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Valve has invited ten of the top teams in the world as a direct participant in the International 2015. The other 4 teams qualified during the regional qualifiers. The other 2 will be determined at Seattle via the wildcard playoffs.

TI5 LGD gaming LGD Gaming

Current Roster:
Lia Jiajun – Sylar
Lu Yao – Maybe
Yao Zhengzheng – Yao
Zhang Ning – xiao8
Lei Zengrong – MMY!

Notable Accomplishments:
1st i-league Season 3
1st MarsTV 2015 Chinese League
1st i-league Season 2

LGD Gaming is one of the more well-known teams in the Chinese Dota 2 scene. Particularly because of the purchase of the International 2014 champ xiao8. LGD Gamings best place finish in the International was 3rd way back in the 2012 iteration of the tournament. LGD Gaming is one of the largest e-sports gaming organizations in China. They have been running with two Dota 2 teams for the longest time and had had some notable players in their different rosters like Black^ and Pajkatt. Even though not one of the more elite teams invited to the International 2015, LGD Gaming would surely make a splash.

TI5 Fnatic Fnatic

Current Roster:
Lee Kang Yang – kYxY
Chai Yee Fung – Mushi
Chong Xin Khoo – Ohaiyo
Fadil Bin Mohd Raziff – Kecik Imba
Siong Tait Lee – JoHnNy

Notable Accomplishments:
3rd joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 3
2nd Dota 2 Champions League
3rd HyperX D2L Western Challenge

Fnatic is finally going back to the International 2015. After most of the members of Fnatic left for more greener pastures the Fnatic organization was left without a Dota 2 team last year. They grabbed the chance to sponsor Team Malaysia that was picked as the Southeast Asian representative to the International 2015. With Mushi of the legendary Team DK squad leading the way they look to improve on their dismal showing during the International tournaments.

TI5 Invictus Gaming Invictus Gaming

Current Roster:
Xu Zhilei – BurNIng
Luo Feichi – Ferrari_430
Luo Yinqi – Luo
Wong Hock Chuan – ChuaN
Zeng Hongda – Faith

Notable Accomplishments:
3rd – ESL One Frankfurt 2015
2nd – Star Ladder Series Season 12
3rd – i-league

Invictus Gaming is one of the favorites heading into the International 2015. They have been always a contender wherever they play. With legendary players BurNIng, Ferrari_430 and Chuan leading the way, they have been always favorites in any tournament that they enter in. Invictus Gaming is trying to regain their lost glory in the International 2015 having one the International 2012 they are now seeking a way to get back on top.

TI5 newbee Newbee

Current Roster:
Wang Zhang – Rabbit
Zhang Pan – Mu
Lin Shiyang – June
Wang Jiao – Banana
Wang Zhahui – SanSheng

Notable Accomplishments:
1st The International 2014
3rd National Electronics Tournament 2014
4th i-League Season 3

The defending champions. Newbee has always been secured of a direct invite to the International 2015 as they are the defending champions. With most of the original team departing after winning the last International tournament, Newbee was hard pressed to secure a direct invite to the International 2015. Valve seems to have given the chance to Newbee to defend their title. It does not look like they are in a good place to be the first team to win the International back to back but there are always surprises in a tournament as big as the International 2015.

TI5 team secret Team Secret

Current Roster:
Artour Babaev – Arteezy
Gustav Magnusson – s4
Ludwig Wahlberg – zai
Kuro Salehi Takhasomi – KuroKy
Clement Ivanov – Puppey

Notable Accomplishments:
1st ESL One Frankfurt 2015
1st MarsTV Dota 2 League 2015 Spring
1st The Summit 3

Team Secret is definitely the favorites going into the International 2015. It might have taken them sometime to get some traction but now it looks like they are clicking on all cylinders. They have won the last three LAN tournaments they have entered in. It seems like bringing in Arteezy and Zai from the Evil Geniuses have really amped up their game, partner that up with s4 now doing the drafting duties and you have one of the most feared teams in the Dota 2 scene today. Make no mistake about it, Team Secret only has one goal heading into the International 2015, and that is to win.

TI5 Virtus.Pro Virtus.pro

Current Roster:
Ilya Pivcaev – Illidian
Sergey Bragin – God
Alexander Kucheria – DkPhobos
Ilya Ilyuk – Lil
Artem Bashak – fng

Notable Accomplishments:
1st ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 3
1st RoG Play It Cool Dota 2 Invitational
1st Bounty Hunter Series Europe Showdown

Virtus.pro is one of the largest and oldest e-sports organizations based in Russia, as of this year they have more than 50 players in a total of more than 10 e-sports disciplines. A lot of people have been saying that there are a lot more deserving teams in the European Dota 2 scene rather than Virtus.pro. The fact of the matter is that they have been more consistent than the other Dota 2 teams that have a lot larger fan base. Virtus.pro may not be heading into the International 2015 as favorites but they have a chance at some big upsets.

TI5 EG Evil Geniuses

Current Roster:
Clinton Loomis – Fear
Syed Sumail Hassan – SumaiL
Saahil Arora – UniVeRsE
Kurtis Ling – Aui_2000
Peter Dager – ppd

Notable Accomplishments:
1st Dota 2 Asian Championships
2nd ESL One Frankfurt 2015
2nd The Summit 3

The Evil Geniuses organization is one of the top e-sports organizations in the world. Created way back in 1999, they have created teams in almost every e-sport discipline you can think of. They are also dedicated to excellence as their Dota 2 team is one of the favorites to win the International 2015. Even when they hit a little bump losing Fear and zai to Team Secret, they have seemed to have gotten their groove back winning the Dota 2 Asian Championships and getting to the finals of the ESL One Frankfurt 2015, at this rate I would not bet against Evil Geniuses reaching the finals of the International 2015.

TI5 Empire Team Empire

Current Roster:
Airat Gaziev – Silent
Roman Fominok – Resolut1on
Maxim Kim – yoky
Andrey Bondarenko – ALWAYSWANNAFLY
Ilya Krobkin – ALOHADANCE

Notable Accomplishments:
1st Dota 2 Champions League Season 5
1st joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 1
1st Star Ladder Star Series Season 11

Team Empire might not be the most popular team coming out of the European Dota 2 scene but they have secured an the International 2015 invite to the main event. Just like Virtus.pro there are a lot of people saying that they do not deserve a the International 2015 invite, that their only claim to fame was beating Vici Gaming while they were on top of their game. To be fair they have had their roster since last year and Valve is now bringing in more weight into the stability of the team roster. Team Empire may not be a big name team in the Dota 2 scene, but they are trying to climb up the ladder.

TI5 VG Vici Gaming

Current Roster:
Chen Zhihao – Hao
Xie Junhao – Super
Daryl Koh Pei Xiang – iceiceice
Lu Chao – Fenrir
Xu Linsen – xy

Notable Accomplishments:
2nd i-league Season 3
2nd Dota 2 Champions League Season 5
1st – StarLadder Star Series Season 12

Vici Gaming was once the top team in the world in Dota 2. Ever since the new patch hit they have been in some kind of a slump. After winning the StarLadder Star Series Season 12, they have not yet won another LAN final. It seems that they have had trouble adjusting to the new meta. Meanwhile the Western teams have caught up with them and have taken the last 3 LAN titles. Vici Gaming is still one of the favorites going into the International 2015, although they aura of invincibility is certainly broken.

TI5 Empire Cloud9

Current Roster:
Jacky Mao – EternaLEnVy
Adrian Trinks – FATA-
Pittner Armand – bOne7
Johan Sundstein – BigDaddy
Rasmus Filipsen – MiSeRy

Notable Accomplishments:
3rd MarsTV Dota 2 League 2015
3rd Star Ladder Star Series Season 12
2nd The Summit 2

Cloud9 has had a very rough year this year. It’s a case of always a bridesmaid never the bride for Cloud9. They have always been able to go to the finals but they have not always been able to seal the deal. It seems that Cloud9 always seems to choke in the large tournaments, but they always seem to enter these tournaments as favorites. Will they be able to break through the barrier and win the International 2015 or will they come up short again.

There we have it. The ten teams invited directly into the International 2015. People might not agree with some of Valves choices but the teams are already set in stone. Stay tuned to see which of the qualifier teams would join them the main event.


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