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The International Schedule 2015Valve has just released the schedule for the yearly Dota 2 main tournamentThe International 2015 (TI5)“. After the critically bashed 2014 schedule-version, The International 2015 looks like it is primed to bounce back and give the fans what they want. The TI5 Schedule begins with the 07.26.2015 as the opening day, on which the 4 Wild-Card-Qualifier teams fight for the 2 remaining open spaces in the Group-Phase.

TI5 Schedule 2015 Overview:

  • 07.26.2015 – Wild Card Qualifier – Winner: CDEC Gaming | 2nd: MVP Phoenix
  • 07.27. – 07.30. Group Phase – Start  9am PDT– 2 matches each game
  • 08.03. – 08.08. – Main Event – Bracket Matches „best of 3″ | Grand Finals „best of 5″

Upcoming Matches | Results and Predictions

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TI5 Schedule — Main Event:

TI5 schedule august mainevent

On we go now to the main event of the International 2015. The main event will be held on August 3, 2015 which will culminate into the International 2015 finals on August 8, 2015. Each game will now be a best of three matches with a double elimination advantage for the winners’ bracket teams. This translates into a very important group stage for the teams. Yes, there will be no eliminated teams after the group stages but getting into the top half of the groups will ensure that teams will have at least two chances to get into the International 2015 finals.TI5 schedule main event brackets

The first games in the lower bracket will just be a best of one affair. Underscoring the importance of being in the upper half of the group stages after the group stages. The finals are going to be a best of five match.

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TI5 Group stage buttonTI5 Schedule — Group Stage:

-> TI5 Group Stage Live Streams start at 9am PDT / 18:00 CEST

The group stages will be held on July 27, 2015 to July 30, 2015.TI5 schedule july group stage The 16 teams will be divided into two groups. Each team will face each other team in their group at least once playing a best of 2. The top four teams in each of the groups will automatically go into the winners’ bracket of the TI5 main event. While the bottom eigh teams will be cast into the losers’ bracket of the main event. There will be no teams eliminated during the group stages which mean more games from your favorite teams. Last year’s format had only eight teams reaching the main event.

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TI5 Wild Card Stage Games Round 1 Results

1st: TI5 CDEC Gaming Dota2 team CDEC Gaming

2nd: TI5 MVP Phoenix Dota2 team MVP Phoenix

Match #1:  CDEC Gaming vs. Vega Squadron   2   1  

Match #2:  MVP Phoenix vs. Archon   2   1  

Match #3:  Vega Squadron vs. Archon    2   0  

Match #4:  MVP Phoenix vs. CDEC Gaming   0   2     

Match #5:  MVP Phoenix  vs. Vega Squadron   2   1  

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