that earned a direct invite to the TI5(second year in a row). After TI4 team Newbee had to face with some player departures. Firstly Hao then KingJ. Only two days after the departure of the two players who recently won TI4, Newbee acted quickly and signed June from Invictus Gaming who is currently their captain. They haven't really shined after TI4 their form dropped sharply and it's not good since then. Anyway Valve's decision was to give Newbee a direct invite to TI5. We hope that Newbee will get in their right tracks when the international starts and that they will fight roughly to defend their title.

1 Rabbit
2 Mu
3 June
4 SanSheng
5 Banana


TI5 VG VG Gaming (invited)

VG probably had the most crucial changes after the loss in TI4 from Newbee. First VG's captain and offlaner ROTK retires from dota then Sylar leaves the team. But apparently this changes brought some fresh air in VG's team with acquiring iceiceice and Black. After couple of tournaments VG was close in every cup to that 1st place but have always fell on the final test. After months of rumors of Black being kicked from the team, he announces that he is going to join Team Tinker. The team's manager confirms that Hao has joined the team and since then VG are back on right tracks showing great preformance so far which makes them a real treat and probably an obstacle for any other team.

1 Hao
2 Super
3 iceiceice
4 fy
5 Fenrir


TI5 Empire Cloud 9 (invited)

C9 is the second best team from America after EG. The two mvp's from the team Aui_2000 and pieliedie are replaced by Bigdaddy Notail and Misery. Despite the roster changes C9 is preforming outstanding. Led by EternalEnvy their captain. C9 has shown that they are in the race for every cup they preform in. As Bigdaddy said this team has a great chemistry and that's what drives them to play on a bigger,stronger level. C9 also got a direct invite to the Ti5 and it's not a suprise because if you see back in their season they are the team that has been pretty successful.

1 EternaLEnVy
3 bOne7
4 BigDaddy
5 MiSeRy


 TI5 navi Natus Vincere (Europe Winner)

Na'Vi is one of the teams that has preformed on every international so far. They have had a big roster problem after Ti4 after  Puppey and Kuroky left them to join Team Secret claiming that they were not respected at all in this organization. Goblak and FnG have filled these two positions but they did not last long they were sacked, Na'Vi have had terrible results. Despite all the loses Funn1k left Na'Vi because of personal problems. Months after Funn1k's retirment rumor came out that he will create his new own team alongside Na'Vi legendary captain ArtStyle. Their last chance was to join Na'Vi if they wanted to preform to Ti5, which resulted as a perfect soultion for both players and the organization. Na'Vi preformed well under their new captain ArtStyle and signed Sonneiko as their last player. Qualifying for the international showed that Na'Vi are getting back on old tracks and shows their passion about this game that many thought the players have already lost it. This team is now preforming outstanding and sonne1ko proved himself in the last tournaments as most perspective support player that we have ever seen. Their last obstacle is Ti5 and hopefully they will preform as the old Na'Vi that we have seen in the past.

2 Dendi
3 Funn1k
4 ArtStyle
5 SoNNeikO


TI5 Empire Empire (invited)

Team Empire is one of the premier teams in Russia and the CIS. They have had some roster changes after Vanskor leaved the team and Yoky came as a replacement for Mag. Alohadance joins Empire and their roster is pretty young and their team is inexperienced but have shown that they can play on a high level and compete with the other pro teams. Yoky turned up to be a great young captain and led his team to 4 champions this season in Starladder, Joindota Masters, Joindota MLG and Dota 2 champions league. Their last preformance was at MarsTV dota 2 league finishing second losing to team Secret 3:1 in the finals. Empire have solid young squad and will definetly aim to become Ti5 champions.

1 Silent
2 Resolut1on
3 yoky


TI5 EG Evil Geniuses (invited)

 EG is one of the oldest North American professional gaming organizations. This organization is known for having a very successful players in every game they feature. After Ti4 EG had the most important roster changes, firstly fear came back from his elbow injury to play and the the most weird news strike at dota when Arteezy and Zai decide to leave the team after wining the 3rd place at Ti4. This two positions are now filled with Aui_2000 the former player of C9 and the new wonderkid Sumail. First lan torunament preforming at Dota asian championsip the team performed excellent and only great games follow them so far. Their last event EG had superb preformance at the ESL one Frankfurt losing to team Secret in the finals in a 4 game matchup 1:3. Every single game of this matchup was close and only the little mistakes costed EG the 1st place. Having a great captain ppd, EG can definetly attack for the 1st place on the international, and with their last performance they confirmed that they are no pushovers.

1 Fear
2 SumaiL
3 UNiVeRsE
4 Aui_2000
5 ppd


TI5 Invictus Gaming Invictus Gaming (invited)

When you have a team that has already won the international it practicly teases your bones. IG had big roster changes for this season, shortly after TI4 YYF announced his retirement and the team picked up June. After 5 months IG did not perform as well which resulted with June leaving the team. The turnover comes when the legendary chineese carry Burning announces his return to the stage with Faith under the name tag of IG. With roles cganged, Burning as carry and Luo as offlane it seems like IG finaly identyfied the playstyle that suits them and have been crushing since then. The only thing that is missing is a trophy from this season and the international will definetly fill the space of the other missing trophy's so far this season. Their last performance at Ti4 was marvelous although they won 3-4 place. Pulling off some great games against C9 and continuing to raise their form for the biggest event. IG for sure will have to perform as well as the last tournaments and even better to reassure the doubters that they are still in the play for the grand prize.

1 BurNIng
2 Ferrari_430
3 Luo
4 ChuaN
5 Faith


TI5 Virtus.Pro Virtus Pro (invited)

VP is a organization from Russia. After failing to qualify for Ti4 Vp needed to bring some freshment into the team. FnG, Illidan, Dk Phobos, lil and God showed the public the true face of VP. Performing like beasts from the CIS scene VP have had an amazing performances under the lead of their captain FnG. VP has received the most sure invite to this international. Finishing DreamLeague s3 first, winning against Na'Vi in a majestic 5 game final, VP confirmed their exceptional form this season. Their last performance at ESL one Frankfurt was great also finishing alongside IG for the 3-4 place Virtus Pro showed that they are ready for Ti5 and the word pushovers can't describe them because VP will for sure be the team with the most suprises this international.

1 Illidan
2 God
3 DkPhobos
4 Lil
5 fng


TI5 Fnatic Fnatic (invited)

The old Team Malasya now performing under the name of one of the best organizations of e-sport Fnatic. For many the direct invite to Team Malasya was a suprise, the scene feeled that Rave deserved this spot more than Malasya, but valve has made their decision. Led by Mushi Fnatic have had some great games this season. This team has a great talented players but it seems like they can't move from one spot, either way Mushi, KecikImba, KuXy will have to show that they deserved this invite and perfrorm  beyond their expectations.

1 kYxY
2 Mushi
3 Ohaiyo
4 Kecik Imba
5 JoHnNy


TI5 LGD gaming LGD (invited)

LGD gaming rescuffled their whole team for a new fresh start which turned much better, their decision was exceptional. With MMY and xiao8 this team looks like a real contender for the grand prize. Their stats show that this season LGD has made their goal by receiving a direct invite to the international and finishing with three 1st places in their last 7 tournaments. In their last perfrormance at a cup LGD finished third place losing to IG in two close games 2:0. LGD had their ups and downs this season but it looks like it's time for their ups and to complete their season with Ti5 championship.

1 Sylar
2 Maybe
3 Yao
4 xiao8
5 MMY!


TI5 ehom EHOME (China Winner)

Coming back from the dead team Ehome made a strong impact in Dota2. After having a disappointing results at DAC, Mushi and Ohaiyo are returning to Malasya to create their own Ehome. Ehome than acquiers the retired players ROTK and Lanm the legends from VG and DK. Under the leadership of Rotk(captain) and Lanm Ehome strikes back and is starting to remind us of the old Ehome that faced Na'Vi in TI1 finals. Performing good this season Ehome showed that the old guys are still here and that the experience is crucial for winning this huge tournaments. Their last tournament Ehome proved that they can be dominant in the chineese region as well beating some of the european and american teams. We would like to see the old Ehome back, when the teams were scared to play against them and this tournament can be decisive to show their real their true power.

1 Zyf
2 Cty
3 rOtK
4 LaNm


TI5 complexity compLexity Gaming (Americas Winner)

coL, is one of the most long-standing and respected eSports teams in North America. Probably the biggest suprise this international is COL, walking through the qualifiers like they are real champions. Crushing everything in their way through the upper bracket COL secured themself secure place at the international. As we saw from the qualifiers they showed some amazing plays and the team spirit is definetly in the house. Col has proved for now that their place is at TI5 with the biggest teams in the world, but it's not over still they need to make a lot of improvements to face the teams like Secret,VG,IG etc..

1 Zyzz
2 swindlemelonzz
3 MoonMeander
4 Zfreek
5 Simbaaa


TI5 MVP.Hot6ix MVP HOT6 (Southeast Asia Winner)

Last but not least. Having not that good season MVP raised their form when was most needed. Playing flawless through the whole qualifier without a loss in the groupstage, MVP continued their domination in the playoffs also.Playing in the finals against their other team MVP phoenix, HOT6 never stopped playing great. Beating phoenix with 3:1 in the finals HOT6 saved their spot at TI5 and will be the second team to represent their region at the international, will they help their other team with tactics for the runner up qualifier only time will tell.

1 FoREv
2 MP
3 SunBhie
4 Korea Heen
5 JerAx

TBD Wild Card Winner

TBD Wild Card Second


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